Steve LaBianca Announces Candidacy for Libertarian Party of Florida Nomination for Governor


Steve LaBianca at the 2006 Libertarian Party of Florida (LPF) convention

Posted by Mike Kane on the LP Radical Caucus Facebook group, August 19, 2013: 

“I have decided that the best effort in promoting libertarianism for the LPF AND Florida, in having a candidate for Governor of Florida in 2014, would be for ME to be that candidate.

I ask that those who are most informed about the vetting process toplease provide to me, the specifics of that process. Thank you, and I hope to garner your support for this endeavor.

I prefer, for the sake of openness to all interested in this process, that those who may support this undertaking, please use public forums to suggest the best procedures to proceed with this. Again, thank you in advance for your contribution to this effort.

Steve LaBianca”

More from Mike Kane, a former candidate for Libertarian Party of Florida vice-chair:

On an aside Adrian Wyllie and his supporters actually think they can collect the necessary signatures. And he claims that he is running to win “I will make history, not repeat it” and that “
History is full of examples of people achieving the “impossible.”

Steve on the other hand writes “So, anyone who even alludes to winning the LPF nomination AND subsequently becoming Governor of Florida in 2014/15 is being, to put it kindly, disingenuous. I’d even say that breaking the 1% of the vote barrier is a 50 – 50 proposition. But no matter . . . Libertarian Party politics ISN’T about winning elections . . . its about moving the debate of the political discussion, WITHIN the political season in the libertarian direction. ”


Steve also writes “

Regarding Ms.House’s puzzlement; “I find it strange that an anarchist would vote or run for office.”

Lynn ought to know that her very own acquaintance, Andre Marrou was/is an anarchist and was the LP nominee for President in 1992. Harry Browne was an anarchist and was the LP nominee for President TWICE! Did you ask those people the same question? If so, what what THEIR answer? 

I’d add that David Bergland, the LP nominee for President in 1984 was/is also an anarchist . . . two former LNC chair people, Jim Lark and Mark Hinkle are avowed free market anarchists!

Should we question the motives of all these people as well, why they would want to run for political office or even head up an organization that, absent the state, wouldn’t exist?

However, I will answer with this – the LP has been a “minarchist”/night watchman state advocate, and it is positioned as a political party toward that end. That said, I subscribe to Harry Browne’s challenge, in that once the state is cut back to constitutional limits, we ought to rent out a stadium and discuss how much further to go. The LP membership had long stood for cutting the most egregious, coercive element of society down to the ground – 90% or more (Harry Browne proposed a federal budget cut by 90% the FIRST YEAR!).

The problem today, is that with the D’s and R’s vacating their positions in becoming MORE statist, the newbies in this party are attempting to move the LP into the vacuum of milder statism, vacated by the major parties.

I believe that Adrian Wyllie, Alex Snitker, Danielle Alexandre, and the whole lot of “newbies” in the LPF, fit perfectly into this characterization.

THAT is the secondary reason why I am running – to take back the hard hitting, principled approach to the libertarian presence in the political process.

If the LPF membership majority is with this milder form of statism, then I say fine (very sad IMHO), but until I’m convinced that it is more than the controlling leadership of the LPF that feels this way, I will continue to run for the LPF nomination for Governor of Florida.”

IPR has not found a Facebook page or campaign website for LaBianca.

26 thoughts on “Steve LaBianca Announces Candidacy for Libertarian Party of Florida Nomination for Governor

  1. Steve LaBianca

    I am not a “filed” candidate. I’ve announced my intentions only, to seek the LPF nomination, which can only be accomplished by primary.

    There are two bits of information which could potentially make this candidacy not happen:

    1-I become convinced that the overall sentiment of registered Libertarians, and/or the membership of the Libertarian Party of Florida is to support the milder statism (with respect to the major parties) proposed by announced and filed candidate, Adrian Wyllie.

    2-Though a less important potential occurrence, I may not run if I cannot get “Vetted” by the LPF.

    I give this 2nd constraint, a 50 – 50 shot, as the Wyllie supporters seem to control this vetting process in the LPF, and a strongly principled libertarian like myself, might not pass their “acid” tests, whatever those may be.

  2. Steve LaBianca

    One thing is for certain however, should I continue this process, my NUMBER ONE campaign position will be for the complete separation of education and state.

    I have long believed that targeting a few issues can never be successful, in that the controls which the state exerts, are so intertwined, that picking three of four out of all of them cannot be accomplished. Harry Browne came the closest, IMHO to finding a way around this, by asking citizens/voters, what favorite program or programs would they give up, if they never had to pay income tax again. This was the entire thesis of his campaign book, “The Great Libertarian Offer”.

