Libertarian Party of Kentucky Releases September 2013 Newsletter

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The link to the newsletter was posted on September 4th on the Libertarian Party of Kentucky Facebook page:

Welcome to hundreds of new people
Welcome to those of you who are new to this newsletter!
As a result of our outreach efforts in August, we have added hundreds of new contacts to our monthly mailing list. If you’re one of those new people, we welcome you!
This mailing goes out once per month, and you can always unsubscribe using the link at the end of this email, if you want to leave the list.  We hope that you’ll find this email informative of what the Libertarian Party of Kentucky, usually referred to as LPKY, is up to.
We’re also working toward making these newsletters more locally-focused over the long-term, as well. So as time goes on, you’ll see more about what’s specifically going on in your part of the state.
First 2014 Candidate Declares Intent
Libertarian David Patterson declared his intent to run for US Senate in 2014 as a Libertarian on Saturday, August 17th, at the annual “Nothin’ Fancy Farm” event held in Richmond, KY.Patterson had served as the Vice-Chair of the State Party from March of this year, until his resignation from the committee on Friday the 16th. He resigned in order to seek the office.

David is known to many in the Bluegrass Region (6th District), and has announced his intent to use the time between now and when signatures can start to be collected (November 6th of this year) to reach out to other Libertarian groups throughout the state.

If you’re considering a run for any office in Kentucky, get in touch with your most-local leadership — whether that’s county or district level.  It’s easy to get started, and there are a lot of small, winnable, partisan offices out there!  As with any office sought from within in the party, the party will not play favorites. Our primary will be held in March of 2014, after which the party will get behind those elected to run as a Libertarian!

