Robert Sarvis Receives Libertarian Party of Virginia Nomination for Governor in 2013

From Ballot Access News:

On April 21, the Virginia Libertarian Party held a nominating convention and chose Rob Sarvis for Governor. He already has about 4,000 signatures but needs 10,000 valid by mid-June.

If he gets on the ballot, he will be only the second Libertarian ever on the Virginia ballot for Governor. The first was Bill Redpath, in 2001.

 The following was posted on, the website of Keegan Sturdivant, a Libertarian Party nominee for Virginia House of Delegates.

In the past few months, the Virginia gubernatorial race was looking bleak. It was a choice between Ken Cuccinelli and Terry McAuliffe, or, as theRichmond-Times Dispatch put it, Sauron vs. tactfully renamed the article, Virginia loses no matter who wins the governor’s race.
On April 21st, the Libertarian Party of Virginia nominate nominated Robert Sarvis for governor. He has earned degrees in mathematics from Harvard University and the University of Cambridge, a J.D. from N.Y.U. School of Law, and a Master’s in economics from George Mason University. And he has a diverse professional background, with experience as an entrepreneur and small-business owner, a software engineer and mobile-app developer, a math teacher, and a lawyer. Today, I’m excited to announce that that is no longer the case.

An excerpt from Sarvis’ campaign website, indicates his motives for running.

Rob is running for Governor because Virginia deserves intelligent, economically literate leadership that supports marriage equality and emphasizes freedomfree markets, and the rule of law. While the Democratic and Republican

Keegan Sturdivant with Virginian Gubernatorial Candidate Robert Sarvis

Keegan Sturdivant (left) and Robert Sarvis

parties have put forward candidates that are terribly wrong for Virginia, Rob is committed to principled governance that protects individual rightsabhors cronyismfosters competitive markets in educationwelcomes immigrants with open armsrecognizes marriage equality, and understands the government’s fiduciary duties toward its citizens.

As the Libertarian candidate for the 8th District Virginia House of Delegates, I fully support Robert Sarvis for governor because he is the leader that Virginia needs. Virginia deserves representatives that posses leadership qualities and who understand the actual needs of the their constituents.

Robert Sarvis campaign website:

Robert Sarvis Facebook page:

12 thoughts on “Robert Sarvis Receives Libertarian Party of Virginia Nomination for Governor in 2013

  1. Ryan Brennan

    Speaking of Libertarian Party of Virginia candidates in this years elections, I just today read the following in the latest LP News, March 2013 newspaper:

    “Chuck Moulton, Chair of the Virginia LP, said, “Virginia is actively recruiting candidates for the House of Delegates. We plan to run a record number of candidates in 2013.”

    It is also noted in the article, “State Election Hotspots in 2013: New Jersey and Virginia” that “Virginia will elect a governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and delegates to the House of Delegates (the lower house).”

  2. Chuck Moulton

    We’re very pleased to have Rob Sarvis running as our governor candidate in Virginia!! It was a well-attended special nominating convention.

  3. Jill Pyeatt

    Lets all post all the good things going on in the state Libertarian parties. Hopefully, we won’t uncover any more power struggles like the ones that happened in Oregon and PA, and now Nevada. Hopeffully the three conventions planned for this weekend (NY, NH and Ohio, I think) will have good reports to send us.

    Any more conventions planned soon?

  4. Rod Stern

    @5 Arkansas is also this week. You can check the events calendar at for the following weeks.

  5. Andy

    I attended this meeting in Waynesbor0, VA. Rob Sarvis came off as a decent Libertarian Party candidate at the meeting.

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