Kanye West for President?

So, tonight at the Video Music Awards, Kanye West announced he’ll be running for President.

In 2020, that is. He didn’t say what party he’ll run with, but we can start planning, can’t we?

10 thoughts on “Kanye West for President?

  1. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    Seriously, I don’t think this is any more absurd than Donald Trump running for President.

    And, c’mon everyone: wouldn’t it be fun to have Kim Kardashian as First Lady?

  2. Bondurant

    This ruined my night. I’m even watching They Live and this was enough to kill my buzz.

  3. Dave Terry

    If Hillary runs for President and wins, would she still be the “first lady”???
    Would Bill become the “First Gentleman” or continue to be “Mr. President”,
    as all FORMER Presidents are referred to.

    If they are introduced together, would they be referred to as Mrs. & Mr. President?

  4. Andy Craig

    Hillary already has two titles- Senator and Secretary of State- which supersede Fmr. First Lady in precedence.

    “Mr. / Mrs. / Madame President” is only used as a form of address, not a third-person reference as an introduction. In formal introductions, you use the current title, so: “The President and First Gentleman of the United States.” But when speaking to him directly (and formally), you would still call Bill “Mr. President.”

  5. Andy Craig

    to clarify: “The President and First Gentleman” would be Hillary + Bill, not using both titles for Bill.

  6. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    So, I guess the Democrats are claiming him. I read that a tweet was made from the official Democratic site that said: “Welcome to the race, Mr. West. Glad to have you “.

  7. langa

    …wouldn’t it be fun to have Kim Kardashian as First Lady?

    She would certainly be the best looking First Lady in my lifetime, and probably ever (though I suppose you could make a case for Jackie Kennedy).

  8. Andy Craig

    Even though Obama called him a “jackass,” he’s campaigned for and endorsed Democrats, including Obama in 2012, the Dems for Congress in 2014, and Hillary in 2016.

    Short of digging up his voter registration form, it seems safe to say his status as a Democrat is not in doubt.

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