LPKY reaches out to hundreds of thousands
LPKY ran multiple booth events in August.  We had successes reported from each of the events.
At Fancy Farm, some of our 1st District members set up a “rogue” booth at the event.  The local party leadership had tried to reach the organizers multiple times, and were not successful in getting the organizers to return their attempts at contact.  The rogue booth caught the attention of the organizers and the public alike, and we’ve been assured that we’ll be able to have a spot at future events. Fancy Farm is one of most — if not the most — important political event in Kentucky.  Libertarians have been shunned from these events in the past, but as we continue to grow, we are becoming a force that cannot be ignored.
At the Boone County Fair, our general outreach was very successful. Despite being a heavily-Republican county, we were very successful at finding old and new Libertarians in the area. Many Republicans stopped by just to say “Ditch Mitch”, which we found to be very humorous and agreed with them. We handed out hundreds of LPKY tri-folds, Libertarian bumper stickers, and other goodies like Reason magazine, tri-folds from Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), material and stickers from, and copies of the latest issue of Ballot Access News.  Best of all, several people re-registered to vote as a Libertarian! The event was well-planned, well-executed, and successful, thanks to Cristi Kendrick of the Boone County LP, who did the bulk of the work to plan our presence at the fair.
At the Kentucky State Fair, we faced a new challenge; staffing a booth for 11 days in a row, including during the work week, during work hours. We succeeded.  About 1,000 LPKY tri-folds were given out.  We ran LPKY completely out of Libertarian bumper stickers. We helped fair-goers understand where we stand on issues.  We had a couple of law enforcement officials come up and tell us that they agreed with us on everything, including the War on Drugs (and we gave them LEAP material in return). There were over 100 people who took the World’s Smallest Political Quiz. We took several voter registrations, and many others filled out their card on-site and took it home to mail it in themselves. All in all it was a good event with great outreach.  Thanks to Laine Nunn (D2 Vice Chair) for organizing the event, and Jon Bartels (former D3 Chair) for letting us use his house as a materials staging area.
If you have some cash to spare, we could really use some financial help to cover the costs of all of the events we’ve done this year.  We’d really like to do them again next year, but that can only happen if you help.  Please help us bydonating today. And as always, a huge “thank you” to all of those who have already helped contribute to these projects.
Declare your candidacy
Now is the time to start considering running for office next year.  And there are lots of good reasons to run for any office.  They all have some control over your life.
With the rise in dissatisfaction with government, it’s easier than ever to build support for a legitimate campaign. Libertarianism is on the rise, and your campaign could bring in many new Libertarians into the movement.  And, if you win, you can positively affect your community or Kentucky.
There have been 4 people who have inquired about running for US Senate.  This race is heating up now, so now is the time, if you want to jump in, to do so.  However, there are many other important offices to seek.
At this time, no one has inquired or declared for US Congress, yet 4 of our 6 US Congressmen voted against the Amash Amendment which would have reeled in the NSA and helped restore the 4th Amendment.
Our State Senators and State Representatives haven’t done much to protect us from encroachment by the Federal Government.  Our pension debt keeps ballooning.  There are multiple bureaucracies, created by Frankfort that can only be reeled in by Frankfort.  Our taxes are allowed to be increased by 4% per year, with no recourse. Over the course of a decade, that compounds into a whopping 52% increase in tax revenue!  Who else gets a 52% raise over a decade?
Our counties have plenty of elected offices, too. Some are corrupt to their core. Others just don’t really represent the people.  Some take that aforementioned 4% increase every year, even though with some planning they wouldn’t have to.  Some appoint bureaucracies.  Some get to decide who gets arrested and/or prosecuted for what crimes.
The point is that now is the time to get ready for 2014.  You can’t start collecting signatures until November 6th, but you can lay the groundwork for your campaign now.  If you don’t know where to start, contact State Chair Ken Moellman by email or by phone at 859-652-3575.
Platform Committee starts work
The Platform Committee had their second conference call on Sunday, August 11th.  It was reported by committee chair Frank Harris that progress continues.
