Libertarian Party: Help Choose Theme for 2016 Libertarian National Convention

Libertarian PartyFrom a Libertarian Party email blast:

Our Convention Committee wants your help selecting a theme for the 2016 Libertarian National Convention. We’re also raising funds to cover some early expenses in preparation for the convention.

Help choose the convention theme and provide early funds by clicking on the theme that you like the most, and by making a donation in support of that theme.


Defending Liberty
Eternal Vigilance
All Your Freedoms
Advancing Liberty
Winning Now
Lighting Liberty’s Flame
Legalize Freedom
None Of The Above (NOTA)

After donating, click here to see how much has been raised for all themes.

Donations towards a particular theme are not intended to be returned if that particular theme fails to win. The deadline for voting is Friday, October 9, at 11:59 p.m., unless the deadline gets extended. We’ll let you know before that deadline if we plan to extend it.

The 2016 Libertarian Party National Presidential Nominating Convention will be held in Orlando, Florida, Friday, May 27 through Monday, May 30. Details on registering early will come soon, but please go ahead and put the dates on your calendar.

Thanks for your help preparing for our 2016 convention.


Wes Benedict, Executive Director

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About Caryn Ann Harlos

Caryn Ann Harlos is a paralegal residing in Castle Rock, Colorado and presently serving as the Region 1 Representative on the Libertarian National Committee and is a candidate for LNC Secretary at the 2018 Libertarian Party Convention. Articles posted should NOT be considered the opinions of the LNC nor always those of Caryn Ann Harlos personally. Caryn Ann's goal is to provide information on items of interest and (sometimes) controversy about the Libertarian Party and minor parties in general not to necessarily endorse the contents.

62 thoughts on “Libertarian Party: Help Choose Theme for 2016 Libertarian National Convention

  1. Caryn Ann Harlos Post author

    Well I tried and it said there was a problem. I have to go back to work, will try again later.

  2. paulie

    No money to throw at the moment but the ones I like are:

    All Your Freedoms
    Advancing Liberty
    Lighting Liberty’s Flame
    Legalize Freedom

  3. Truthiness

    How about: “Not every Libertarian is a fascist, goat sacrificing, animal blood drinking, name changing, pro-eugenics lunatic like Augustus Invictus. Some of us are just well meaning gadflies.”

  4. Joseph Buchman

    It’s never gotten better than, (give me) “LIBERTY OR DEATH.”

    It’s time the American people woke up to that simple element of natural consequences. God knows we have evidence aplenty to prove it to even the most dense.

    Problem is, we seem to have a nation of dependent zombies now with over 50 percent now getting government funds.

    I’d be okay with LIBERTY OR DESTRUCTION. That’s equally true and perhaps less offensive/triggering/upsetting to the zombies.


  5. Losty

    How About:

    What The Hell, Why Not?

    Ron Paul, Please Pick Up the Nomination Phone.

    What Else do you have to do this weekend?

    The 600 Person National Debate Club

    Go Home Oregon, You’re High…

    Go Home Rich, You’re Drunk.

    Hey, We need to do something with this logo…

  6. Andy Craig

    Though for the record, I don’t think NOTA is actually a good theme. It has some potential, as in a reference to the Ds and Rs, but there’s also the problem that NOTA is a real option on all the ballots that delegates will be voting on. There is, at least purportedly, an organized effort for NOTA to “win” the presidential nomination. There has been, in the past, successful efforts for NOTA on internal party offices (ahem, Nick.) So I don’t see how the theme of the convention, all of the branded materials etc., could be “None of the Above” any more than it could be “Gary Johnson 2016”.

    Seems like setting up a bunch of needless controversy and problems. I’m hoping LNC doesn’t actually plan to go through with that (as of right now, it’s tied for the most donations.)

  7. Jill Pyeatt

    I’d like to have something reinforcing the peaceful nature of Libertarians, something along the lines of Wrights’ “Stop all war”.

  8. paulie

    Agreed w/ AC about NOTA. I did not realize that was being suggested literally as a slogan, I thought it meant “come up with some better ideas.”

    Such as:

    Everybody must get stoned…

    Well, maybe that would be more appropriate for the Constitution Party 🙂

  9. Andy Craig

    “”Agreed w/ AC about NOTA. I did not realize that was being suggested literally as a slogan, I thought it meant “come up with some better ideas.””

    Good point. Now I’m not sure which it is.

  10. Caryn Ann Harlos Post author

    I took it literally.

    Now I am not so sure either.

    I vote for the goat.

  11. Andy

    Joseph Buchman

    October 6, 2015 at 3:27 pm “Problem is, we seem to have a nation of dependent zombies now with over 50 percent now getting government funds.”

