Avens O’Brien Interviews Charles Peralo, Candidate for Chairman of the Libertarian Party

Charles Peralo

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“Outsider” Chair Candidate Speaks About New Tech for the LP, Candidates, and the Importance of Local Politics

By Avens O’Brien
April 26, 2016

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In my speech to the Libertarian Party of Minnesota in mid-April, I asserted that I had come back to the Libertarian Party after spending a few years avoiding the Party in favor of other liberty activism. As 2016’s presidential race heats up, with three interesting viable top tier candidates from the LP itself, the Party has a chance to determine its direction in a few different ways: the national convention over Memorial Day Weekend will present an opportunity for delegates like myself to vote not just for our Presidential nominee, but also our Chair and other Libertarian National Committee positions.

Though there is plenty of media about our presidential hopefuls, I opted to learn a bit more about each of the four men running to be Chair of the Libertarian Party. I am conducting interviews with each candidate, and may, at the end of the fourth, have an endorsement (or not, let’s see how they do). This is the first of four interviews.

I spoke to Charles Peralo and learned a bit more about his candidacy.

Peralo is the youngest person (at least, this time around) running for the Chair position of the LNC. He was born in New York City and lives there now, but grew up in the Catskills. His father was a doctor of orthopedic surgery. Peralo says his parents were fairly non-political, but at 14 years old he began developing an interest in public policy and particular causes he started exploring online. He took to social media to organize meetups in his city related to Bitcoin, Seasteading, and other passions, eventually becoming one of the co-founders of the website BeingLibertarian.com.

Peralo’s professional drive was to be an inventor and entrepreneur. His first LLC was setup at the tender age of 17, and he filed his first patent the same year. His first startup was a project called Streable, developing software for better interactive blogging, and during the financing raise he became very involved in Bitcoin. Peralo purchased his first Bitcoin at $1, and watched the price rise. Bitcoin has been one of his major focuses the last two years, as well as nurturing his latest startup, called Pivot Foods.

Peralo’s engagement with libertarian-ish politics itself began in 2011 and 2012, supporting Gary Johnson and Ron Paul, both as Republicans. He’s supported Ron Paul and Rand Paul’s bids for the presidency. Originally hopeful for the liberty caucus in the Republican Party, Peralo saw that rise of Trump as the fall of Republican viability, and formally joined the LP of New York in the autumn of 2015.

I asked him a number of questions about his plans for the Party, and his perspective on the LP. Below is the text of our Q & A.

Read the interview here .

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  1. Caryn Ann Harlos

    Good interview Avens – look forward to the rest.

    The technology comments were spot on. The fusionism comments were…. To put it mildly – not spot on.

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