The goal of the committee is to create a simple platform that embodies the ways we can create a better environment for liberty here in Kentucky.
Frank Harris has said that he has 2 positions left open on the committee, and that if anyone would like to join the committee, they should contact him.
New Issues Committees
LPKY’s 6th District has been incubating has several issues committees, and they’ve been doing some great work. Each committee has been formed to focus on particular issues.  But these issues aren’t limited to just the 6th District — they go throughout the state.
Clean Water Committee — Lead by Marla Vice, this committee is current engaging in a full investigation of the pollution of the Licking River by Kentucky and Federal government, because of sloppy toxic waste removal.
Hemp Action Committee — Lead by Brandon Rowe, the Hemp Action Committee is all about promoting Industrial Hemp in Kentucky.
Taxation Committee — Lead by Shannon Denniston, the committee investigates the way our state calculates and collects taxes at the county and local level, and works to hold local taxing entities accountable.
Interested in getting active in an existing issues committee, or perhaps in starting a new one?  Contact Bryan Short, who is the Chair of the overall Issues Committee in addition to his role as 6th District Chair.
August 2013 LP Voter Registration Stats
Here are our latest numbers showing that the LPKY is growing much faster than our ‘Old Party’ competition. We thank everyone who has registered Libertarian as we make the push to 5000.
Between July and August of 2013:
Democrats increased 0.03%
Republicans increased 0.26%
Libertarians increased 2.96%
Annual growth has been great, as well. Between August of 2012 and August of 2013:
Democrats increased 0.93%
Republicans increased 2.95%
Libertarians increased 37.91%
We need this trend to continue. Many still don’t know how to register to vote as a Libertarian. If you’re not sure how to register Libertarian, you can find that here.
NOTE: Kentucky law did not provide for tracking voters who sought to be registered as Libertarian, until January 1, 2006. The party first bought a copy of the statewide list in September of 2006 (the first data point), and has purchased copies in 2010 and 2012. LPKY continues to monitor and report our progress as we grow our numbers statewide.
We need donations
2013 might have been our best outreach year ever. We worked many outreach booths, which gave us exposure to hundreds of thousands of Kentuckians.  We’ve been quite successful at finding new Libertarians, and helping others see why we’re the best answer to the problems faced by Kentucky, the US, and the world.  But it takes money to fund these operations.
At this point, we do not have enough money to do this again in 2014. That’s why we need your help!
It’s very easy to donate. And in fact, the best way to help is with a recurring monthly dontation.  These recurring donations help us keep a known-income monthly budget, so we can help plan their future events.
Even if you can’t do a monthly donation, a one-time donation will help.
It’s easy to donate.  Simply go to our donation page on the LPKY website.
We thank you in advance for your help in spreading the Libertarian message!
Fixing registration problems across the state
There have been a number of complaints lately of people who have tried to register to vote as a Libertarian and have simply been entered into the voter database as a generic “Other”.  As such, the LPKY has been working since the end of March to get these problems solved.  LPKY identified easy-to-spot problems in 15 counties, and has been working with those counties to resolve the problem.
It would be a huge help if you can take a moment to complete the process at the end of this Newsletter to check your registration.  Just let Mark Gailey or Ken Moellman know if you are incorrectly registered.  Please, do not fix these problems on your own.  We need to know and work with the clerk, so that we can ensure that similar mistakes aren’t made for other people in the county, as well.
County Party Build-out Continues
This is the year to focus on building our county parties. All politics are local and your voice is louder at the local level. Starting a county party is easy.  You just need tocontact your District Party and tell them you’re interested in helping get one started.
Current county parties:
Boone County- Formed 2012
Campbell County – Formed 2012
Jefferson County – Formed 2008 (incorporated in 3rd District Party)
Kenton County – Formed May 2013
Counties with coordinators:
Grant County – Coordinator named June 2013 (Brandon Simpson)
Madison County – Coordinator named August 2013 (Brett Allen Clark)
Montgomery County – Coordinator named August 2013 (Shannon Denniston)
Pendleton County – Coordinator named June 2013 (Ame Vanorio)
Trimble County – Coordinator named June 2013 (Mary Harmon)
Counties in-progress:

