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Johnson/Gray Announce Next Set of Candidate Endorsements



14 August 2012 – Salt Lake City – Gary Johnson 2012 Campaign Headquarters



Initiative Endorsement

Libertarian Party vice presidential nominee Judge James Gray has endorsed, on behalf of the Johnson/Gray 2012 Campaign, an Ohio ballot initiative that would define marriage in Ohio’s Constitution as, “a union of two consenting adults.”


Judge Gray said, “President Obama came out in support of Gay Marriage, but then he calls it a state issue.  What does that mean?  It means he doesn’t have to do anything about it.  It’s shallow.”


Ian James of said, “We’ve found a wonderful working relationship with the Libertarian Party.  It’s a match made in Heaven.”



Endorsement Process

Candidates making a request for endorsement a) affirm that they have the nomination of the Libertarian Party for the jurisdiction in which they are seeking election or b) if not running as a Libertarian identified candidate (e.g.: without affiliation, or with another party) that they are conducting a campaign substantially in alignment with the Libertarian Party Platform and basic Principles of the Libertarian Party and c) they are not running against a Libertarian candidate. Completed applications should be returned by email (preferred), by fax to (801)355-6335 or by landmail to 731 E. South Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84102. Please allow at least two weeks for the endorsement review process to be conducted. Any questions about the process for applying for an endorsement from the Gary Johnson/Jim Gray campaign should be directed to


The application for an endorsement is available here:

Conference Calls With Endorsed Candidates


Endorsed candidates are invited to a series of conference calls held with Governor Johnson, and/or Judge Jim Gray and senior campaign staff.  Conference calls will occur bi-monthly through August and weekly thereafter.  The next conference call will be tomorrow, Wednesday August 15th.  Each endorsed candidate will receive the call in number and code.


Campaign Support Materials

Each endorsed candidate will receive printed campaign support materials via landmail.  Endorsed candidates who would like to receive printed campaign materials, but who have not yet provided a landmail address, may do so by sending their desired address for landmailed materials


All candidates interested in being on the next call, or in receiving printed campaign support materials, should complete and return the Endorsement Request form as soon as possible:


All questions about the conference call, candidate support materials, or endorsement process should be directed to




Candidate Endorsements


Governor Johnson is pleased to announce, on behalf of himself, Judge Gray and the Johnson/Gray2012 Campaign, his endorsement of the following candidates:


(Note: This is the fifth in a series of endorsement announcements.  Additional endorsements will follow as various Libertarian State Parties complete the nomination process for additional candidates):



Andrew Ian Dodge for the United States Senate, Maine





for freedom in history. He should know; his family was there. The Dodges have been in Maine since the early1800s when it was still part of Massachusetts. In 2007 Andrew came face to face with that legacy when he married the actress Kim Benson in a chapel built by his grandfather and uncles on Ocean Point. Prior to his run for office, Andrew was an activist in Maine’s Tea Party movement. He organized the first registered tea party event in Maine, which took place in Augusta on April 15 2009. Andrew has also represented Maine at national conventions of Tea Party supporters, and has had a major hand in deciding strategy for the movement. He has appeared frequently in the local and national press speaking about tea party issues, doing interviews with outlets as diverse as Russian TV, MSNBC and French Canadian radio on the subject. Prior to his Libertarian run, Andrew was also an influential voice for Tea Partiers in the media, having written for the Washington Examiner, Pajamas Media and the Daily Caller.


Governor Johnson says, “Andrew Ian Dodge is the best Liberty candidate for the United States Senate in Maine. He will fight for freedom and limited government. Be Libertarian with me, vote for Andrew Ian Dodge.”


Andrew Ian Dodge, “I endorse Gary Johnson and Judge Gray because we need a true Libertarian President. Vote for Gary Johnson!”




James McDermott for the United States House of Representatives, Alaska.





James writes, “A little about myself: I have a best friend & wife named Janet. We have a blended family consisting of seven children, and a baker’s dozen of wonderful grandchildren.  I came to Alaska in January of 1991 and knew immediately that this was home.  My educational background consists of a B.S. in Occupational Education with an emphasis in Business Administration from Wayland Baptist University.  Additionally, I have a M.S. in Business Organizational Management with a concentration in Information Technology from the University of La Verne.  I’m presently working for the University of Alaska, Fairbanks as a business instructor.  I’m also faculty adviser for the Associated Students of Business, and a volunteer SCORE counselor. I’m a retired Senior NCO, United States Air Force with 22 years of service to my country.


Gary Johnson says, Jim will bring strong qualifications representing the good people of Alaskan.  He is the absolute best choice for Alaskans!  Be Libertarian with me just this once – Vote for James McDermott for the United States House of Representatives!”


James McDermott, “I endorse Johnson/Gray 2012 because he sees the values of free markets and less government intrusion tinkering with our free market concept.”




Joe Pamelia for the United States House of Representatives, 4th District, Arizona.





Joe Pamelia hails from Prescott, Arizona and is focused on bringing jobs not only back to his district, but also to the entire United States.  He is also committed to reforming immigration and health care, reining in government spending, and making sure that a Balanced Budget is the order of the day.  The Republican and Democrat Parties have turned our once powerful and productive country INTO A WELFARE DISASTER OF GIVEAWAYS.  Candidate Pamelia will halt this culture of waste and fraud, while providing jobs and balancing the Budget.  Candidate Pamelia has distinguished himself in Vietnam and also here at home, by working for the development of radar, thereby helping the Defense of the United States and its’ inhabitants.  A true Patriot, candidate Pamelia saw the need to help the disadvantaged, and has created, developed and published numerous mini-seminar training courses for the unemployed and underemployed, for students that are underprivileged and need training to enter the workforce and enhance their backgrounds, without requiring them to spend tens of thousands of dollars.


Gary Johnson says, “Joe Pamelia is a decorated Vietnam Combat Veteran and former Program Manager for a large DoD Contractor.  He would make a fine Congressman.  Be Libertarian with me – Vote for Joe Pamelia.”


Joe Pamelia, “I endorse Johnson/Gray 2012 because Gary’s beliefs protect our individual rights as Americans and preclude the further excess intrusion of Government in our social, financial and personal lives.”




Joe Cobb for the United States House of Representatives, 7th District Arizona





Joe Cobb earned an A.B. degree from The University of Chicago in 1966, and an M.B.A from the Chicago Booth School of Business in 1977.  In the 1980s he held various positions in the federal government including serving as Deputy Director of the White House Office of Policy Information responsible for preparation of briefing papers on immediate-news issues for senior White House staff; as an Economic Advisor with the U.S. Mission to the O.A.S., U.S. Department of State; as an Economist reporting to Congressman Ron Paul; as a Senior Economist for the Congressional Joint Economic Committee reporting to Senator James Abdnor; and as a Senior Economist for the Congressional Joint Economic Committee detailed to Senator Steve Symms.


