Pennsylvania RP Creates “Presidential Candidate Fraud Detection Project” Attacking LP and CP

The following email received by IPR and apparently sent by Don Adams, President of the Independence Tea Party Political Action Committee (see:, to Republican Party supporters in Pennsylvania, claims Libertarian and Constitution Party candidates in Pennsylvania were fraudulently “propped up by Democrats and (are) not the product of a grassroots petition effort.”

The following email was apparently sent earlier today:

August 16, 2012  4 PM

Dear Friends,

The Republican State Committee sent us an urgent letter requesting assistance.

The committee is seeking to challenge the fraudulent Pennsylvania nomination papers of the Libertarian and Constitution Party presidential candidates who were aided and abetted by Democratic petition circulators to get their names on the November ballot.

If their names appear on the ballot, they could siphon thousands of votes away from Romney/Ryan and shift the PA election and electoral votes to Obama/Biden.

The committee needs our help. In their own words:

“Last week, we found fraud and defects in the nomination papers of the Libertarian and Constitution Party candidates. We also found that these candidates were being propped up by Democrats and not the product of a grassroots petition effort.

Beginning Monday, we have to work in Philadelphia to substantiate our challenges to these nomination papers.The Democrats know the nomination papers that were submitted are full of flaws, but it takes our hard work to prove it to the courts and have them removed from the ballot. This is a BIG project, requiring a minimum of 40 people per day to assist with our challenges.

We need your help. Starting Monday at the Philadelphia Voter Registration Office (520 North Delaware Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19123-4295), we will begin this extremely important work. Can you help anytime, Monday through Friday of next week?

Your help on this project can very well be the difference in this process and in the election in November. We MUST have the fraudulent and flawed nomination papers invalidated.”

Presidential Candidate Fraud Detection Project:

When: Monday thru Friday, (August 20-24); Shifts: 8:30-11AM/11AM-2PM/2-5PM
Where: Phila. Voter Reg. Office, 520 N. Delaware Ave. (@ Spring Garden) 19123

If you are able to cover any of the above shifts, please call me at 215.620.3055.

We cannot allow the Obama/Biden Democrats to get away with stunts like this.

On behalf of the PAC Board of Delegates,

Don Adams


Carla Howell, The Gary Johnson Campaign, The Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania and others are likewise attempting to organize 20+ Volunteers each day to assist the State of Pennsylvania’s verification efforts — albeit without the (mis) characterization of said efforts as a “Presidential Candidate Fraud Detection Project.”


72 thoughts on “Pennsylvania RP Creates “Presidential Candidate Fraud Detection Project” Attacking LP and CP

  1. bruuno

    Between this and the voting laws they passed the PA GOP really is going full on shameless election rigging.

  2. Be Rational

    The Republican party is America’s greatest organized effort to DESTROY Liberty in America.

  3. Darcy G Richardson

    I guess tea parties aren’t only for little girls with imaginary friends, but also for grown men with imaginary enemies.

  4. Deran

    It creepily reminds me of something the Democrats were putting out agsainst Nader in Pennsylvania. Watchout the PA Dems really went after Nader.

    I predict more more and states will see Dem and Rep state legislators seeking to make state ballot access increasingly difficult for non- Dems and non-Reps.

  5. Joe Buchman Post author

    OutsideAgitator -@ 8. The Republican Party LIES here are too much, I’m sure, for Mr. Root. I wish him well. He’s a very kind and generous fellow personally. His home, his kids and his wife are just wonderful. His politics and opinion pieces are just AWFUL, especially for a former candidate and LNC member. Almost as bad as his wonderful “mentor” Bob.

    Anyway — Excellent article here:

  6. NewFederalist

    It would be nice to hear from somebody who actually might know some information about this situation. I am thinking Paulie or Andy if they had anything to do with the petitioning effort in PA or are familiar with the people who did.