    I think that one of the biggest mistakes made in this country’s history was allowing government employees, and anyone in general who gets money from the government, from voting. People who receive things from the government should not be allowed to vote or to take part in politics.

    Look at all of the people in this country who are on various forms of welfare, or who work in government, or who contract with the government. The vast majority of these people vote for their government checks.

    If the people who receive “goodies” from the state could not vote, or take part in politics, the big government Democrats and the big government Republicans would not be able to raise very much money, or get very many votes, and this county would be a lot more free right now than it is.

    The fact that there are so many people in this country who do not really want freedom is what led me to come up with the Libertarian Zone concept.

  12. paulie

    None of the Above is on the list as a theme itself.

    Bad idea, especially since NOTA may be an active campaign in the presidential nomination and/or chair races etc.

  13. Nicholas Sarwark

    Bad idea, especially since NOTA may be an active campaign in the presidential nomination and/or chair races etc.

    I heard he’s resting on his laurels after the big win in Vegas in 2012.

    Going out on a high note.

  14. paulie

    I wouldn’t be too sure. My sources tell me she is lining up delegates for something or another as we speak. Could be chair, could be president…I don’t have all the information yet.

    Maybe “we need a ruling of the chair” should be the actual convention theme. Not as pithy as “vote for the goat” but it may be more reflective of what will go on there…

  15. Mark Axinn

    >How about “Give us more of your money.”

    Isn’t that already the Republican Party slogan?

    We could use “Give us the Goat.”

  16. Caryn Ann Harlos Post author

    But what if the ruling of the Chair is to vote for the goat?

    I would pay a lot of money for that.

    Here are some more…..

    All your goats, all the time.

    Don’t waste your goat.

  17. Wang Tang-Fu

    Baaaaaaah Humbug

    Defending Goat Sacrifice
    Eternal Goat Sacrifice
    All Your Goats
    Advancing Goat Sacrifice
    Goat Sacrifice Now
    Lighting Goats on Fire
    Legalize Goat Sacrifice
    None Of The Above (NOTA)

  18. Caryn Ann Harlos Post author

    Jed, that goat supports Austin Petersen. The NAP is for kids.

    (God the puns are getting bahhhhd)

  19. Mark Axinn


    That video is hilarious. The guy with the goat-cam should get the A-goat-admy Award.

  20. Caryn Ann Harlos Post author

    It finally let me contribute… whatever issues I was having yesterday. Stopped.

  21. Bob Dobbs


    A One-Way Ticket To Bob

    cutting us all some Slack

    Believe in Bob

    Prevent The Sale of Earth

    Start Fornicating As If Your Very Life Depended On It

    Nattering Nay-bobs of Negativity Nitpicking Normality

    Top O’ The Mornin’ To Ya

    Can’t We All Just Get Along?


    Goat Blood Vaccinations Mandatory For All Who Can Read This (Posted Inside, Only Viewable Once Past the Armed Guards)

    The Singularity Is Near


    We’re Really Classical Liberals

    Support COINTELPRO; Inform On Yourself!

    Elaborate Daryl Bonner Fundraising Pageantry

    Dey Terk Er Jerbs!

    Over Every Small Conspiracy, There Is A Larger Conspiracy

    Please Don Your Tinfoil Hat (This only makes sense if tinfoil hats are provided, gratis. I know that the LP doesn’t want to divert money from Daryl Bonner, but this might be at least as worthy a cause.)


    (I didn’t feel like putting quotes around all of them. Can you do me the favor of doing so?)

  22. NewFederalist

    I propose that the goat become the official party symbol. The porcupine never caught on and the Liberty Penguin… well enough said. I am being totally serious. This could work!

  23. NewFederalist

    BTW, the goat sure beats the hell out of the tory torch with the Donald Trump hair!

  24. Caryn Ann Harlos Post author

    Looks like it raised $600 so far, I put some more on the other one I liked. I like this targeted fund-raisers much more… though this was not really so, if I understood it directly as it didn’t imply these are earmarked funds for anything. The fun aspect sucked me in, though I am pretty much in the future going to limit my giving to earmarked campaigns (I think… I haven’t canceled my monthly yet…. ) primarily to express my unhappiness with the rebranding budget.

  25. paulie

    Wang Tang-Fu
    October 7, 2015 at 2:26 pm
    Did we milk the goat dry already?

    William Saturn
    October 7, 2015 at 2:38 pm
    Give GLAS (Goat-Libertarian Alliance Strategy) a chance?

    Wang Tang-Fu
    October 7, 2015 at 2:43 pm
    GLANS Goat-Libertarian Alliance with National Socialists!

    It appears that we have indeed milked the GLANS dry.

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