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Exclusive interview with Constitution Party presidential candidate Don Grundmann

Dr. Don Grundmann

Originally published at the American Third Party Report on April 6th, 2016:

On April 2nd, I emailed Constitution Party presidential candidate Dr. Don Grundmann fifteen interview questions. Today, Dr. Grundmann, a longtime Constitution Party activist, emailed me back his responses. The Constitution Party presidential nominating convention will be held April 13th-16th, 2016 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

1) First of all, could you provide some background information about yourself?

I am a Doctor of Chiropractic in San Leandro, California. I was born in Oakland and have lived in California entirely except for 2 years in Denver at an asthmatic hospital. I am single with no children. I began my political activism in Operation Rescue to save children from being killed by the child mutilation we know as abortion. I subsequently began to oppose what I now call the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement through filming the North American Man-Boy Love Association ( NAMBLA ) marching in the San Francisco ” Pride ” Parade. After beginning my filming I formed a group called ” Citizens Against Perversion ” to question how a group of professional child molesters could march in a civic parade and gain the implied endorsement of the civic figures ( Mayor, judges, Police Chief, etc. ) who also marched in the parade. Having been registered as a Democrat through following my father in his union activities I joined the Republican Party due to the promotion of the child killing/mutilation of abortion and perversion/sodomy by the Democrats.

After campaigning for the State Assembly as a Republican in 90, 92, and 94 I joined the American Independent Party in 97 due to the lack of Republican action against the fraud, corruption, and criminality of the income tax and the Federal Reserve System.

2) How long have you been active in the Constitution Party? Do you currently hold any leadership position in the Constitution Party of California?

I first joined the American Independent Party, the former California affiliate of the Constitution Party, in 1997 and have been a member since that time until my reregistration in the Constitution Party of California. I am currently the state recognized Chairman of the Constitution Party in California which I founded in 2010. I founded the CP in California after an alliance of the Republican Party ( its ” Establishment ” ), the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the Anti-Defamation League through their agents attacked the national CP by attacking the AIP. This attack, which I have documented, was the deliberate filing of fake documents, a criminal act known as fraud, with the California Secretary of State office by what I refer to as the ” Robinson Crime Syndicate ” which consisted of Markham Robinson, Mark Seidenberg, and Ed Noonan, the former Chairman of the AIP who, while handpicked for the post by Bill Shearer, subsequently totally betrayed him and destroyed his lifes work by his attack upon the CP and AIP.

I was the last legally elected Chairman of the AIP.

3) Do you feel that your late entry into the CP presidential race will hamper your chances of victory? If so, do you see the possibility of yourself acting as a spoiler candidate?

I feel that in a proper process I would have an equal opportunity to present the value of my candidacy to all of the delegates for their consideration and that based upon my experience and ( especially ) my stands on the important issues of this time I will win the approval of the delegates to be their best representative of the principles of our party to the nation. Hence I do not perceive myself as, or have any plan to be, a ” spoiler.” With these things being said the nominee of the party may already have been decided as Darrell Castle will be nominated from the floor and will accept the nomination.

4) If you win the nomination, what are the four or five most important issues you will campaign on?

If, by Divine Providence, I am blessed/fortunate enough to be chosen as the nominee I will concentrate on 3 primary issues although there are of course many additional areas of vital importance to our nation –

A) I will propose a national ban on the mutilation of children to become so-called ” transgender.” As I describe on my website of the mutilation of children is part of an attack against the children of our nation which is designed to destroy its Christian foundations and replace them with the religion of Humanism/Satanism. There are many horrific consequences for our nation as a whole if we allow this monstrous attack upon our culture by the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement to go unchallenged inclusive of, within 3 generations at most if not 2, the complete shattering of our nation due to the shattering of the children of our nation. My article, ” They will start recruiting your child in kindergarten,” describes the attack of the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement on the children of our nation.

B) I will call for a national campaign to challenge and end the racism of Planned Parenthood – the biggest, as has been documented at, killer of blacks in the history of the nation. I will call upon my party to be the only party in the nation to defend blacks against the racism of what I refer to as ” The Plantation Masters ” who both created and control Planned Parenthood. I will call upon the black population to come off of the Democratic Party Plantation since it has been the main political force against the blacks of our nation throughout our national history inclusive to this moment by their 1,000%+ support of the racism of Planned Parenthood – the greatest enemy and killer of the black population in the history of the nation. The Constitution Party will become the greatest defender of blacks in our nation by its opposition to their greatest enemy and killer, Planned Parenthood, and associated frauds such as Black Lives Matter – an organization created to foment race conflict within the nation, in addition to attacking police, and draw attention away from the genocide performed by Planned Parenthood against the black community. The Constitution Party will work to free the black population from the fields of the Plantation Masters where they are now chained in mind, soul, and body.