In the early 1990s he served as Staff Director for the Congressional Joint Economic Committee, reporting to Senator William V. Roth, and as the Chief Economist, Republican Policy Committee, U.S. Senate reporting to Senator Don Nickles.


From 1993-96 Joe was the John M. Olin Senior Fellow, at The Heritage Foundation, Washington, D.C. where he authored or co-authored 12 Heritage Foundation papers, contributed chapters to five books, and published more than 50 op-ed articles.  He has testified before Congress on U.S. trade policy (5 times) and regulatory issues (3 times); provided policy advice upon request to many members of Congress and several hundred congressional staff members.


Joe has also appeared on more than 100 radio and television programs as “expert guest” on the federal budget, taxes, government regulations, and the U.S. economy; continues to be interviewed by journalists regularly and has been cited or quoted in newspapers and magazines more than 400 times.


Governor Johnson says, “Joe Cobb has the free market as well as the human value ideas that Arizona and the entire nation need in these troubled times.  Be Libertarian with me just this once and Vote for Joe Cobb!”


Joe Cobb, “I endorse Johnson/Gray because we need honest leaders based in the principles of Liberty in Washington, DC now more than ever.”




Rob Oates for the United States House of Representatives, 1st District, Idaho





Rob Oates is a regular guy, not a career politician, not a lawyer.  For the past several years he has been privileged to serve as chair of the Libertarian Party of Idaho.  Caldwell is his hometown and he’s a fifth generation Idahoan.   Rob has been married for the past 28 years to his wife, Debbie.


Rob writes, “I’m father of our three grown children and we have one grandchild. I work as Caldwell’s airport manager, paying the mortgage, and helping the two kids in college at Moscow. In ’03 and ’07 the people of Caldwell elected me to our City Council. Some years earlier, I graduated from Caldwell High and the University of Idaho and served as a US Army officer and later as an attack helicopter pilot and unit commander in the Republic of Korea. For three years I was the Army’s Cobra helicopter weapons test pilot at the Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona. I’ve also worked in the satellite industry and developed database software for business applications on the Internet.”


Gary Johnson says, “Rob Oates knows that Liberty is the answer and he will bring a spirit of statesmanship and Constitutional focus to Congress as he represents the freedom-loving citizens of Idaho’s first district.  Be Libertarian with me – Vote for Rob Oates!”


Rob Oates, “I endorse Johnson/Gray because I have kids and grandkids.  Liberty is the answer that will ensure a bright future.”




Jim Fulner for the United States House of Representatives, 9th District, Michigan.





Jim moved to the town of McKinley, Wisconsin in 1989 where his father took up farming.  On his father’s farm Jim learned the value of hard work and a day’s wage.  Jim was raised in a Christian home and has been a born again Christian since age 9.  For most of Jim’s life he has been active in the Boy Scouts of America.  After graduating from Cumberland High School in 2001, Jim joined the United States Coast Guard Reserve because he felt a strong need to serve his country after years in the scouting program.  After completing Coast Guard basic training Jim attended Northern Michigan University, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Political Science in 2005. While at NMU Jim remained an avid member of the USCGR. Most of that time he served as the senior ranking reservist onboard the USCGC Buckthorn with a homeport in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan.


Jim Fulner declared himself a candidate for US House District 9 against longtime incumbent Sandy Levin. Jim knows change starts not with government, but with individuals, through helping our neighbors, voluntarily. He’s running for Congress to enlighten Michiganders to the world we could have if we eliminated force for political and social goals.  To show that the Declaration of Independence is still relevant today. Jim believes that now is the time for the citizens of district 9 to take to the streets and start their own libertarian rEVOLution.  Jim knows that his campaign is only the beginning to, as St. Francis said, being the change he wishes to see in the world. Jim and Suzanne are expecting their first child, just after the November election.


Gary Johnson says, “I will present a balanced budget to Congress in 2013.  The only way it will pass is if we fill Congress with principled people like Jim Fulner.  Be Libertarian with me just this once – Vote for Jim Fulner.”


Jim Fulner, “Gary Johnson will end all the wars, bring our troops home and help establish a voluntary society.”




Bill Slantz for the United States House of Representatives, 2nd District, Missouri.





Bill Slantz has lived in St. Charles County since 1997, when he moved here to relocate his company from New York City.  Bill had been a very accomplished business executive, but as a born entrepreneur and visionary, founding his own successful company was inevitable.  Bill had previously lived in the greater St. Louis metropolitan area, and when he saw that he could operate his business from anywhere he chose, he elected to move his firm to St. Charles, Missouri.  Today, the W.G. Slantz Company provides a variety of essential consulting services to radio and television broadcasters across the country.  Bill is widely considered one of the nation’s foremost experts on music performance rights.  After moving to St Charles, Bill met and married his wife Jean, a lifelong Missouri resident.  Because of his broad and varied business experience with both small and major broadcasters in all parts of the country, Bill has a unique and rich perspective on how other communities are solving today’s challenges.  This combined with a deep sense of community, proven leadership ability, and a strong track record of success in a number of endeavors make him a natural choice to best serve and represent the people of the second district in Washington, DC.


Gary Johnson says, “Bill Slantz will bring leadership and believes in the Libertarian principles of maximum freedom and minimum government.  Be Libertarian with me just this once – Vote for Bill Slantz!”


Bill Slantz, “I endorse Gary Johnson because he believes that peaceful and honest people really do have the right to pursue happiness in their own fashion.”




Steven Wilson for the United States House of Representatives, 3rd District, Missouri.





Steven writes, “I am a candidate for the new Missouri 3rd district for US Congress.  I am running a solution-based campaign in order to fulfill my duties as a public servant as to provide solutions to all the citizens problems.  To serve all as to secure freedom for all.  I run as a Libertarian because I am a humanist and therefore do not place anything structure ahead of the human.  I am grateful for Harry Browne, Aaron Russo, Ron Paul and Lee Wrights.”


Gary Johnson says, “Steven Wilson will bring sound economic decisions and facilitate a presence in congress that will aid in Missourians living the life they want without interference from the federal government.  Be Libertarian with me, Vote for Steven Wilson!”


Steven Wilson, “I endorse Johnson/Gray because of Governor Johnson’s track record in New Mexico with a balanced budget and use of the veto to help every citizen live as free as possible.  I endorse Judge Jim Gray due to his absolute stance on ending drug prohibition which will bring families back together and end the manufacturing of victimless crimes in America through our judicial and prison system.”




Russ Lee Monchil for the United States House of Representatives, 6th District, Missouri.





Russ is a member of the Missouri State Libertarian Party, National Libertarian Party, Campaign for Liberty, 10th Amendment Center, Drug Policy Alliance, NORML, Marijuana Policy Project, Guardian of Liberty, American Civil Liberties Union, and serves as a Committeeman in Mirabile Township. Russ is a family man married 8 years to wife Tracy.  Together they have two energetic young boys. A politically active member of his community, Russ knows that Missouri is built on hard work and good old fashioned Midwestern values.  If elected, Russ Lee Monchil will fight tirelessly for Missouri families, values and freedoms.