Christian County – Coordinator nominated June 2013.

Counties with expressed interest, seeking a coordinator:
Daviess County
Fayette County
Gallatin County
Laurel County
Marshall County
Oldham County
Want to see your county added to the list? We’re looking for volunteers at every level of the party, we’re just waiting for you to tell us that you’re ready to take an active role in the party. Just contact your District Representative on the LPKY website.
Service Exemption work continues
Our County Parties have begun to distribute LP door hangers, to spread the word about our party to people who vote, but are registered as an unaffiliated “Other” or as an “Independent”.  The goal is to find new members, and potential new voters for our candidates.  About four and a half hours of work can be substituted for annual membership dues.
This exemption is open to anyone.  If you are interested in taking advantage of either of these opportunities, you will need to work through your District Chair to get a list from which to work.  You can contact them on the LPKY contact page.
1st District News (Western/Purchase area)
Thursday, September 19th – Business Meeting
The 1st District LP will be moving their meetings to Thursdays, as Fridays have been bad for a number of our members and potential guests. This month will be held on the 19th, and in the future we plan to meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month.
The meeting will continue to be held at the Calvert City Library, 23 Park Rd., Calvert City, KY 42029 at 6:15PM Central Time.
The 1st District LP recently ran an outreach booth at the Fancy Farm picnic. We made our presence known, and that we’re not going away.  Thanks to those who volunteered, and to those who stopped by.
If you want to get involved with the LP and help make a difference locally, now is the time to get involved. If you’re interested in getting involved in your county, please contact 1st District Chair Easton Sanders.
2nd District News (BG, E-town, O’boro)
NOTE: All times are listed in Eastern time.
Tuesday, September 24th – 2nd District / Hardin Co Business Meeting
The 2nd District LP will now hold quarterly business meetings.  The next meeting will be held in September, in conjunction with the Hardin County meetup. Hardin County Libertarians hold their meetings on the last Tuesday of every month at 6:30PM Eastern Time at Beef O Brady’s, 2413 Ring Road, Elizabethtown, KY. If you live in the 2nd District we hope you can make it. Come be a part of your Libertarian Party!
County Organizations
If you’re interested in getting involved in the LPKY in your county, please come to the meeting.  If you have any questions, please contact 2nd District Chair Joseph Redmon.
3rd District News (Louisville)
Tuesday, September 17th – Business / Social Meeting
Starting again in September, LP Louisville will be back to meeting on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at Against the Grain Brewing Company, 401 E Main St, Louisville, KY, at 6:30PM. There shouldn’t be interference from any baseball games (except maybe a reschedule).  It is a good venue with good service.
Come out and be a part of your Libertarian Party, the only political party that consistently advocates liberty.
New 3rd District At-Large named
At the August meeting, the members of the LP Louisville group voted to make James Fahringer the new At-Large Representative of the group.  The position had previously been vacant, and James has graduated from college and returned to Louisville.  While in college at NKU, James also helped found the Norse Libertarians and served on the Executive Committee of the Campbell County Libertarian Party. We welcome James back home!
Please contact 3rd District Chair Chris Roberts if you have any questions about activites in the 3rd District.
4th District News (Northern Kentucky area)
The 4th District LP is focused on building County Parties throughout the District.  The party has started in Northern Kentucky, but is now branching out.  If you’re interested in getting something started in your area, please contact Acting 4th District Chairman Joe Szeremet.
Friday Sept 6th through Sunday Sept 8th – Mainstrasse Oktoberfest
We wind down the fair season with Oktoberfest. This is a great, local event that draws in a whole lot of people.  Our outreach at this event was very successful in 2012, and we have new material for 2013.  Come out and visit, or work a shift with us.
Tuesday, September 10th – Kenton Co Business Meeting / LPKY 4th District Meeting
Please arrive before 6:30PM or between 7:10 and 7:15 at Chez Nora, 530 Main Street, Covington, KY.
4th District business meeting starts at 6:30PM, ends at 7:10PM.  The 4th District Party will vote on some requested leadership changes, discuss current progress made in forming affiliates, and discuss recent outreach events. We’ll also discuss any other potential counties that want to have someone step up to become a coordinator.
Kenton County business meeting begins at 7:15PM, ends at approximately 8PM.  All LP Kenton business will be open for discussion.  LP Kenton Chair Chris Shivner will lead the meeting.
Wednesday, September 11th – Campbell County Business Meeting