  7. Oranje Mike

    Silly Republicans. It was just a few short months ago that they were rigging their own primaries and were caught on video committing fraud and breaking away from the laws of their own party in Maine. Perhaps they should be spent a reminder.

    This is both frustrating as we just went through bogus petition challenges in Arizona and refreshing as we obviously have these guys worried.


    Romney won’t win Penna. with Johnson on or off the ballot. If the GOP bastards (now including Don Adams) think the LPP will then roll over and die, they have another think coming. The LPP should, in future elections, specifically target vulnerable incumbent GOPers, turn in pristine petitions, and try to defeat them. Another tactic would be to have some members register GOP and then run in primaries espousing the most outrageous programs, destroying the GOP brand and causing them to spend money.

  9. paulie

    It would be nice to hear from somebody who actually might know some information about this situation. I am thinking Paulie or Andy if they had anything to do with the petitioning effort in PA or are familiar with the people who did.

    We had nothing to do with petitioning in PA because the LP gave the whole contract to Daryl Bonner. Andy’s brother worked on the Constitution Party petition.

    Darryl says he is a Libertarian and can prove it by producing his voter registration.

    However, unlike Andy and me he will work on any initiative if the money is right regardless of what he believes. I’ve also heard him argue in favor of government education among other things, but I don’t know if he has changed his mind or was being sincere or really cares either way.

    In any case the real issue is not whether Darryl is a Libertarian, Democrat or just a merc who couldn’t care less about politics other than making a living at it, the real issue was that he paid a very low rate on the streets and hired whoever would work for low wages – which was not LP activists or experienced petition professionals. Darryl says he trained them to screen people to get good validity, but it’s certainly likely that many of them cut corners as much as possible.

    Some of these people probably are Democrats. Most of them are black and poor, and thus more likely than not to be Democrats, but most of them probably don’t care about politics. I don’t think any of them or Darryl qualify as “Democratic operatives” in any sense, and the money to pay them certainly did not come from the Democrats (being on the LNC and an editor here I am certainly in a position to know).

    The Teapublicans are blatantly lying here.

    From the reports I have received from PA, they are challenging many good signatures, so it is the Republicans, not the LP or CP, engaged in fraud and deception in an effort to steal LP and CP votes and disenfranchise our voters.

    It is certainly shameful, but not surprising, that a Tea Party group is aiding and abetting this attack on voting rights. I will bring this to the attention of Wayne and the LNC and you can see their reactions on LNCDiscussPublic but not right now, I need to get out to work.

  10. JamesT

    PA has been a solidly Blue state since 2004… rnc idiots. Lol if they remove Goode or Johnson I’ll just not vote or vote for Stein.

  11. fred

    This is what happens when you have a candidate that very few people really support. You are afraid of any other candidate, because the only thing Romney has to campaign on is, “I’m not Obama” Unfortunately for him, there are other candidates (like Gary Johnson, and Jill Stein) who look a lot less like Obama than he does.

  12. Curt Boyd

    Democrats haven’t been as stringent this year as they have been in the past…at least PA voters will have a third choice this election.

    I am still undecided between Stein and Johnson, but ballot access may help me make my decision.

  13. NewFederalist

    Thanks paulie @14 for the insights.

    Curt Boyd@18… I live in PA and if the GOP swindle of the LP and the CP is successful I am in the same boat. I almost feel like voting straight Democratic just to shove it up their ass but I might consider voting for Stein. If the challenge fails I will definitely vote for Johnson. No way in hell I vote for Romney.

  14. NewFederalist

    Post script to above… PA ballot access helped make my decision in 2008. I preferred Chuck Baldwin to Bob Barr but since the CP did not make the ballot my decision was made for me. While I regret voting for Barr, he was still better than Obama or McCain.

  15. Stuart Simms

    @19 NF, I personally vote for my third party, if LP isn’t on the ballot I vote for any other 3rd party/indy on the ballot if none, then I write in. The only exception is when a D or R has actually helped with legislation such as a D state Senator did when I was lobbying the MD state legislature on Ballot Access many years ago.