Gary Johnson says, “Russ Lee Monchil stands for individual freedom, lower taxes, peace and ending all the wars, including the failed war on drugs.  Be Libertarian with me just this once – Vote for Russ Lee Monchil!”


Russ Lee Monchil, “Johnson/Gray is the ONLY Presidential ticket that truly stands for freedom, lower taxes and common sense.”




Rick Witt for the United States House of Representatives, 1st District, New York.





Rick writes, “Our country is in tumultuous times. Rampant unemployment and the instability of our financial institutions, combined with an unstable dollar and the endless military campaigns, have created bitterness and anger in our hearts. A loud and universal vocal condemnation is coming from everyone outside the beltway. It is optimistic that more Americans are waking up to the real political nightmare that envelops us, however that understanding cannot save us if we continue to be divided as a nation. We must fight the cause and not the symptoms. The unrestrained corruption clearly visible in all levels of government is responsible for our pervasive apathy and frustration. Our founders’ vision and our prosperity are both being demolished.


“The Republicrats that are running our federal institutions are shamelessly disregarding their constitutional oaths by passing laws contrary to our principles and in opposition to public opinion. Their reprehensible behavior heralds the beginning of the painful end of our great experiment; a government of the people.


“There is hope in the changes that have occurred over the last decade. We are becoming aware of our political surroundings, yet we feel powerless to effect change even though there is a solution at our fingertips. It is time that We The People clean house and reclaim our government. All of our voices will be heard.”


Gary Johnson says, “Rick Witt will truly represent his district by providing transparency for his constituents.  He understands our founding principle of creating a government by the people.  Be Libertarian with me, Vote for Rick Witt!”


Rick Witt, “I endorse Johnson/Gray 2012 because they understand what the purpose of the Federal Government is and understand the limits on federal powers in our Constitution.”




Eric Olson for the United States House of Representatives, North Dakota.





Eric writes, “I reside in Fargo, the same area I have lived in for most of my life.  I work a regular full time job as well as running a small company providing inventory services to retail stores in the area, and developing equipment for my company.  What compels me to run for public office is the lack of other candidates I see on my ballot in each election who I feel good about voting for.  I see that our nation has troubles ahead and I with few exceptions no one in either the Democratic or Republican parties seems to take financial situation seriously, they don’t take our civil liberties seriously and they don’t take the constitutional limitations of their powers in office seriously.  Among my favorites — Favorite Game: Chess; Favorite Computer Game: Rise of Nations; Favorite Book: In Search of Schrodinger’s Cat; Favorite Movie: The Matrix (first one only).”


Gary Johnson says, “Eric Olson will bring a platform of peace, liberty and fiscal responsibility to the US House.  Be Libertarian with me – Vote for Eric Olson!”


Eric Olson, “I endorse Gary Johnson because he has a proven record of effective cost cutting and leaving his state with a budget surplus.”




Richard Ehrbar for the United States House of Representatives, 3rd District, Ohio.





Richard is a Strategic Communication major at The Ohio State University, currently holding a 3.5 grade point average.  Before Ohio State, Richard attended Bowling Green State University as a Telecommunications major from 2006 – 2009, where he earned a reputation as an outspoken and dynamic student activist, as well as popular radio host for two of the University’s radio stations – 88.1 WBGU-FM and WFAL Falcon Radio.  Richard also served as the 2008-2009 President of WFAL Falcon Radio.  Before attending college in 2006, Richard worked in manufacturing and food industry jobs in order to save enough money to begin higher education.  He is a true blue-collar overachiever who prides himself on passionately spreading the message of freedom as a Libertarian.  He has also been a major advocate for marriage equality as his campaign has helped the Ohio Freedom to Marry movement gather over 5,000 signatures towards a potential 2013 ballot initiative seeking to remove barriers to full marriage freedom for LGBT couples in Ohio.


Governor Johnson says, “Richard Ehrbar is a passionate and charismatic Libertarian running an extremely active campaign in Columbus, Ohio. Richard prides himself on the proper and objective defense of the Laissez-Faire Capitalist System.  Be Libertarian with me – Vote for Richard Ehrbar!”


Richard Ehrbar, “I endorse Johnson/Gray because Governor Johnson and Judge Gray are running a campaign dedicated to freedom in the proper sense.  Both have been staunch advocates to end the war on drugs as well as our military intervention abroad. Governor Johnson’s economic record positions him as the candidate most suited to lead this nation as President.”




David Macko for the United States House of Representatives, 14th District, Ohio.





David Macko graduated from John Adams High School in Cleveland Ohio in 1960 and earned a BA degree in History from Adelbert College of what is now Case Western Reserve University in 1964.  He served in the US Army from 1966 to 1968 and was honorably discharged. He sold insurance and was an adjustor at several financial institutions before employment at what became Key Bank for 28 years before he retired in 2001.  He has been a member of the Libertarian Party since 1980 and a Life Member since 1988. He has held several positions in the Libertarian Party of Ohio and is currently a member of the State Central Committee and Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Cuyahoga County.  He has attended every Libertarian National Convention from 1987 to 2010 and most state conventions since the early 1980s.  He is a Life Member of the John Birch Society, the Gun Owners of America, the Second Amendment Foundation, Jews For The Preservation of Firearms, the American Legion, the American Free Press Readership Council, Oath Keepers, National Rifle Association, Veterans For Peace, Campaign For Liberty, the National Taxpayers Union and various Tea Party and 9-12 groups in northeast Ohio.  He is also a life member of Archangel Michael Orthodox Church in Broadview Heights.


Gary Johnson says, “David Macko will never compromise or yield as he promotes the truth and works to restore liberty. We need members of Congress who will work to restore liberty and limited, Constitutional government. He has clear, well defined plans to promote liberty.  So be Libertarian with me just this one time and Vote for David Macko!”


David Macko says, “I endorse Johnson/Gray 2012 because Governor Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray have unswerving records of defense of liberty and the ability, desire and executive and judicial experience to begin helping us restore our liberty.”




Chuck Huntting for the United States House of Representatives, 4th District, Oregon.





Chuck serves as a Family Service Counselor in Oregon.  Prior to that he had worked in the Telecom; Tourism; and Capital Equipment Sales industries.  He is attended both Texas Christian University and the University of Oregon.  His prior governmental experience includes serving in the U.S. Army Military Police and as the Reform Party State Chair.  Chuck writes, “Congressional approval rates an all-time low and they’re running the place like a circus, thinking we’re P.T. Barnum’s suckers.  Well, they’re right.  We keep sending the same clowns back to Washington expecting them to change the show.  K Street lobbyists line our representatives’ pockets luring them away from people on Main Street.   So much money thrown at both sides of issues guarantees nothing will get done to benefit the public.  It’s not in politicians’ best interest to change things.  The system rewards them with money and votes without demanding accountability.  Why do anything different if they get re-elected even when we don’t approve of their performance?  Federal spending increases yearly, crushing debt continues to rise and real unemployment and underemployment approaches 30%.  Government intrusion steals our Liberties, high taxes and over-regulation devastate small business and paltry returns on investments and retirement funds have Grandma working instead of enjoying the golden years for which she saved.  You know we can’t continue down this path.  You want real change, but fear wasting your vote on a third-party candidate.  But casting your vote for a Republican or Democrat is the real waste, keeping them at the same trough they’ve fed from for over a century.  The only possible outcome in a two-party race is more of the same corruption and gridlock we get every time we send them back.  I need your help to end the foolishness in Washington, DC.  Let’s make history by learning from it.  Together we can make a difference.”


