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Fearing Outrage, Azusa Pacific College Cancels Libertarian Scholar’s Speech

Charles Murray

Found in the newsletter from the Libertarian Party of Ventura County

Azusa Pacific University, a private, Christian University in Los Angeles, California, canceled a planned address by famed libertarian scholar Charles Murray out of concern that his talk might upset “faculty and students of color.”

Murray, a political scientist and libertarian intellectual, is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. For months, he was scheduled to give a speech at APU on Wednesday. But APU President Jon Wallace abruptly canceled the planned speech, insisting that the campus was not yet “ready” to hear what Murray had to say.

According to Murray, an APU faculty member told him that Wallace was worried Murray’s speech might hurt the feelings of minority students and teachers.

Murray has written novels on the subjects of race and IQ. Though the work is considered controversial to some, it is well researched, and devoid of malice, he wrote:

The task of the scholar is to present a case for his or her position based on evidence and logic. Another task of the scholar is to do so in a way that invites everybody into the discussion rather than demonize those who disagree. Try to find anything under my name that is not written in that spirit. Try to find even a paragraph that is written in anger, takes a cheap shot, or attacks women, African Americans, Latinos, Asians, or anyone else.

Murray encouraged Azusa students to read his body of work and decide for themselves whether it it is something from which they need protection.

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