    One could make the reverse argument that since the R’s are screwing with us on ballot access in PA vote for the D’s but I personally would vote Stein or write in if the LP and CP aren’t permitted on the ballot.

  16. Joe Buchman

    Just posted the following on my FB page. I’d encourage others to do so in social media as well —

    To all my friends in the region of Philadelphia, including New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland, PLEASE contact Lou Jasikoff and help fight the RP’s efforts to keep Libertarians off the ballot. We need volunteers to check signatures on a laptop at Philly’s election division every day next week. If you, or someone you know, can spend just one day please message Lou Jasikoff ( Please pass this on to others you know in the area who may be able to help. THANKS!

  17. roseanne-rothbard report

    @15 — RNC is hoping that a new voter ID law will cut down on the votes for the dead and otherwise fraudulent cast by urban Democrat machines.

  18. NewFederalist

    Stuart Simms @23… I mostly do the same but in 1984 when faced with a choice of Reagan or Mondale or Lyndon Larouche (I lived in TX then) I just couldn’t vote for a loony toon! I could vote for Jill Stein as a suitable protest vote since write in votes are generally not counted in PA. I would far rather vote for Gary Johnson. If this state is close on election day I will vote for Obama rather than Romney. Unlike Wayne Root I just can’t stand Republicans! I can’t stand Democrats either but mostly they are just well intentioned idiots.

  19. Be Rational

    The LP did better on ballot drives when they hired their own coordinators and ran the ballot drives in house. Petitioners were more likely to be committed LP members, meaning higher validity and fewer problems from lack of care on meeting all requirements, and costs were much lower, even adjusting for inflation, the cost was far lower.

  20. Curt Boyd

    NF 19 & 20 – more often than not, ballot access has made my decision for me. I was a Romanelli supporter in 2006, but had to pick least worst in that election (Casey). I like a lot of Libertarians running statewide as well, and would cast my vote for them (Rogers, Summers), but again, ballot access may make that decision for me.

  21. Andy

    “Last week, we found fraud and defects in the nomination papers of the Libertarian and Constitution Party candidates. We also found that these candidates were being propped up by Democrats and not the product of a grassroots petition effort.”

    This is a damn dirty lie. The Democratic Party had nothing to do with this, and both the Libertarian Party and the Constitution Party do in fact have grass roots supporters in Pennsylvania and around the country who made these petition drives happen. These people should be ashamed of themselves for lying like this.

  22. paulie


    I haven’t looked since I got off work but as of earlier today I did not see mentions on Johnson’s campaign site or

    Don’t remember seeing an email blast about it from either LPHQ or campaign either.

  23. Joe Buchman

    Yes, but Wayne Root predicted this, just as he correctly predicted Obama will dump Biden for Hillary . . . ooops. (See the recent public LNC Discuss messages for WAR’s latest embarrassment . . . or not.)

  24. From Der Sidelines

    Well, it’s been said for years that the GOP and DP fear the LP because they hate freedom and they fear third parties because they would be destroyed by their ideas. I think we’re seeing proof of those assertions.

  25. Steven R Linnabary

    I would think that republicans and their faux “Tea Party” co-conspirators wouldn’t want to go down the rabbit hole of campaign finances. It might get embarrassing when THEIR finances are scrutinized.


  26. Starchild

    New Federalist @26 – Have you considered the extreme mathematical unlikelihood of your one vote deciding the outcome of a U.S. presidential election?

    The possibility that you might be killed or seriously injured on the way to the polls, or while preparing or delivering your absentee ballot, are each a far greater risk than the risk that someone you don’t like might win the election on the basis of how you personally vote.

    From an individual perspective, it’s more realistic to think of voting at the national level as *registering our preferences*, not deciding the outcome. Understanding this is helpful in avoiding the trap of thinking it’s irresponsible not to vote Democrat or Republican.