Gary Johnson says, “Chuck is a proven leader who fights for all who love Freedom.  Voters in the fourth Congressional District of Oregon finally have a candidate who will stand with them.  Be Libertarian with me – Vote for Chuck Huntting!”


Chuck Huntting, “I endorse Johnson/Gray 2012 because they have stood for the principles of Liberty.  They have proven themselves as leaders in the cause of Freedom and represent the principles upon which our Country was founded.”




Mike Koffenberger for the United States House of Representatives, 4th District, Pennsylvania.





Mike writes, “I am 40 years old, and my wife and I have been together for over 10 years. We have two sons, who are 10 and 8 years old. We moved to Stewartstown in January of 2001 from Maryland.  I have been a police officer for the Baltimore County Police Department for 18 years, and my wife has been a stay-at-home mom since our youngest son was born.  It has been very difficult to do this financially, but we felt that it was important for our sons.  Until the spring of 2010, I was a registered Republican. My frustrations with the Republican Party came to a head after that primary election. For years, I have listened to Republicans saying one thing to get elected, and then doing another after getting in office. I watched them bloat the government, increase spending, start wars, and enact legislation to further erode our liberties. I felt as if I was always keeping a scorecard to keep the Republicans straight on what they actually believed in and voted for.  I researched the Libertarian Party platform and found that it fit with my political viewpoints.  The main idea behind my getting more politically active was to ensure a future for my sons and their children. Nothing seems to ever change in Washington, but nothing will change until we take the actions necessary to do so. The founding fathers were not all millionaires and/or lawyers. There is no reason why our Congress has to be either.”



Gary Johnson says, “Mike Koffenberger will deliver as a Congressman and ensure that each vote will bring the Libertarian principles of maximum freedom and minimum government to the U.S. House of Representatives.  Be Libertarian with me – Vote for Mike Koffenberger!”


Mike Koffenberger, “I endorse Johnson/Gray 2012 because he is the only candidate that believes in maximum freedom and limited government.”




Keith Blandford for the United States House of Representatives, 1st District, South Carolina.





Keith Warrick Blandford stands for more personal responsibility and smaller government.  If elected, he would work to return the Federal Government to its Constitutionally restricted duties and size.  He is currently the Vice President/Lead Environmental Scientist for the Warrick Group, responsible for Small Business & Environmental Consulting, and Construction Management.  He served in the US Army National Guard (DET 1, HHC1 BN 118 Infantry), attended the Officer’s Candidate School (Palmetto Military Academy) and served in the US Navy Reserves (Information Technician 2nd Class).  Prior to that, he attended WSC for Reserve Bootcamp Training Unit, NRAC, where he was responsible for Phase II drill instruction for non-prior-service recruits.  He worked for the City of Norfolk as an Environmental Specialist, in the Department of Planning and Bureau of Environmental Services.  Keith graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute in 1995 with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and a Minor in Chemistry and Biology.  He currently lives in Sullivan’s Island with his wife and daughter.


Gary Johnson says, “I support Keith Blandford, especially his goal to audit the Federal Reserve.  Be Libertarian with me just this once and Vote for Keith Blandford!”


Keith Blandford, “I endorse Johnson/Gray 2012 because they also want to audit the fed and they realize the damage a centralized and cartelized banking system has on our freedom.”




A. E. Tracy Potts for the United States House of Representatives, 20th District Texas.





Tracy writes, “I am just an ordinary person; I am not a career politician.  My principal qualification for asking to be your Representative in the U.S. House of Representatives is that I have never been to law school, have never run for public office, and have worked all my adult life.  I am running on the Libertarian Party ticket as a person who loves liberty and wants to take a principled stand to take back the personal liberties which Congresses, past and present, have legislated away.  I am asking for your help and support to change that. I am asking for your help in electing ORDINARY PEOPLE (like me) to Congress for a change! A Class of ’68 graduate in my hometown of Knoxville (Tennessee), I took my Bachelor of Arts education at the University of Tennessee in the early seventies; and earned a bachelor of science of nursing at the University of Texas Health Science Center (San Antonio) School of Nursing in the late eighties.  I am a former officer of the Nurse Corps of the U.S. Army Reserve; and was a professional Registered Nurse for over twenty-five years.  I have served overseas (Gulf War I) in Germany and in Belgium.  My specialty area was in critical care (medical, surgical, and coronary intensive care), as well as in hospice care for the terminally ill.  For the past four years I have turned myself into an artist and an “armchair expert” in the language of ancient Hebrew.  My principal artwork can be seen at”


Gary Johnson says, “Tracy will make a terrific Congressman from San Antonio and will follow through on his promise to introduce legislation to abolish both the IRS and the TSA. He will act knowing that Congress is a separate branch of government–and NOT the legislative arm of the executive.  Be Libertarian with me just this once and – Vote for Tracy Potts!”


Tracy Potts writes, “I endorse Johnson/Gray 2012 because…they have the personal qualities and abilities to return sanity to the federal government and to FAITHFULLY uphold the Constitution of these united States.”




Steve Susman for the United States House of Representatives, 22nd District Texas.





Steve writes, “I oppose any express intent of the United Nations Agenda 21 scheme to destroy the property rights and personal liberties of the citizens of the United States of America. I strongly oppose any “Sustainability Council” and/or membership in ANY International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI).  Furthermore, I urge any and all citizens to rebuke and revolt against any company or firm that tries to force this phony sustainability scam on them. These firms/companies have no legal rights whatsoever to make anyone accept their policies, unless they have been legally enacted by the vote of the people of that particular community. These are NOT governmental agencies, yet they will try to force radical concepts such as water rationing, control over crops that local farmers will grow, overbearing restrictions on the use of woodlands and wetlands, and the inhumane policy of eugenics.  Agenda 21 will mean even higher gas, electric, and other energy costs passed on to us and our posterity. Your already limited financial resources will be further drained by the imposition of more toll roads, longer convoluted road systems, and the abuse of eminent domain to in effect, steal your property for the use of the United Nations. It also means that your family will be restricted and/ or rationed on your choices of what to eat by the institution of much higher food prices.”


Governor Johnson says, “Steve Susman will not tolerate any “special interest” influence on candidates.  Be Libertarian with me, vote for Steve Susman!”