    In effect, Harry was able to take ONE issue, and turn it into virtually EVERY issue.

    My aspirations are far more modest. But I would ask libertarians and others, do you believe that you, your children and grandchildren can one day again be free of state intrusions you most care about, if abolition of the indoctrination factories we know as government schools would free up people to think for themselves again?

  3. Steve LaBianca

    Thanks, Tom! Success, (which may include luck) will be for the people of Florida in a big way, to get behind the idea of total separation of education and state.

    Liberty, at least without a total collapse of economy or the state (and who knows what might happen in the aftermath of either of those scenarios), will only be possible when people are free from the indoctrination of the state, which is primarily accomplished through their control of schooling and education.

  4. Alex Snitker

    “2-Though a less important potential occurrence, I may not run if I cannot get “Vetted” by the LPF.

    I give this 2nd constraint, a 50 – 50 shot, as the Wyllie supporters seem to control this vetting process in the LPF, and a strongly principled libertarian like myself, might not pass their “acid” tests, whatever those may be.”

    This statement is misleading at best and an outright lie at worst. Greg Lennon is the chair of this committee and does not have anything to do with the Wyllie for Governor campaign and many supporters of Adrian’s campaign have already stated that they will abstain from voting on the approval of this candidate.

    In addition, Danielle Alexandre has resigned as chair of the Candidate committee citing an obvious conflict of interest considering that there is likely to be two vetted LPF candidates running for governor.

    The resignation happened the same night that Steve decided to run and this message was sent to the entire Libertarian Party of Florida Executive Committee.

  5. Steve LaBianca

    Danielle Alexandre, being an officer of the LPF, in conjunction with being an integral part of Mr. Wyllie’s campaign is the REAL conflict.

    I am of the understanding that she is Mr. Wyllie’s campaign manager . . . whether this is official or not is of little consequence; the APPEARANCE of a conflict is more than enough for a conflict to be probable, and I call for her to resign one or the other position/association.

  6. Steve LaBianca

    I m notqa liar, and I don’t seek to mislead. At worst, Alex, I may be ignorant of the makeup of, and sentiments of the committee which oversees and does the “vetting”.

    But . . . nice try again Alex, at what is now at least the 3rd or 4th time you have attempted to discredit me, and detract from the issue of principle libertarian positions I propose, vs. “libertarian lite” to gain consensus of state streamlining that dominates Mr. Wyllie’s campaign.

  7. Steven Wilson

    You know what the Libertarian needs?


    There is almost no infighting to speak of…boring.

    The state parties are run so smoothly and efficiently it is almost like they don’t exist. Whoa.

  8. George Whitfield

    Steve LaBianca suggests that Adrian Wyllie is disingenuous for stating that Wyllie as the LP candidate could be elected Governor. In contrast, Steve said that he would aim for breaking 1% of the vote as the LP nominee. (I am an oldbie LP member having been registered as a Libertarian in Florida since about 1991.) Frankly, this contrast is another reason why I am supporting Adrian Wyllie and have gladly donated to his campaign.

  9. Joe Wendt

    In Steve LaBianca’s defense, if Gary Johnson couldn’t win 1% in the state of Florida (winning only .53%, about 45000 votes), why the hell would any statewide candidate expect to exceed 1% in a mid-term election. If a big name former governor couldn’t get 1%, why should some schmuck expect any different.

  10. Steve LaBianca

    ” In contrast, Steve said that he would aim for breaking 1% of the vote as the LP nominee.”

    I’d like to see George, where I said I aim for 1%.

    I have only indicated that the likelihood is 1% as a 50- 50 proposition.

    NOTE: George Whitfield was an adamant supporter of that great libertarian, Bob Barr!

  11. Matt Cholko

    Talking about winning this election is absurd. Frankly, its essentially an outright lie to newbies, who may take that claim to mean that the LP somehow has a shot at winning a Governorship. There is absolutely no chance that any Libertarian candidate will win the 2014 election for Governor of Florida. The only way to take the odds above zero is to raise many millions of dollars, and we all know that ain’t likely.

  12. George Whitfield

    Hi Steve, I have supported every Libertarian Presidential candidate since 1980. Some have been more loyal than others. I much preferred Harry Browne to Bob Barr. And Steve I suppose I misunderstood what you meant. Would you please state what vote percentage you would aim at if you were the nomnee?

    Matt, I donated funds to help you campaign in your precinct in Virginia even though the odds were against a big vote total for Gary Johnson there. I think it is better to be positive that to be negative. I have been following Adrian Wyllie’s campaign and he is at 9% in a recent poll. I want to do better than that in the election not worse.

