American Third Position Party Changes Name to American Freedom Party

From an article on the party website, published on February 1st and written by Mark Wachtler:

Building on a surprisingly strong finish in the 2012 Presidential Election, the American Third Position Party has changed its name. Desiring a term that more accurately conveys their focus and mission, party leaders have chosen the name American Freedom Party. Organizers assure members that only the name is changing and the party’s passionate defense of freedom, as well as its platform, will remain the same…

Later in the article Wachtler provides a transcript of an interview he conducted with party national chairman Bill Johnson. A portion of that below:

WACHTLER: The most obvious question is, what’s the official name of the new party and why the name change?

JOHNSON: American Freedom Party. People were confused by the name in this country and across the Atlantic. The board thought that a simpler name might facilitate faster growth…

The logo is being changed. It should be completed shortly. Our positions change and evolve with time and the situation in which we live. However, the name change does not indicate any change in policies, positions or direction.

WACHTLER: What are the party’s plans for the 2013/2014 elections?

JOHNSON: We have candidates running now, even in the off-season. For example, we have School Board candidates and City Council candidates. Many of these elections are non-partisan, but we support their efforts and the candidates are committed to the patriotic/nationalist cause. We are strongest in California and New Jersey.

To read the full article by Wachtler, please go to the following link:

The new American Freedom Party website:

22 thoughts on “American Third Position Party Changes Name to American Freedom Party

  1. Deran

    Freedom for Whites only? Is that actually freedom?

    But it does make sense for them to jump on the “Freedom” Party bandwagon taht has done well in Europe.

    Around 2700 votes for their presidential candidate hardly seems a “surprisingly strong finish”…

  2. johnO

    Change it again to Golden Dawn in America..>>>Nothing really Golden and no Dawn either. However, it worked in Greece.

  3. Q2Q

    I think the name change was a smart move. The A3P (or AFP now) had alot in common with the Freedom Party in Austria, plus they don’t have to explain what the “Third Position” is.

  4. Starchild

    It seems to me that some of these folks on the far right lack the integrity to label themselves honestly, and instead want to hide behind terms like “freedom” that don’t really reflect a good part of their agenda, or vague/meaningless labels like “American Third Position”.

    The Libertarian Party called itself libertarian before libertarianism was popular.

    I can understand why you wouldn’t want to call yourselves the Nazi Party if you’re not actually in favor of sending people to the ovens or any similar “final solution” type program, but you could call yourselves the Straight Peaceful American White Nationalists or something.

  5. Rob

    I’m with Deran. 2,700 votes in three states–NJ, CO, TN–that aren’t exactly small is not “surprisingly strong.” Let’s call Merlin Miller’s presidential bid what it was–one of the biggest third party flops of 2012.

  6. Jeremy C. Young

    The Straight Peaceful American White Nationalists of Southern Arizona, Texas, And Nebraska.

  7. Dennis

    Because they know most people who vote for them just randomly selected a candidate–but they wouldn’t have voted for anything with the word “Nazi” in it. “Freedom” sounds good.

  8. NewFederalist

    “Why don’t they just change their name to the Nazi Party?”

    Isn’t that name already taken? I know George Lincoln Rockwell as been dead for nearly 50 years but I thought his followers had kept the party alive.

  9. Catholic Trotskyist

    I wish the Libertarian Party had taken this name. It would have been better for the Libertarian Party to be called the Freedom Party, and now the name has been taken by the most anti-freedom party out there.

  10. PTK

    These guys taking on the name of American “Freedom” Party is equivalent to how the Democratic Party calls itself “Democratic” even though they’re rigging elections!

  11. William Saturn

    Third Positionism is not a meaningless label (look it up). Unlike the new name, it actually meant something. Nevertheless, us in the know can read the acronym as is proper, the AFP (American Fascist Party).

  12. johnO

    Fascism in Greece is rising because of terrible economic conditions. This new party here will do well in states that have 20%+ unemployment just like in Greece. When people are hungry they tend to blame the “other” even if in good times they would never do such things. In Greece fascists are beating up people and is starting to look like Germany in the Weimar Republic days (1919-1932). Troubling times for Greece and just a thought about the AFP’s future views? Hoping for high unemployment?

  13. Jed Siple


    The American Nazi Party had died off in the ’70s, but has since been revived. Unlike the AFP they don’t run candidates though.

  14. JT

    Starchild: “It seems to me that some of these folks on the far right lack the integrity to label themselves honestly, and instead want to hide behind terms like “freedom” that don’t really reflect a good part of their agenda, or vague/meaningless labels like “American Third Position”.”

    Absolutely agree. A very good example of that is the “American Independent Party,” which many people don’t even realize espouses a far-right religious agenda.

    And I don’t know why this party wouldn’t want to band with a bigger party like the Constitution Party, which has a very similar platform. If a bigger party with much wider ballot presence exists that’s similar in its positions, what’s the point of having a separate entity? Dumb.

  15. Fred Jabin

    I actually think if they labeled themselves Nazi they could have gotten more than 2700 votes –which is a sad commentary but probably true.

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