Steve Susman, “I endorse Johnson/Gray because they are not beholden to the criminal corporations that have hijacked most of the rest of our government.”




Richard C. Evey for North Carolina State Senate, District 46.





Gary Johnson says, “Richard has drafted over 8 pieces of legislation and is ready to put them on the table. These pieces of legislation will reduce taxes, cut state government, make the state of North Carolina safer and give the citizens of North Carolina more freedom.  Be Libertarian with me – Vote for Richard Evey!”


Richard Evey, “I endorse Gary Johnson because he has a proven track record as a governor and he could bring the same to the US of A and return it back to the great Republic that it once was.”




Rodger Paxton for the Arkansas House of Representatives, District 51.





Rodger was born at Crittenden Memorial Hospital (now Crittenden Regional Hospital) and was raised in West Memphis.  He graduated from West Memphis High School in 1994.  He graduated with an Associates of Science in Computer Network Systems from ITT Technical in 2004 and moved to Marion in 2005.  Rodger is a Network Manager for Strategic Behavioral Health and has worked in the IT field for over 15 years.  He and his wife, Jessica Paxton, homeschool two boys.  Rodger says, “As a working homeschool family with a stay-at-home mother, we understand the struggles of every day Arkansans. I will work hard to reduce (and eventually revoke) the property tax and income tax laws in Arkansas. The current tax burden for our fellow citizens is way too high and must be reduced. This starts by reducing the size and scope of government in our everyday lives.”  Rodger is a member of HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) and he and his sons are members of The Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Arkansas.  He has been politically active since working on his mother’s West Memphis City Council race in 1992.  He is currently the State Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Arkansas and spearheaded the process to gain ballot access for the LPAR for the first time in history, which took a year and $50,000 in donations.  He also held the First District Representative position for the LPAR before being elected as State Chairman in 2010.”


Gary Johnson says, “Rodger Paxton is the only candidate in this race that wants to go to Little Rock to give himself LESS power than his position has now.  Be Libertarian with me.  Vote for Rodger!”


Rodger Paxton, “Gary Johnson has governed as a libertarian and I know he will govern as a Libertarian from the White House!”




Christopher Joseph Brunt for Idaho House of Representatives, Seat 33A.





Christopher writes, “My family has been a part of Idaho Falls since 1886.  Born in Rexburg, Idaho.  – Raised in Idaho Falls, Idaho.  Father worked for the state of Idaho (Patrolman/DOT) 30+ years.  – Raised in a conservative Republican household. – Obtained High School Diploma from Idaho Falls Senior High School (class of 1997).  – Obtained Diploma from LDS Church Educational System seminaries (1997).  – Served a full-time service mission to Nauvoo, Illinois for the LDS church (1997).  – Attended professional wrestling school in Atlanta, Georgia.  – Attended classes at Idaho State University.  – Attended classes at Eastern Idaho Technical College. – Currently a student at American Public University. – Actively involved with Idaho community theaters for over 18 years.   Semi-professional stage performer for 18 years. (1994 – Present).  Independent contractor performing legal research and abstraction.  (2001 – 2004). Owns and operates own shuttle/transportation business (2009 – present).  – Libertarian since 1998. – Currently a Humanist with a supportive stance towards the Unitarian Universalist church. – Published poet. – Enjoys cherry pie, a good birthday cigar, and the occasional drink with friends


Gary Johnson says, “Christopher Joseph Brunt will bring the voice of the people of Idaho’s legislative district 33 back to the State House.  Be Libertarian with me – vote for Christopher Joseph Brunt!”


Christopher Joseph Brunt, “While the other candidates trample Constitutional rights and support big banks and insurance companies, Gary Johnson and Jim Gray have put the people first.”




James Nease for the Indiana House of Representatives, District 100.





James Nease was raised in the small town of Lebanon, IN and has spent the last four years living in the Greater Indianapolis area.  He is a graduate of Lebanon Senior High School and a current student of the University of Indianapolis where he studies philosophy and anthropology with a high interest in culture and post-modernism.  His father was a Union worker for the Glazier’s Union and his mother worked several jobs to put him through school.  James has always been active in the Indianapolis community, volunteering yearly at the Watkin’s Family Center to feed the homeless, supporting the independent arts and music scene, and serving as Senate Page in the 2006 session of the State Legislature.  In addition, James has been involved in Student Government at Vincennes University and the University of Indianapolis; drafting and sponsoring environmental awareness bills to which are still in effect at Vincennes University.  He has been an active member in the Sunshine Society, IASP, LGBT-Indiana, PSA, and YDC.  James comes from a working-class family and sympathizes with the struggles and hardships of the lower-middle class, and understands the decline in prosperity associated with intolerance and poverty.


Governor Johnson says, “James is an avid supporter of the Occupy movement, the Alliance of the Libertarian-Left and a promoter of mutualist theory.  He is dedicated to promoting individual rights and voluntary cooperation.  Be Libertarian with me just this one time – Vote for James Nease!”


James Nease, “I endorse Johnson/Gray because they support voluntary association, free-markets and a philosophy based in non-aggression.”




Michael Kerner Kansas House of Representatives, District 17.





Michael earned a BSEE, Brooklyn Polytechnic University, NY, in 1967.  From 1967 to the present he has served as a Staff Engineer for Honeywell International, Incorporated.  This is his seventh run for the Kansas House of Representatives, District 17. He has been a member of the Libertarian Executive Committee of Kansas from 2002-present, as well as the County/District Coordinator, Libertarian Party of Kansas, since 2001.  Michael also served as the County Chair of the Libertarian Party of Florida in 1995.  His memberships include the Drug Reform Coordination Network, Fully Informed Jury Association, Gun Owners of America, International Society for Individual Liberty, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, National Rifle Association, and the Separation of School and State Alliance


Gary Johnson says, “Michael Kerner will bring the Libertarian principles of maximum freedom and minimum government to the position of State Representative.  Be Libertarian with me just this one time – Vote for Michael Kerner!”


Michael Kerner says, “I endorse Johnson/Gray 2012 because we need a freedom loving president to restore our nation to the liberty and prosperity of our past.”




Gordon J. Bakken for Kansas House of Representatives, District 84.





Gordon was raised in Northern Michigan where his father was a Pentecostal minister. He moved to Wichita in 1985 and lives in College Hill. He earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University, with honors and worked for 42 years as an aerospace engineer. He has been a member and officer of Mensa and is currently a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Wichita.  He and his wife have been married for 47 years.  Together they raised three children who are each now successful professionals.  Gordon has also been awarded patents for two inventions.

Governor Johnson says, “Gordon has the intelligence, and training as an Aerospace Engineer to see through complicated problems, and to foresee the long range effects of proposed solutions.  Be Libertarian with me, Vote for Gordon Bakken!”


Gordon Bakken says, “I endorse Johnson/Gray 2012 because: He has the experience and integrity we need to administer and guide the government toward a sound future.