    Remember the once-in-a-lifetime-close 2000 presidential election? Even then, the closest anyone came to changing the outcome of the election were Florida voters, and even in that state it would have taken *several hundred votes* to change the outcome, not just one.

    If the tallies of the leading candidates in such a large election ever did miraculously and against all odds come out as little as a single vote apart, it’s guaranteed there would be a recount, the results of which would produce a completely different total.

    Knowing these things, I would not dream of voting for Obama or Romney even if I had every reason to expect a razor-thin margin (if a nut like LaRouche were somehow the only other choice listed on the ballot, I would cast a write-in vote).

  27. ATBAFT

    Starchild, yesterday I challenged a pal who likes GJ best but is voting for Romney because he is scared of Obama winning that I would give him $100,000 if his vote for GJ threw the election to Obama. He wouldn’t take the offer. This “throwing away your vote” syndrome is the bane of third parties.

  28. NewFederalist

    Starchild… thanks for your comments inspiring me to never vote for Demorepublicrats. I do agree with everything you said. Absent the LP (or the CP) from the PA ballot this year I will probably vote for Jill Stein. I have voted in every presidential election since 1964 (I wasn’t old enough then but I voted my great grandmother’s absentee ballot) and voted for Goldwater. The only other choice was LBJ or the SLP. I tend to stay away from parties that contain the words “socialist” or “communist”. It wasn’t until 1984 that I found myself in the position of choosing from Reagan/Mondale/LaRouche with a David Bergland write in NOT being counted due to nobody filing the right papers when the ballot drive failed. Absent those lapses I have proudly voted my conscience every time. Again, thanks for your concern!

  29. For the People

    New Federalist with his Obama stated preference is obviously too much under the influence of Catholic Trotskyism.

  30. paulie

    I wasn’t old enough then but I voted my great grandmother’s absentee ballot

    Hey, someone else that did that! I voted my mom’s absentee ballot when I was 16 in 1988.

  31. paulie

    I caught up with the LNCDiscussPublic list. The ExComm has discussed this issue. The National Committee itself has not.

    Bit of an exhaustion/time management problem on my end. I’ll post about it to LNC today. Most likely after work.

  32. NewFederalist

    For the People @ 42… believe me I HAVE no preference between Obama and Romney. I would only consider voting for Obama because it would be Romney who prevented me from voting for whom I really wanted. I would just send him a message that HE doesn’t own my vote by doing the very thing he thought he could prevent. That would be my ONLY reason for voting for Obama. But as I have already assured Starchild, if I have no other choice I will vote for Stein.

  33. Charles Lupton

    MI Secretary refusing to place Gov. Johnson on the ballot, The Paul delegate shenanigans in Massachusetts (and other states) and now the PA challenge and they’re fighting access via court in OK (and now even with the OK AE party giving us their access, there’s rumblings of it being fought against).

    At this point it seems, the GOP will stop at nothing to stop Gov. Johnson.

  34. Charles Lupton

    Also, if this was a ploy by the Dems, wouldn’t the Dems have also challenged the Greens to keep them off the ballot as they are likely to take more from Obama than Romney? That in and of itself shows this to be BS.

  35. NewFederalist

    @48… the PA Democrats HAVE challenged Greens as well as Ralph Nader in the past. In every case their challenge has been successful in knocking out their perceived “spoilers”. The fact that they did NOT do it this year reinforces your argument.

  36. langa

    @40, 43 — I lost my “electoral virginity” under similar circumstances, except I did so by committing an even more blatant act of voter fraud than the two of you did. Back in ’92, when I was 16, I drove my great-aunt to the polling place, and since she had very poor eyesight, they let me go into the booth with her to help her read the names on the ballot.