C) I will work to expose the fraud/lie/scam of so-called ” Climate Change/Global Warming ” ( CC/GW ) which in fact has nothing to do with so-called ” saving the earth ” but is instead a massive Social Engineering plan for implementing global government/slavery by imposing a carbon tax on humanity to pay for the formation of what is known as the ” New World Order ” – the global slavery which the Plantation Masters plan to impose on humanity.

The sky is NOT falling as CC/GW is a complete fraud/lie but tyranny/slavery is coming as we can see in the recent beginnings of a collective attack by Democrat Attorney Generals throughout the nation as they seek to criminalize any dissent or opposition to the Social Engineering Lie of CC/GW. Disobedience to the Plantation Masters by opposing their Social Engineering lie will not be allowed as billions of dollars are at stake in the success of The Lie. Free speech rights be damned as opponents of The Lie will be relentlessly attacked. We have arrived, in many ways and illustrated by all 3 of these issues, in the ” 1984 ” of George Orwell.

5) What are your views on Islam? Do you believe that most Muslims, just like most Christians, Jews, atheists, etc., are peaceful people?

Muslims can indeed be peaceful people but the Koran is not dedicated to peace but rather to war – jihad. It gives 3 choices to anyone who is not a Muslim – A) convert to Islam; B) refuse and ( possibly, if they let you live ) be allowed to pay a tax to your Islamic rulers; or C) be killed for your refusal to convert.

Rational Muslims, such as King Abdullah of Jordan or President Sissi of Egypt, can join humanity in reaching for progress for all people. ” Medieval ” Muslims will follow the Koran and wage jihad against humanity with the objective of killing anyone who refuses to submit to the slavery inherent in, and demanded by the Koran, Islam. The ” caliphate ” which they seek to build on the bodies of millions killed will be the end of civilization; the same situation which can be found wherever their killing machine is established. Hence we must restrict immigration from Muslim countries and of Muslims themselves as the Koran is inherently an anti-humanity and anti-civilization book. As can be seen in Europe ( and indeed throughout history ), the rise of Islam means the end of civilization but it only rises because it sees the weakness and cowardliness of the West; a situation which encourages Medieval Islam to ” go for the kill ” in its attack against humanity because it knows we are too weak, due to our rejection of Christianity, to resist.

6) When it comes to the conflict between Israel and Palestine, do you have sympathy for either side, or is this situation one that the U.S. should stay out of completely?

As demonstrated by their attack against the U.S.S. Liberty, which resulted in 38 killed and 172 injured, and in numerous other incidents Israel is not to be trusted but neither is the Palestinian side as they have no possible way of building their nation due to their complete dedication to killing Israelis. They are a culture dedicated to death, totally incapable of building a lasting society, and hence can never have peace in any fashion. We should stay out of this conflict except for minimizing, to the greatest degree possible, the killing which will occur in the conflicts between these 2 parties as such conflicts can ” spill over ” into harm for other nations of the world such as Hillary Clintons destabilization of Libya, by killing Ghaddafi, was the impetus which led to the current refugee crisis in Europe and the deaths of countless people as a result of her corruption.

7) Do your economic views fall in line with the Austrian school of economics, or are you a believer in protectionism and tariffs? How can the U.S. keep good paying jobs from being outsourced overseas?

Taken to its logical conclusion so-called ” Free Trade ” would result in the virtual total abandonment of manufacturing in our nation as we would continually be outsourcing the production of even our most basic necessities ( such as shoes as only one example ) to the lowest cost producer. Hence we could claim that we were ” saving consumers money ” by sending all of our manufacturing to Mongolia; a situation which would produce the massive and ever increasing trade deficit which we are seeing. This is an inherently unstable situation which must inevitably fail much less due to the stress of special conditions such as war where we would be reliant upon our enemies, such as potentially China, to produce our most basic needs such as boots for the soldiers or rare earth metals needed for the basic functioning of our most sophisticated electronics.

Our nation was nurtured by protectionist policies which stopped the strangulation of our basic industries in the infancy of our nation via tariffs which protected us from economic warfare conducted by our enemies such as Great Britain at that time. Such policies allowed us to grow into the economic powerhouse of the world.

” Free trade ” sounds good in theory but in reality nations use the theory as a shield to hide their manipulations of the economy; i.e.; their economic warfare against our nation.