John Wierzbicki for Michigan House of Representatives, District 27.





John writes, “I am married to Pat, and we have been residents of Huntington Woods for 35 years.  I was born and raised in Milwaukee, before a career change brought me to Michigan.  I served on the Huntington Woods Library Board prior to my being elected to the Huntington Woods City Commission for a four year term.  Later, I was appointed by the Governor as a Workers’ Compensation Magistrate, where I heard and decided injured workers’ disability claims for 13 years.  I served under two Michigan Governors, subject to being re-appointed by them.  My experience in legislative and budgetary functions, as well as exercising judgment in applying the law, give me a unique background to serve as the next State Representative in Michigan’s 27th District.


“I received my undergraduate degree from Marquette University in Milwaukee.  Later, I obtained my MBA from Xavier University in Cincinnati.  While working in my Small Business Consulting and tax accounting practice, I attended Detroit College of Law, receiving my JD Degree in 1984, passing the Michigan Bar Exam a few months later.  While in my private practice as an attorney, I worked with small business clients on tax and business legal matters, as well as personal taxation and estate planning.  I help serve the community as an active member in my Kiwanis Club, where I have held the offices of President and Lt. Governor.  I also am a member of the Knights of Columbus Council in Berkley.  Although I have been a “small L” libertarian for quite a few years, I have been a card-carrying member of the “capital L” Libertarians for the last three years.  I currently hold the office of Secretary in the Oakland County Libertarian Party.”


Gary Johnson says, “John Wierzbicki will help reduce the size of Michigan’s government and preserve liberty.  Be Libertarian with me this one time – Vote for John Wierzbicki!”


John Wierzbicki, “I endorse Gary Johnson because he understands the proper role of government and that it must answer to us.”




Tim Martin for Montana House of Representatives, District 26.





Tim writes, “The guy that I am running against is a Democrat.  There is no Republican in this race.  This guy voted no on returning money to the tax payers while cutting the amount of taxes charged to lottery winners by 1/3.  He has voted again and again to hand over parts of Montana to the control of the Federal Government. One heart and one vote at a time, I refuse to give up the hope that the Libertarian ideas that founded this country will rise en masse once again.”


Gary Johnson says, “Tim Martin will bring the Libertarian principles of maximum freedom and limited government to Helena.  Be Libertarian with me – Vote for Time Martin!”


Tim Martin, “I endorse Johnson/Gray because our nation need the Libertarian values they will responsibly offer.”




Kent Wilsey for North Carolina House of Representatives, District 62.





Kent Wilsey(44) was raised in South Dakota.  He graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Aerospace Engineering, and has spent 20 years analyzing and designing aircraft and space vehicles.  Kent and Jo were high school sweethearts, and married in 1988.  They have two children.  Jo has a degree in Biochemistry from Iowa State, has worked in the medical industry in several capacities, has managed several businesses, and is currently a stay-at-home Mom.  Kent and Zack enjoy mountain biking whenever possible, and Kent is an avid road cyclist as well.  Kent has ridden the MS Tour to Tanglewood benefit three years running.  The whole family is actively involved in our church, The Bridge.  Kent is active in the Libertarian Party, and is currently serving as an at-large member of the North Carolina Executive Committee.  In addition, he is a member of Conservatives for Guilford County(C4GC).  Kent is a strong believer in free markets, having been influenced heavily by Austrian economic theory.


Governor Johnson says, “Kent Wilsey will represent the citizens of North Carolina by bringing the Libertarian principles of minimum government and maximum personal freedom to the North Carolina General Assembly.  Be Libertarian with me – Vote for Kent Wilsey!”


Kent Wilsey, “I endorse Johnson/Gray 2012 because Gary Johnson shares my commitment to smaller government and increased personal Liberty.




Erik Viker for Pennsylvania House of Representatives, District 85.





Erik writes, “My philosophy can be summarized like this: — Libertarians are no longer wasting their votes on Democrats and Republicans who have for 150 years caused the terrible damage to our government we’re now dealing with.  It’s a wasted vote to continue supporting the two-headed monster of bad politics. Gullible people continue to support the failures of the Republican and Democratic parties, and then complain when they fail again.  As a community, voters get the government we deserve.  Many voters have decided to live in accordance with the principles of liberty and will no longer support that two-party train wreck.  When more voters really mean what they say about fewer taxes, citizen liberty and limited government, LP members will be ready to serve with honor. We already do, in many local and regional elected offices, demonstrating to our fellow citizens how LP members make trustworthy and effective representatives and managers. If you like how government looks these days, keep on voting for the same sorts of Democrat and Republican politicians. But we welcome you as we work toward the solution in the Libertarian Party.”


Gary Johnson says, “As a Libertarian currently serving his second term in office on the elected council governing his town, Erik Viker has demonstrated how to bring Libertarian principles to public policy and would represent both those principles and his constituents as a state legislator.  Be Libertarian with me – Vote for Erik Viker!”


Erik Viker, “I endorse Johnson/Gray 2012 because Gov. Johnson and Judge Gray exemplify the best of good government and the finest Libertarian principles in action.




Jeremy C. Walters for South Carolina House of Representatives, District 26.





Jeremy C. Walters is a carpenter, a conservative family man, and a citizen just like you. His interest in effecting change started when he realized the dire need for reform in the family court system so that all fit parents have an equal opportunity to get shared custody of their children. As Vice President for SC Coalition 4 Parents and Children, he got very familiar with the process of filing bills, petitioning legislators, and has become a familiar face in Columbia. He has pushed for H4614 a shared custody bill, and as of June 6th, it will become law and go on to the Governor’s desk. Video: Jeremy Walters asks Nikki Haley to support joint custody for Fathers  Due to this experience, Jeremy decided to run for State House 26 so he can continue to create a better future for South Carolina. He has ardently been researching Constitutional rights, law, and most recently has been reading “Unleashing Capitalism” a legislative report by the SC Policy Council, a libertarian think tank.


Of the existing obstructionist regulation and taxes in South Carolina Walters says, “It makes my blood boil.” He went on to say, “we should let people conduct business [by eliminating hurdles] so they can prosper.”  Recently, Republican Representative “Jake” Knotts called Jeremy a “pit bull” and the right man for the job.  He has always had a “Don’t Tread on Me” mentality, and is dedicated to restoring both our economic and personal freedoms.


Governor Johnson says, “Jeremy C. Walters stands for Freedom and if elected will hold up the rights of all people.  Be Libertarian with me just this one time – Vote for Jeremy C. Walters!”


Jeremy C. Walters, “Governor Johnson stands for Freedom!  Gary will end the wars and stand for the People!”




Kevin Bryan for the Utah House of Representatives, District 16.