  13. Matt Cholko

    George….first of all, thank you very much for your help with my GJ campaign efforts in NoVA. It was very much appreciated, and I believe it did make a real, positive, difference.

    As for being positive vs. negative, I absolutely agree with you. Having a positive message is the best way to (only way??) to bring new people to our side. However, making claims about winning elections that are simply un-winnable is not, IMHO, a positive message. It’s akin to a lie. It sets unrealistic expectations in the minds of any new people that are brought into the party through the campaign, which inevitably leads to them heading for the door once they see the election results.

    If there were reason to believe that an LPF governor candidate could receive 30% of the vote, then sure, go ahead and talk about trying to win the election. When election day comes and you get your 30%, you can then reasonably say that “We just came up a little short. Let’s all continue to work to build the LP and do it again in 4 years.” But, if the likely result is more like 1% )and history tells us that is the likely result in FL), and you’ve been setting your supporters up for a win, how do you explain your incredibly bad showing?

    The same thing happened with the GJ campaign to some extent. He talked about winning the election, then, thankfully, dialed it back to getting 5% of the vote. But, even with 5% as the goal, when election day came and he got 1%, he, and many of his supporters, viewed it as a big dissapointment. I, on the other hand, saw it for what it was…..a step in the right direction, in terms of vote totals for a LP POTUS candidate. I was energized by the results, not disappointed by them, because my expectations were exceeded. Basic Clinton politics 101…. set expectations low, and exceed them.

  14. Danielle Alexandre

    Yes, I am Adrian’s campaign manager and the Treasurer of the state party.

    I am the FORMER chair of the Candidate Committee. I resigned that position when Mr. LaBianca announced so there was no conflict of interest. This is what was sent to the EC by me:

    “Tonight with the announcement of Steve LaBianca running for governor, I will have to step down from this committee without finding my replacement. I would never want the LPF to have any appearance of biased towards one vetted candidate or another. I have no doubt that Steve LaBianca will quickly be vetted and approved (as he should be) but I can not devote the time to his campaign that I devote to Adrian’s for obvious reasons. It is clearly a conflict of interest to continue to chair this committee and I feel that the resolution of that conflict of interest is certainly more vital to the party than finding my replacement before I step down. ”

    I am in no way a part of the Selection Committee (the committee in charge of vetting) so I have no part in Mr. LaBianca’s vetting. As I am a member of the EC and would have to vote to approve or deny this vetting I have also told the EC I would be abstaining so there was no conflict. Many other EC members have also committed to abstaining because they are a part of the Wyllie Campaign.

    No member of the Wyllie Campaign is on the Selection Committee.

    Mr. LaBianca’s statements were either made out of his not having the correct information or were purposely misleading but either way they are false.

  15. Steve LaBianca

    So being the LPF Treasurer and campaign manager for a NON-nominated candidate ISN’T a conflict? On WHAT planet or reality is that so?

    The mere APPEARANCE of a conflict, which Ms Alexandre’s situation is, is ABSOLUTELY, at the very least, an appearance of conflict.

    I call on you, Ms Alexandre to resign one or the other position. I’d also say that any political activity outside of the LP is ALSO a conflict. If you are still engaging in lobbying which supports anyone outside the LP in Florida, then there is conflict there as well. I don’t even want to think of how many ways there is conflict!!!

  16. LPF_Useless_Troll


    We need MORE people doing LESS! That way I won’t feel guilty in my debate club.

  17. Steve LaBianca

    So Ms Alexandre, since you said “I am in no way a part of the Selection Committee (the committee in charge of vetting) so I have no part in Mr. LaBianca’s vetting.” . . . how about when Mr. Wyllie went through HIS vetting process?

  18. David Leavitt

    Why are any of you even wasting your time with this crap? It’s disgusting. Let it go.

  19. Garry Reed

    After reading your article “Steve LaBianca Announces Candidacy for Libertarian Party of Florida Nomination for Governor” dated Aug 25, 2013 I discovered that he has decided not to run after all.

    However, in that article he said this:

    “I subscribe to Harry Browne’s challenge, in that once the state is cut back to constitutional limits, we ought to rent out a stadium and discuss how much further to go.”

    I remember that Harry Browne quote from back in the day and always liked it. It makes it possible for a minarchist to fully accept the non-aggression principle if he/she can honestly declare that returning to constitutional limits is the first step toward abolishing government entirely. It works perfectly for both principled minarchists and anarchists.

    I have searched and searched everywhere online for Browne’s original exact quote but can’t track it down. I’m hoping that someone can steer me to it.


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