Imperato Announces Today Considering 2014 Gubernatorial Run in Florida


West Palm Beach Florida (I-Newswire) March 12, 2013

[Editor’s Note: Article was edited somewhat for grammar, spelling and typesetting]

[Daniel] Imperato has run on the Independent ticket and may do it again.

Imperato responds to claims made against him, says that any one can suit any one for any thing, until its proven by a court of law is hearsay and meaning less.

Especially when it’s a political year.

Any political savvy person can read between the lines of suits being brought against a party when they may be a swinger in the election process.

The congress and the other government may work hand in hand on utilizing non public information’s to create claims against innocent political figures .

Politicians know that’s game play.

Imperato “says in some cases of false claims it’s a decoy for other planned used as in some child custody cases (Tampa fl and Gen. Petreaus)”.

Where politicians and parties, take contributions from people whom want to destroy another candidate.

Use of non-public information and lawyers as well as guardian ad litems to destroy ones character even when they are innocent and humanitarian aid for others for the purpose of trying to strong arm and stop an independent candidate bucking the system which needs reorganization, “Imperato says”.

The political platform for illicit contributions for favor has become the countries worst enemies and has degenerated our legal system as well as its integrity .

The so called political mafia whom ruin the integrity of our us constitution and pour government policies as well as our court systems need to be found and held accountable.

Its is a real shame and a criminal event when totalitarian government agents conspires with another government agency to ruin ones political life.

When in fact its is initiated by political footballs and personal vendetta or for political favors and bribery which is very hard to prove .

Unless the Justice Department has [an] unaffected board of chiefs that unequivocally will not tolerate any such activities.

Imperato states, “This problem is a loop hole in our system and violates the very integrity of the foundation of our great nation”.

What happens in the big league opposition, but must be proven.

What press and writers whom abuse style book laws, write and is published must be accountable by laws.

Suitors use outrageous allegations and pile them on like a mountain of sand just to make them self look good at the beginning.

The media whom originates press should require secondary follow up stories with other factual evidence to make equal time in the media as well as a proper opportunity for the parties to respond.

When it comes down to the “skinney” it’s the reality Imperato “says and when it doesn’t come to that its probably all political motivation by others whom are out too ruin an other human being political aspirations and or media fraud in itself”.

Imperato “says its real hard to run and support what america needs when the old party politics are same a usual and the GOP wont allow for reorganization by new independent voices in politics”.

More to come on Imperato 014 for Governor on the Independent ticket.

8 thoughts on “Imperato Announces Today Considering 2014 Gubernatorial Run in Florida

  1. Thomas L. Knapp

    Today’s nugget of political wisdom:

    “English only” may not be the law, but it’s probably a good idea, when running for President of the United States or Governor of Florida, to become at least passably fluent in it.

  2. Krzysztof Lesiak

    This clown again? Wasn’t he the guy he ripped off investors from something like $2.5 million? I hope Adrian Wyllie crushes him when it comes to the third party vote.

  3. Thomas L. Knapp

    Krzysztof @2,

    “Wasn’t he the guy he ripped off investors from something like $2.5 million?”

    He was accused of that by the Securities and Exchange Commission, but that doesn’t mean he’s guilty.

    Elsewhere, he indicates that the case was settled and/or the charges dropped. That in itself doesn’t mean he’s innocent of the charges, but it does a least mean that the SEC apparently found settling/dropping the charges preferable to trying to get a jury to find him criminally or civilly culpable.

  4. Warren Redlich

    I can verify that the case was settled. I looked it up on the court system. But I was not able to find the terms of the settlement and don’t know what that means.

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