Jim Fulner will seek Libertarian Party of Michigan’s nomination for U.S. Senate

From Facebook, September 9, 2013: 

It’s official we’ve filed with the FEC. Jim Fulner is seeking the LP nomination for U.S. Senate. The Fulner campagin has already grown a larger official staff than the succesful 2012 run for U.S. House. It’s going to be a great day for liberty.

Comments below the post:

  • Brandon Nelson Will you be making any central UP campaign stops?
    9 września o 10:53 · Lubię to!
  • Jim Fulner Fulner intends to run an active campaign and would like to include what is arguably the most libertarian part of Michigan, the U.P. How much travel can reasonably achieved by Jim as well as other volunteers/staffers will likely depend on how many FRNs are donated to the campaign.
    9 września o 10:57 · Edytowany · Lubię to!
  • 9 września o 10:58 · Lubię to!
  • Jim Fulner Federal Reserve Notes. Our campaign will likely take other donations as well, like BitCoin, but the gas station still requires FRNs.
    9 września o 10:59 · Lubię to!
  • Brandon Nelson Ok. Are you opposed for the nomination?
    9 września o 11:02 · Lubię to!
  • Jim Fulner As of now, no one else has announced. However, there is a long time between now and the LPM convention, tennetivley slated for April 2014.
    9 września o 13:56 · Edytowany · Lubię to!
  • Suzanne E. James-Fulner Is Mr. Fulner running this site or one of his “larger staff?”
    9 września o 11:53 przez: telefon komórkowy · Lubię to! · 2
  • Thomas Brown Does the FEC track BitCoin donations? This is a serious question that I would love to know the answer to.
    9 września o 12:27 · Lubię to!
  • Jim Fulner There is very little precedent for FEC oversight of Bitcoin donations. The Fulner campaign hopes to be accepting BTC ASAP.
    9 września o 12:29 · Lubię to!
  • Thomas Brown Would you report the current dollar amount/trading dollar of bitcoin? Though it seems as if people that would donate in Bitcoin are also trying to avoid any “imperial entanglements” in regards to having to report any donations over $200 to the FEC.
    9 września o 12:32 · Lubię to!
  • Jim Fulner If you have questions regarding reporting, privacy, or any other information relating to donating to the campaign, please contact treasurer@jimfulner.com rather than discussing in a public forum like Facebook.
  • 9 września o 13:54 · Edytowany · Lubię to!


Jim Fulner was the Libertarian Party’s candidate for U.S. Congress in Michigan’s 9th district in 2012. He received 6,100 votes, or 1.8%. Fulner is the currenty secretary of the Libertarian Party of Michigan. At the 2012 Libertarian National Convention in Las Vegas, Fulner nominated Ernest Hancock for the position of LNC chair. Fulner considers himself to be a pro-life libertarian.

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