    When I started reading them, she interrupted me, saying, “Why don’t you just vote for me? It’ll be much quicker. Besides, you know a lot more about politics than I do.” So, I proceeded to do just that. Unfortunately, at the time, I knew nothing about the 3rd party choices, so I voted straight-ticket GOP, which, ironically, is probably how she would have voted anyway.

  37. Deran

    If the Democrats were involved, I imgaine it would be via money, paying petition ciculators? I would think that could be determined?

    I would think if the Dems were taking this route they would also be challenging the Green petition. Or maybe the Dems don’t think Stein is enough of a threat?

    And as the PA high courts seem pretty much a Democratic machine, the courts may not be to sympathetic to the Republicans, or perhaps they will be sympathetic for the sake of squashing all non-two party candidates? Or is that too cynical/bitter?

  38. Libertarian Party Needs Your Support

    These people need to be SUED for defamation. For over forty years The Party of Principle has opposed all FORCE and FRAUD. Being accused of fraud is quite humorous if it wasn’t so sad and sickening that the FASCISTS are winning……

    There are still Ballot drives going on in several states. Any donations from $25 to $25,000 will help in this final major push. (Last week the LP needed $94,000 to complete the job in the final five weeks.) Please consider being a part of this historic 1M plus vote total effort by contributing today !


  39. paulie

    If the Democrats were involved, I imgaine it would be via money, paying petition ciculators?

    That did not happen.

    What I think the Republicans are distorting here is that some of the petitioners are registered Democrats. Really, they are just people who needed a job, not Democratic Party operatives. That claim is beyond ridiculous.

  40. Charles Lupton

    Or maybe out of work Dems see Obama as a failure(on the economy) and don’t support Romney(on social issues) and are supporting Gov. Johnson and wanted to help while making some $$$ at the same time.

  41. paulie

    That would be nice, but being a petitioner myself and pretty familiar with how it works, I have to say truthfully that they were just people who needed a job…not because they support or don’t support Obama, and not because they support or don’t support Johnson, but plain and simple because they need money to survive.

    The Democrats did not provide any money for the drives. The registered Democrats who worked on the drives did not do so because they received orders from their party, nor are they people (by and large) who have heard of Johnson before this or plan to vote for him even now. My guess is that most of them will either not vote at all or will vote for Obama because they think he sucks less than Romney (or because he is part black, or because he is a Democrat). But at the same time they don’t mind other choices on the ballot and – much more importantly to them than any political consideration – just plain needed a job.

    The motivation was financial, not political.

    Sorry if this disappoints anyone who would like to imagine that most of them were either Libertarian or Democratic activists, but that is just reality in this business.

  42. ATBAFT

    Paulie, you are right and that’s what is scary about this challenge. The petitioners you describe as financially motivated probably did not take very much care in getting proper signatures. In fact, I’d not be surprised if many were fraudulent (sit around with three buddies, make up names, sign, collect bucks from LP, and have a party.

  43. Andy

    “What I think the Republicans are distorting here is that some of the petitioners are registered Democrats.”

    This is possible, but my 1st guess is that these Republicans are just completely fabricating this claim out of thin air (as in with no basis in reality) that the Libertarian Party and Constitution Party petition drives were done by the Democratic Party. What they are trying to do is to make it look like the Libertarian Party and the Constitution Party don’t have any real grass roots support, and they are just phony organizations which are being propped up by the Democratic Party to “steal” votes from Republican Party candidates. Asserting that the Republican challengers checked the voter registration status of every petition circulator and found that they were registered Democrats may be giving their claim more credit than it deserves, as in they may have checked this and it may be true, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did not check this. I don’t know how the majority of the petition circulators who worked on these petition drives are registered. I do know for a fact that some of them are not registered Democrats, but some of them probably were registered Democrats, however, as you indicated, how the petition circulators were registered has little bearing on anything as most of them are not even really political activists anyway, as most of them were just people who were looking to make some money and didn’t really care one way or the other about any of the candidates. The Republicans acting like these petitions are a part of a nefarious Democratic Party plot to “steal” votes from Republicans is nothing short of ridiculous.

