Young Mayoral Candidate Gives Interview, Speaks Against the Duopoly

Alex Fidel is running as an Independent for mayor of Encinitas, which is a coastal town north of San Diego. He was one of the two young men who worked very hard with Christina Tobin of Free and Equal to put on the United We Stand Festival in May of this year.

Here is the article that features his interview.

4 thoughts on “Young Mayoral Candidate Gives Interview, Speaks Against the Duopoly

  1. paulie

    Hi Jill, thanks for the article and I agree with your opinion, but please remember that we are supposed to confine our opinions to comments, not articles.

  2. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    Hmmm, a young man to watch was a bit too editorial, huh? It really wasn’t an endorsement, but I get your point.

  3. paulie

    Whether an interview is good or bad (in your headline) is an opinion/value judgement. So is which candidates are ones to watch (you even say, in this writer’s opinion). Again, I agree with you, but unless we decide to change IPR policy, which I would honestly not mind, the rules are not to put that into articles, only comments, unless you are Warren or unless we vote unanimously as a group.

    And even then, I have requested that Warren identify his personal editorials as such, as opposed to IPR editorials, and so far he has been OK with accomodating that request.

    I’ve also brought up changing the policy in IPR comments, and in the group emails, and so far the consensus has been not to change it each time it has been discussed.

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