Kevin writes, “We need to ensure that people are able to keep as much of their own money as possible.  The government should not take the fruits of someone’s labor without their consent.  If we are going to have an income tax, it needs to be a flat tax, so that everyone is abused equally, rather than a progressive tax as I have seen some advocate.  However, I would like to get away from the income tax as much as possible, since a person’s money should not be taken from them before they’ve even seen it.  I would prefer other revenues such as a sales tax (one kept as low as possible) as at least there would be some semblance of choice there.  I also like the idea of relying upon user fees as much as possible, wherein you pay when you use a government service.  That way those who are not using a particular aspect of government are not being forced to fund it.  I am opposed to “sin taxes” or taxes created for the supposed purpose of getting someone to stop using a certain product, such as the tobacco tax.”


Kevin’s positions on other issues can be found on his campaign website above.


Governor Johnson says, “Kevin Bryan will fight to ensure the rights and liberties of all Utahns.  Be Libertarian with me just this once and Vote for Kevin Bryan!”


Kevin Bryan, “Gary Johnson and Jim Gray are the best champions of Liberty in this race!”




Justin R. Malkin for the Virginia House of Delegates, District 45.





Justin moved to Virginia four years ago after having lived in New York City most of his life.  He has a background in finance and currently works as a Credit Analyst at an asset management company in Virginia. Justin earned a Bachelor of Arts at the University of California, Berkeley, with a double major in Economics and Slavic Languages/Literature.  He then earned a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Rochester, Simon School of Business.  Justin is a member of the C.F.A. Institute (Chartered Financial Analyst) and earned the right to use the C.F.A. designation in 2004.  He served as a member of the Virginia delegation to the 2012 Libertarian National Convention and is also a member of the Libertarian Party of Virginia. He lives in the Old Town area of Alexandria and recently became a devoted father to a beautiful baby girl.


Governor Johnson says, “Justin Malkin will bring the Libertarian principles of maximum freedom and minimum government to the position of  Member, House of Delegates.  Be Libertarian with me just this once and Vote for Justin Malkin!”


Justin Malkin, “Governor Johnson and Judge Gray embody libertarian principles and have a stellar track record of good government.”




Mark Ash, Attorney, for the State of Texas Supreme Court.


Website: (not managed by the candidate):



Governor Johnson says, “Mark Ash will uphold the rule of law, respect the rights of property owners and set limits to governmental authority as required by the US and Texas constitutions.  Be Libertarian with me – Vote for Mark Ash!”


Note: Canon 5 of the Texas Judicial Code of Conduct prohibits the endorsement of a candidate for President by Mr. Ash.  It does allow a declared statement of support for a political party.  Mr. Ash writes, “I am publicly supporting the Libertarian Party.”



Robert Gershman for State Attorney, Florida





Robert Gershman received his Bachelor of Accounting degree from George Washington University in 1988 and his law degree from Nova Southeastern Law School in 1991. Robert met his wife, Cindy, also an attorney, during their freshman year of college at GWU.  Robert has dedicated his career to upholding the constitution and fighting for justice.  Robert’s prosecutorial work earned him a reputation throughout the courthouse and legal community as tough, ethical, and fair.  After leaving the State Attorney’s Office, Robert entered private practice, specializing in criminal defense litigation. Robert has managed his Palm Beach County law practice for more than 15 years. Robert has tried many significant cases throughout Florida, in State and Federal Court, at both the trial and appellate levels.  After Robert entered private practice, the Palm Beach County State Attorney’s Office and the Courts appointed him as a special prosecutor in significant cases.


Robert is running as a Non Party Affiliate because the Office of Palm Beach County State Attorney should be fair and independent, without favoritism to any person or entity. As the next State Attorney for Palm Beach County, Robert intends to enforce the law, end corruption, prevent crime, and be an effective voice for the victims of crime. As the next State Attorney, Robert will be the highest ranking law enforcement officer for Palm Beach County.  Robert has a proven record, as a prosecutor and defense attorney, in both the public and private sectors, of being aggressive but fair. Robert’s reputation and advocacy skills in and out of the courtroom are unmatched.    Robert’s wealth of knowledge and experiences as a career Palm Beach County criminal justice expert, and his strong family ties to Palm Beach County for more than 20years, make him the best and only viable candidate for Palm Beach County State Attorney.


Gary Johnson says, “Robert will make a terrific State Attorney, keeping the office accountable and transparent.  Robert’s experience and knowledge make him the best qualified.  Be Libertarian with me – Vote for Robert Gershman!”


Robert Gershman, “I endorse Johnson/Gray because Gary Johnson truly believes in the free and independent America, responsible to the individual and future generations.”




Mark “Magic” Jones for County Commissioner, Greene County Missouri.





Mark writes, “My name is Mark Alan Jones, I’ll be on the ballot as Mark “MAJIC” Jones.  You may have seen my company trucks running around town: MAJIC Painting & Wallcovering.  Those driving billboards have been touring the Midwest since 1993.  The goofy spelling is an acronym of my initials M.A.J. incorporated.  I was born and raised in Springfield, and have experienced many aspects of Greene County life.  I’ve alternated from training myself to eat on five dollars a week, to making six digits a year.  I’ve sent clients on weekend getaways at the finest Bed & Breakfasts, I’ve rolled loose change from my coin jars on Thursday night to make payroll Friday.  My philosophy is, “Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.”  My integrity is unsurpassed: If I say it, it’s real.  I actually entertained the idea of getting an, if you will, “responsible productive member of society haircut,” after a VERY short deliberation, I concluded those responsible productive haircuts have gotten us so far in debt, it’ll take an individual who’s not afraid to look outside the box, or as I prefer “CAGE” to make things right!  Stop the apathy, vote according to what you want, not what they say you can have.  In my church bulletin recently, was a quote by Thomas Paine, “Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must undergo the fatigue of supporting it.”


Gary Johnson says, “Mark Jones and I visited in Joplin Missouri in September of 2012. Mark said back then that the Libertarian Party could use a candidate like me!  I say, Green County could use a Commissioner like Mark Jones!  Be Libertarian with me – Vote for Mark Jones so Green County can LIVE FREE!”


Mark Jones, “I endorse Johnson/Gray because after meeting Gary in Joplin on September 24th 2010, I knew him to be a principled Libertarian.”




Raul “Roy” Camacho for Constable, Travis County Texas, Precinct 2.





Roy writes, “I understand the importance of living, working, playing, shopping and raising a family in a safe community. I also understand your expectation of an elected official to run an honest department that truly serves the residents and guest of precinct 2.  As a sworn and experience peace officer, public safety, responding to emergencies, protecting people and property, and promoting good community relations will always be top priority. I will always put my duties first. I will never abuse my position for personal gain. I will run the office of Constable in the most cost effective manner possible, and I will constantly look for ways to save taxpayer money.”



Governor Johnson says, “Roy Camacho would make a terrific Constable for Travis County Texas’s Precinct 2.  Be Libertarian with me just this one time – Vote for Raul “Roy” Camacho!”


Roy Camacho, “I endorse Johnson/Gray.  I have been a supporter of Gary Johnson since the beginning of his campaign run for presidency. I have been spreading your messages of Liberty, Freedom, Fiscal Responsibility and Social Tolerance to everyone.”


