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Green Davis removed from Philadelphia ballot despite court ruling

10436665_1441864652746979_7297081253872166852_nGreen Party of Philadelphia chair Glenn C. Davis has been removed from that city’s November ballot for city commissioner, Ballot Access News reports, “on the grounds that he didn’t have enough signatures.” Davis plans to appeal the ruling.

BAN says the judge “was not moved by the fact that last month, the procedure for checking signatures had been held unconstitutional as applied to Green Party nominees. Immediately after the ruling, the judge announced that he is retiring effective immediately and that this had been his last case.”

On July 24, a a U.S. District Court struck down Pennsylvania’s challenge procedures as applied to the Constitution, Green, and Libertarian parties.

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  1. NewFederalist NewFederalist August 18, 2015

    So much for the rule of law!

  2. Steve Scheetz Steve Scheetz August 19, 2015

    The major parties are saying F%$^ YOU, You cannot and will not stop us, not now, not ever!

    There is only one way to stop those who would use force and fraud to achieve their goals, but it involves work, and it involves motiving the people to stand up and scream: “NO MORE!”


    Steve Scheetz

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