  44. NewFederalist

    Do we have any reports from either the LP or the CP as to whether or not they had enough volunteers show up in Philly yesterday? Also, is there any news on the lawsuit that might make this entire issue of the challenge system moot?

  45. Jed Siple

    I’m a registered Libertarian. I try to vote for independent/third party candidates (especially LP candidates) when they’re on the ballot. When they aren’t, I usually vote Democrat. Not that I particularly like the Democratic Party, but at least they support same-sex marriage and that’s the main issue for me.

    If the LP and CP are kept off the ballot, I will vote for Jill Stein for president and straight Democrat for all other offices. So GOP, by keeping the CP & LP on the ballot, you’re actually giving at least one vote to the Democrats. I bet you guys just weren’t smart enough to consider that, were you?

  46. paulie


    Robert Small Says:
    August 21st, 2012 at 5:06 pm
    This means yet another voice in Pennsylvania is stilled.
    The Libertarians are still fighting the good fight while
    the SWP has turned towards a write-in Campaign.My party,
    the Greens, were, shockingly, not challenged!
    This is the same state which is still trying to get
    $80,000 from Candidates Carl Romanelli and Ralph Nader
    for daring to run against a major Party.
    I was there yesterday working for the Constitution Party, since the Libs had enough volunteers and I was,
    as a Green, basically a free agent.
    I plan to be there next Monday, if needed.

  47. paulie

    On August 21, Pennsylvania attorneys for the Republican activists who are challenging the Constitution Party’s petition told leaders of the party that if they withdrew their statewide petition by 3 p.m., the challengers would not seek court costs. Therefore, the Constitution Party, which had already spent over $50,000 on its Pennsylvania petition, withdrew that petition. Court costs would probably exceed $100,000.

    The party had submitted approximately 35,000 signatures. The state requires 20,601.

  48. Jed Siple

    That’s a damn shame. I was planning on voting for CP candidate Donna Fike for Treasuer. Keep fighting, LP!

  49. Bill Wood

    If the LP makes it on the PA ballot does the Republicans who made the challenge have to pay anything? Like maybe a 100,000.00 fine, be a lot less challenges.

  50. Andy

    I’m pretty sure that in Pennsylvania that the loser has to pay for the challenge, which, assuming that I’m correct, would mean that if the Libertarian Party survives the challenge that the Republican challengers would have to pay the fine.

    Since the Republican Party has much deeper pockets than the Libertarian Party, paying the fine would not hurt them as much.

  51. NewFederalist

    We’ll see, Andy. As I understood it the challengers don’t face any risk. Perhaps Richard Winger can weight in with the facts.

  52. paulie

    They have to spend money and they get it reimbursed if they win. But as far as I know, the challenged parties do not get reimbursed for the costs of the challenge defense if they survive the challenge.

  53. Mark Axinn

    New York has sent three volunteers this week to Philadelphia to help verify sigs. (I am not counting the LPPA Chair, who is also a New York resident.)

    How about the rest of you? Get thee to Philadelphia.

    Paulie is 100% correct that of course the Democratic Party had nothing to do with the LP petitioning campaign, which I discussed directly with Darryl at least 10,000,000 times over the last five weeks when I wanted him to be in New York. The biggest problem was the lack of local volunteer support, requiring almost all the signatures to be collected by paid petitioners. In New York, over 20% of our 25,000 sigs. were obtained by volunteers.

  54. paulie


    Maybe you should do a video, writeup, or something on how you motivate volunteers to petition. I know the rest of the states would love to be able to do so well at getting volunteer signatures.

  55. Joe Buchman Post author


    >> In New York, over 20% of our 25,000 sigs. were obtained by volunteers.<< From those of us working as volunteers out here in the Gary Johnson campaign -- THANKS!

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