Evan Falchuk: Seek True Leadership in Politics



(The following was a letter written by United Independent Party gubernatorial candidate Evan Falchuk to the Worcester Telegram&Gazette.)

President Kennedy had a remarkable ability to envision and articulate a future that was better than the present. If he could visit America today, I think he would find it surprising how devoid of meaning and inspiration our public life has become, and how little confidence people have in our leaders.

According to the Pew Research Center’s “Trust in Government” report, at the time of JFK’s inauguration almost 75 percent of Americans trusted government to do the right thing “all or most of the time” – but as of October 2013, that number was down to 19 percent.

Can this change?

I believe beginning to fix things lies in getting back to the basics of what America is all about. If we don’t trust our government, and if we believe that the problem is the people we elect, then the answer is pretty straightforward: elect new, different people.

Massachusetts has a set of important elections coming up in 2014, not least of which is the race for governor. I believe it’s time for us to look at political campaigns in a new way, as a kind of long, public job interview, and choose those candidates who show that they have the frank, pragmatic traits needed to take on truly difficult issues, and create a bold, new future for ourselves in the process.

This kind of leadership still exists. Our challenge is to find it in the people we elect. That will be the great contribution we can make to our country.



Editor’s note: The letter writer is an independent candidate for governor of Massachusetts.

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