The first duty of the government is to protect the nation and citizens from attack. I believe that this definitely also includes economic warfare.

8) If you do not secure the Constitution Party’s presidential nomination, would you run for the party’s vice-presidential spot?

If the nominee considers me to be of value in advancing the principles of the party in our nation I would be happy to aid in that endeavor.

9) Would you consider yourself to be either a Christian nationalist or an American nationalist? Is nationalism a dirty word, or is it a concept that should be celebrated?

I do not consider the terms to be mutually exclusive and indeed consider them to be intimately connected. More than ever before the Christian foundations of our nation are under open attack as the enemies of Christianity are attempting to replace those foundations with their complete opposite; such being the Religion of Humanism/Satanism. This is the generating motor behind the attack of the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement upon the nation. Nationalism is a concept which should be celebrated as it is the direct opponent of what is referred to as the ” New World Order ” – the attempt to assimilate the nations of the world into a ” One World Government ” under which all of humanity, including our nation, will be slaves ( even more than we already are ). I hence can consider myself to be a Christian American Nationalist.

10) If memory serves me right, and please correct me if I am wrong, at the 2012 Constitution Party national convention you cast your six California delegate votes for Virgil Goode, enabling Goode’s first-ballot victory with just 50.37% of the vote. Mr. Goode endorsed Donald Trump not so long ago and is no longer active in the Constitution Party. In retrospect, do you regret your decision, or do you feel that you made the right call?

At that time I cast my vote for Virgil because I was attempting to head off what I considered a very very bad occurrence/event happening to the party if I did not vote as I did. I did end up stopping that event ( which I will not discuss the nature of ) from occurring and hence am glad to have accomplished that objective although my vote did deny Darrell Castle, an extremely excellent and outstanding person and candidate, from obtaining the nomination. I am sorry that this occurred but I perceived that it was necessary to stop the infliction upon the party of what I felt to be a potentially party destructing event from occurring.

I have not communicated with Virgil since a campaign event shortly after the convention and was unaware of his actions which I consider regrettable.

11) You once regularly posted comments on the Independent Political Report, where you became known for your hard-line opposition to homosexuality. In your view, why is it so important to be against those of a same-sex orientation? From a strictly religious standpoint, do you consider homosexuality to be a sin, and if so, are homosexuals precluded from God’s eternal salvation simply based on their orientation and sexual practices?

I have heard the comment countless times of ” why are you concerned with what people do in their bedroom?” Of course the answer is that what I refer to as the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement obviously has no intention of keeping their actions behind closed doors but are rather part of a massive multi-million dollar and multi-year Social Engineering program to overthrow the Christian cultural and social values of our nation and replace them with their Humanist/Satanism Religion opposite.

I first heard many years ago ( during the term of Art Agnos as Mayor of San Francisco ) that a group of child molesters known as NAMBLA ( North American Man-Boy Love Association ) were marching in the ” Pride ” ( in sodomy but actually anti-shame ) Parade and hence took a camera to film if such a thing were true. I subsequently filmed NAMBLA marching in the parade for about 5 years and have gained additional insight into the reality of the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement since that time.

Bottom Line – Homosexuality is an emotional pathology which results from the collapse of the family; most specifically from the resentment/hatred of a child against their parents with special emphasis upon the father. This condition has NOTHING to do with physical DNA; i.e.; genetics; but is instead due to the contamination of spiritual DNA; i.e.; the soul of the child. It is a form of emotional retardation where normal/healthy human bonds cannot be formed due to the soul pathology of the carrier of this soul infection.

The spread of the pathology throughout our culture comes from the attack of ” Cultural Marxism ” upon our nation; i.e.; a coordinated attack against the pillars of our society and culture – family, religion, education, and nation – in an attempt to destroy our nation by destroying the culture. Critical to this attack is the feminization of men and the masculinization of women; to destroy the nation by producing social retards who cannot by any possibility build a family of healthy children much less build a nation or even keep it functional. Cultural Marxism demands that true men must be destroyed so that any resistance to slavery under the Plantation Masters will be eliminated. Whenever we see anyone supporting the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement for any reason we are seeing the success of the Social Engineering program of the Plantation Masters to break down ( feminize males and masculinize females ) and crush any possible resistance to their developing Empire.

Our constitutional republic was, as John Adams stated, built for a moral and religious people. He was referring to Christianity. It cannot function with, and will self-destruct under, Satanism/Humanism which is the automatic religion of sodomites as no sodomite ( there is no such thing as ” gay ” ), lesbian, transgender, etc. can ever partake of Salvation since the inherent polarity of their soul, due to their infection with the soul sickness/virus of homosexuality, is incompatible with The Creator. You cannot tell The Creator to ” go to hell,” via your refusal to repent of your sin ( which includes homosexuality ) and then claim that you will be accepted into His Eternal Glory.