Join us at the Campbell County Fiscal Court building at 1098 Monmouth Street, Newport, KY.  For this month only we will be meeting on the 3rd Floor at 7PM. We will be back to our regular location and time next month. 
Prior to the meeting, the Northern Kentucky Forum will be holding an even in the Fiscal Court Chambers (our usual meeting place), titled “Are Public Libraries Still Valid in the 21st Century?”. This event starts at 5:30PM. We encourage you to attend this meeting and then stick around for our business meeting at 7PM.
After the meeting, the group usually adjourns to Shortneck’s on Monmouth for a social hour.
Tuesday, September 17th – LP Boone County Meeting
The Libertarian Party of Boone County now holds their monthly business meetings on the third Tuesday of the month at 7PM at Stringtown Bar & Grill, 255 Main St, Florence, KY 41042.  Phone: (859) 371-8222.
The Libertarian Party of Boone County will be voting on leadership changes, and preparing for the 2014 election cycle.  If you live in Boone County, come join us for good conversation and to help us grow liberty in Boone County.
Other Counties
Grant, Pendleton, and Trimble counties now have official county coordinators.  Their job is to help set up a county affiliate party in their respective counties. If you live in one of these counties, the county chairs would love to hear from you!
And if you don’t live in a county with a party or a a coordinator, we’re looking for more coordinators around the district. Are you ready to help organize your county?  Contact 4th District Vice Chair Joe Szeremet.
5th District News (Eastern KY)
We’re now seeking people willing to take leadership positions in the 5th District Party.  The LPKY hierarchy requires a District Party to exist before County Parties can be affiliated.
We have supporters scattered throughout the district, from Somerset to Pikeville, and we need to get some people connected.  We’re working on using conference calls and email to try to put this together.  If you’d like to take a local or regional role in the party in the 5th District, please contact 5th District Coordinator Krystal Freeman.
6th District News (Lexington / Bluegrass Region)
Recent leadership changes
Madison County – Coordinator named August 2013 (Brett Allen Clark)
Montgomery County – Coordinator named August 2013 (Shannon Denniston)
Marla Vice named LPKY 6th District Secretary
Libertarian presence felt at Nothin’ Fancy Farm
We had a healthy contingent of Libertarians from around “the triangle” (Lexington, Louisville, and Northern KY) at the Nothin’ Fancy Farm event.  As usual, the speeches went long, but we all had a great time.  Everyone left with full stomaches, and good attitudes. Thanks to all who came out to flex our Libertarian muscles, and we look forward to seeing you there next year.
Wednesday, September 11th – Business Meeting
This next meeting will be held at Cosmic Charlie’s, 388 Woodland Avenue, Lexington, KY at 7PM. Come join this enthusiastic group as they build the LP in the 6th District.
We’re still seeking more County Coordinators, as well as others willing to take a role with their local county party, to help build the next chapter of LPKY in counties in the 6th District.  Contact 6th District Chair Bryan Short for more information.
Get Involved Today
We have a few things that we’re asking everyone to do immediately, to help us grow the LPKY. The very first step is becoming a member of LPKY. Three simple steps can help grow the LPKY significantly.  Our website has been updated to help walk you through this process.
  1. Pay dues or donate to the LPKY
    • Unfortunately, money is the mother’s milk of politics. We use this money to grow the party and to fund basic operations like the website.
    • We treat donations like they’re our money — we never waste your gracious donations.
    • Our goal is to push the bulk of donations and dues from our members to the lowest level of operations for LPKY in your area.
    • We encourage the monthly donation plan. We, of course, prefer the 1798 Club level, but even $10 per month helps us tremendously. It helps LPKY create a budget and know our future income levels, so we can plan to fund future outreach events.
  2. Sign up on the LPKY website or update your information
    • If you haven’t signed up on our website, please do so here. Part of this process includes taking the Oath of non-initiation of force, which states that you reject the initiation of force as a means of achieving your goals.
    • If you’re already signed up, please use the link at the bottom of this newsletter to be sure that your information is correct — especially your home address. As we get more organized, newsletters will become more specifically directed, and we’ll be looking to get people more in-touch and involved in what’s going on in their local party.
    • Let us know what you can do to help the LPKY grow in your area. What are you interested in?
    Sample Registration Card
  3. Re-register to vote as a Libertarian
    • Re-registering to vote as a Libertarian helps the LPKY find out where our supporters are, throughout the state. We need to get 5,000 people re-registered as Libertarians state-wide.
    • This task is made more complicated because the Voter Registration form does not explicitly mention “Libertarian”. In order to register Libertarian, you must mark “Other” and then write “Libertarian” on the line behind “Other”.  See an example card here.
    • Then you need to check your registration status about 2 weeks later on the Secretary of State’sVoter Information Center. If it just says “Other”, please let Ballot Access Committee Chair Mark Gailey know this immediately.
We appreciate your help! If you can also recruit one other person to do this as well, it willreally help grow the party.
Check Your Voter Registration
Are you registered to vote as a Libertarian?  If not, you should be!
  • As our numbers increase, so does our influence and our ability to fight to get our liberties back.
  • When we collect thousands of signatures on petitions to get a candidate on the ballot, we can’t easily find you for the “easy signature” if you’re not registered Libertarian.
  • When we have a candidate in your area, we can’t easily let you know if you’re not registered Libertarian.
  • And one of our long-term goals is to have enough registered Libertarians in an area where the petitions are completed entirely with only signatures of registered Libertarians.  This opens some doors later on down the road to hopefully avoid petitioning altogether.
But not everyone is being registered correctly!
VIC Example
Some county clerks aren’t registering our people correctly.  We have worked with about 15 counties so far, but we need your help to identify more.
You can check your current voter registration status here.  If you’re registered incorrectly,please let Ballot Access Committee Chair Mark Gaileyknow first! We need to track this and make sure all Libertarians are properly tracked.
Contact Database Cleanup Continues
Our contact database is in desperate need of cleanup, and the redistricting process provides us with the perfect opportunity to do it.
At the bottom of this message, you will see a link for Unsubscribe or Update your Profile.  Please use that link.  Cleaning up your profile will help us make sure you end up in the correct email list for your particular US Congressional District.


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