Roemer Announces Creation of ‘The Reform Project’

Former Louisiana governor Buddy Roemer, who ran for the 2012 presidential nominations of the Republican Party, Americans Elect, and the Reform Party before withdrawing in May, has announced the creation of “The Reform Project.”

In an e-mail to supporters, Roemer said the following:

Today is a special day. I am proud to tell you a little more about our new organization —The Reform Project.

The Reform Project is a nonpartisan, anti-corruption organization fighting both the unfair use of money in our political system and the undemocratic developments occurring in our Republic. We will bring about reform through the use of technology and by the power of the people.

This soft launch of The Reform Project is only the beginning. We are in the process of building a highly-interactive website that will be launched next month. This website will help organize and activate a powerful grassroots movement that will reform America.Together, we will combat the corruption and call out our elected officials who sellout to the special interests and we will praise those who put their country first.
This 4th of July, I ask all of you to consider donating whatever you can in honor of our independence from the corrupting influence of money in politics. 100% of donations to The Reform Project will go directly to enabling our work.



6 thoughts on “Roemer Announces Creation of ‘The Reform Project’

  1. Reed Ebarb

    I don’t believe he has any pull at all in the political world. He is just looking for another project to work on so that he can consider himself to be important.

  2. Root Sucks

    Keep fighting the good fight Buddy. He was a valuable voice in the contest this year.

  3. JD

    Buddy is a good guy but not very powerful. Strange for a former Governor. His plan might grow into something if he can get Dick Lamm, Pat Choate, John Anderson and some of the other syncretic politicians to come along.

  4. Ad Hoc

    Not that strange for a former Governor. Gary Johnson can’t seem to get much traction in the media either.

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