Joseph G. Buchman, PhD

731 East South Temple
Salt Lake City, Utah  84102
Direct::435 602 0798
Campaign Office: 801 303 7926





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  1. Starchild Starchild August 14, 2012

    It’s inspiring to think about all these different candidates, their life stories, and the efforts they are making in their campaigns towards our common cause of greater freedom.

    The famous Margaret Mead quote comes to mind, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world…”

  2. Joe Buchman Joe Buchman Post author | August 14, 2012

    Starchild —

    That was my feeling working this list as well. WHAT AN OUTSTANDING group of people who are willing to do what it takes to run for office.

    And I think I have the best “job” in the world — “Hey, Joe, go out there and get to know (aka make friends with) all the libertarian and Libertarian candidates running for office.” (My next (self created) “job” is seeking out and getting to know all the libertarian and Libertarian Burners at Burning Man!)

    Interested IPR readers are encouraged to (randomly) contact (at least some of) the candidates at their email addresses above and express your gratitude.

    I’ve fixed a couple of typos from the initial version posted here — (next conference call is tomorrow; an error in Chuck Huntting’s quote). If anyone sees any need for any additional corrections please email me at

    Next project — a weekly newsletter to all our endorsed candidates about what they are up to (also available to anyone else who wants to subscribe (but also likely to be posted here too)).

  3. George Phillies George Phillies August 14, 2012

    Readers should be pleased to note that one of the endorsements is for a candidate from Oregon, a candidate nominated by Wes Wagner and our party’s legitimate affiliate.

  4. NewFederalist NewFederalist August 14, 2012

    Thanks for pointing that out, George. It is really good to see your evenhandedness despite the fact you have been quite critical of Johnson in other areas. Bravo.

  5. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt August 14, 2012

    LOL, George, I just came here to point out that the Oregon candidate was from Wes’s doing. What’s that line “Great minds think alike”, or was it just a logical comment??

  6. Joe Buchman Joe Buchman August 14, 2012

    NewFederalist @ 4

    Personally I’ve found George to be evenhanded in his criticism as well. It’s not been without a basis in fact and not unreasoned. Sometimes we disagree, but I do, sincerely, appreciate the criticism. It makes us better, and/or helps hone our reasoning and defense.

    A second candidate from Oregon contacted me today. Looks like he’s running a very active campaign. After a bit of vetting, I’d expect to see him in our next endorsement release (which I plan to post here on Saturday August 25th, just before leaving for Burning Man).

  7. Joe Buchman Joe Buchman August 14, 2012

    George @ 3

    I was wondering who would be the first to notice that and post here. I’d given you 50/50 odds being the first one to do that (with the other 50 percent going to the combined odds of everyone else here).



  8. Erik Viker Erik Viker August 14, 2012

    I appreciate being on that list.

  9. Just Asking Just Asking August 14, 2012

    In all seriousness, what exactly is the point of these multiple endorsements? Isn’t it normally assumed that a presidential nominee supports his or her party’s down-ballot candidates and vice versa?

  10. Gene Berkman Gene Berkman August 14, 2012

    Just Asking – issuing a statement endorsing a candidate can be used by the candidate to get some local press.

    Also, this year an endorsement by the LP candidate for President means more, because it means you have been endorsed by a former Governor.

  11. Joe Buchman Joe Buchman Post author | August 14, 2012

    @ 10 — Also we only endorse those 1) asking for an endorsement and 2) with some evidence of running an active campaign (eg asking for an endorsement and having a minimal or better website).

    And there are some candidates who have asked who we have not (yet) endorsed for various reasons — including not appearing to be running an active campaign.

  12. Just Asking Just Asking August 14, 2012

    I don’t know, it just seems like a huge waste of a presidential candidate’s time — and that of his or her staff — to be endorsing folks for precinct constable, especially when those candidates are running on his own ticket.

  13. Kevin Knedler Kevin Knedler August 14, 2012

    At Just Asking.

    It is called “Team building 101” !!!

  14. Joe Buchman Joe Buchman Post author | August 14, 2012

    Just asking @ 13 — So far it’s my time, and I’m doing it as a volunteer — and loving it.

    So not a lot of resources.


    Also, these are the people we then send yard signs, literature and other materials to, figuring that’s likely to be who will make the best use of them.

    It’s also about connecting them to each other so the best can learn the best practices from each other.

    All in all not work, but a TON of FUN.


    (Thanks Kevin — I wish we did Team Building across the Party leadership as well as we’re doing with our candidates!)


  15. Starchild Starchild August 15, 2012

    “Just Asking” @10, @13 – Intra-party endorsements may sometimes be assumed, or at least come as no big surprise, but this is still not a bad use of a presidential candidate’s time.

    As Kevin @14 says, it is good team-building. So long as we’re working to spread the libertarian message, more communication, mutual support, and a stronger feeling of solidarity among Libertarian candidates can only help our movement.

    Past LP presidential candidates haven’t always shown much interest in helping those down-ticket, and I’m glad that the Johnson campaign appears to be committed to actively working together with other Libertarian candidates and building the party, not just getting votes for himself.

  16. Wes Wagner Wes Wagner August 15, 2012

    SC @16

    Beyond that I believe that these cross endorsements are a virtuous cycle. Due to internal politics in the campaign, the opportunities in Oregon could not be taken advantage of, but here endorsements may be printed in our voter’s guide — which represented and opportunity for Johnson’s name to be seen multiple times by voters as they read through all their libertarian candidates.

    There are probably other states with similar opportunities.

  17. JT JT August 15, 2012

    IMO, an argument over Johnson’s endorsing candidates isn’t even worth having. I think the cost-benefit of doing it is trivial either way.

  18. Jim Fulner Jim Fulner August 15, 2012

    Being from a state where getting on the Ballot as a Libertarian is ridiculously easy, getting big L candidates to fill out the form, get on the conference call, talk with the Govenor, is good. It makes them do SOMETHING and that leads to them WANTING to do a LOT OF THINGS.

    Trying to convince the old guard to not stand in the way of new activists getting involved is good, and this helps make it possible.

  19. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt August 15, 2012

    Personally, I think Johnson’s endorsement of candidates is an excellent indication that he’s a team player, which is certainly something desirable in our candidate.

  20. Eric Blitz Eric Blitz August 15, 2012

    I can offer my unqualified support for the utility of the reciprocal endorsements in Maryland. They facilitate integration of the campaigns for event notices and mutual assistance. I hope to increase this mutual assistance as we move forward into the busy season of September and October.

    It is my hope that through this integration with the state affiliate and the state candidates, we can persuade more individuals to join the national and Maryland LP. If we can’t use a national campaign to assist in party building, then we are missing a golden opportunity to benefit the campaign and the party.

  21. George Whitfield George Whitfield August 17, 2012

    It is a good indicator of team spirit and team effort.

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