Nicholas Sarwark, New Chairman of the Libertarian Party, Speaks at the Office Grand Opening

Nicholas Sarwark, the Libertarian Party’s new chairman, chaired the quarterly meeting of the Libertarian National Committee this past weekend. They met in Alexandria, Virginia. On Saturday evening, there was an event to celebrate the grand opening of the new office recently purchased by the LP. Here is his speech:

Here is his report for the first quarter of his term:

Chair’s Report – 6/30/14 – 9/15/14

Populated IT Committee.

Appointed Chair of Affiliate Support Committee.

Gave a number of interviews.

Spoke at the Colorado Liberty Conference.

Directed the placement of a statement in the Oregon Voter Guide against Top Two.

Gave an interview to anti-top-two group in Oregon and took official position against
Top Two as part of their coalition.

Signed on to coalition letter opposing NSA spying.

Sent letter to Governor Brown of California in support of ballot access reform bill

Calls and written correspondence with major donors.

Wrote columns in LP News and The Libertarian Leader.

Engaged with candidates and LP members on social media.

Responded to LP member correspondence regarding official positions and

Mr. Sarwark is an attorney who currently lives in Littleton, Colorado with his wife and soon-to-be three children.

20 thoughts on “Nicholas Sarwark, New Chairman of the Libertarian Party, Speaks at the Office Grand Opening

  1. Nicholas Sarwark

    Thank you MG, though Mr. Sarwark is fine, I find Dr. overly puffed for a mere lawyer.

    Kevin, not as long as it’s unofficial. It’s cool though, Dems do the same thing. Their official logo is a stylized D in a circle, while everyone knows them for the kicking donkey.

    Revised logo and branding will be addressed during my term, but not until after the upcoming election. Focus, execute, then move to the next project has always worked better for me than trying to do everything at once. (Though I rely on Mr. Benedict to remind me of that, since I sometimes ask to do everything at once.)

  2. Kevin Knedler

    Oio went ahead with porcupine because as the LP grows in Ohio, we were going to need an “animal” to match wits with the Elephant and Donkey. Better we created something, vs allowing others or the media to brand us with something we don’t like.

  3. paulie

    I like the porcupine too.

    BTW what is the status of the Ohio lawsuit? Any movement on that or dates when decisions are expected?

  4. Kevin Knedler

    Paulie. Story on front page of Back to court next week. Should know the final answer in next two weeks. Just awful the ballot access in this state. We’ve been fighting this for ten years now. K

  5. George Whitfield

    Thank you Nicholas for serving as our Chairman and delivering an energetic and motivating speech. I am glad we have our own office space now that will help us better use our financial resources for campaigning.

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