Sodomites are not ” born ” but ” manufactured ” via their resentment/hatred of their parents. Again, they suffer from contamination of their ” spiritual ” DNA, NOT their physical DNA.

There can never be any such thing as a Christian homosexual as the terms are, and will always be, mutually exclusive.

Our nation, a Constitutional Republic, was not founded, and could never be founded by nor even be sustained, by sodomites. No true civilization can be maintained when predominated by the philosophy/religion of the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement which is that of the Marquis De Sade; the absolute mortal enemy of the nuclear family and the healthy children which can only be raised on its foundation. As the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement is the mortal enemy of the traditional family it must be opposed at all and any opportunity/possibility; not only for the survival of our nation and civilization but for the survival and recovery ( of their soul ) of the singular afflicted pervert.

True Christian love requires that we oppose the soul death of the afflicted pervert by opposing their soul pathology so that they may be reconciled through their repentance to their ( and our ) Creator. Hence to accept the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement in any way is both a lie to, and a betrayal of, both the singular afflicted pervert and our nation and its future as a whole; most specifically the children of our nation.
12) The American Independent Party of California, which was the Constitution Party state affiliate until 2008, is now completely independent of the national party. Will there ever be a chance that the AIP will reunify with the CP? Is there any way that the Constitution Party presidential nominee will be placed on the California ballot in November?

The AIP is still, and will always be, under control of the Robinson Crime Syndicate; now consisting of Markham Robinson, and Mark Seidenberg; which filed the original fake documents with the state to accomplish their literally criminal action of breaking the AIP from the CP. As I have documented at; their entire action; as agents of a Triad of the Republican Party Establishment, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the Anti-Defamation League,; was to stop the CP from being a future potential threat to the Republican Party. Hence why would they ever put a CP candidate on their ballot line UNLESS he was known to be part of their Syndicate and/or supportive of their TRUE goal of destroying the CP? The ONLY reason they invited Virgil Goode to their phone booth convention was to have the pleasure of denying him the nomination in person; i.e.; giving him an in person ” thumbs down ” as the ” Caesar ” Robinson fancies himself to be.

The ” hit ” on the CP was ordered at the highest levels of the Republican Party. It was a process that unfolded over years as the entire reason for Seidenberg and Robinson to join the party was to kill it; their intention from the first second that they joined. They were ALWAYS agents of the Triad/Syndicate; waiting patiently for the moment when they could put a knife in the back of Bill Shearer.

13) An April’s Fool’s day IPR article published on April 1st, 2015 lampooned both you and Wisconsin Constitution Party chairman Riley J. Hood. Are you familiar with any of Mr. Hood’s views, and if so, do you agree with them? Is Mr. Hood a theocrat, and for that matter, are there any theocratic elements present in the Constitution Party? Is Biblical law more important than constitutional law, and do you believe in the separation of church and state?

Theocracy – a system of government in which God or a diety is held to be the civil ruler.
Fact – There is no such thing as a non-religious human being. Even atheism and agnosticism are religious beliefs.

Hence there is no such thing as ” separation of church and state ” and there never can be. The phrase was written by Jefferson only to emphasize not having a state recognized church as in the Church Of England.

There are ” theocratic elements ” are in EVERY political party including the Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, Green, Peace and Freedom, and Constitution parties. The point of contention is that in all of the parties except for the Constitution and the non-establishment wing of the Republicans the ” theocratic elements ” are believers in the Religion of Humanism/Satanism.

Whenever anyone complains about ” theocratic ” elements the English Translation is that they want to replace Christianity with their own Satanist/Humanist religion.
Biblical law IS more important than constitutional law as it is what constitutional law is based upon.

I greatly appreciate the diligent work of Mr. Hood to defend his state and our nation as a whole.

14) What are your thoughts on your fellow rivals for the Constitution Party nomination, including J.R. Myers, Tom Hoefling, and Scott Copeland? What makes you more qualified than them to represent the Constitution Party as its standard bearer for the 2016 election?

A) I only know Mr. Myers from reading various posts/commentaries from him over several years. I have long admired his diligence and perseverance in working to build up the party in Alaska.

B) I only know Mr. Copeland from scanning his website and reading a few of his comments at various internet locations.

C) Mr. Hoefling was the campaign manager for Alan Keyes in 2008 when he failed in his first attempt to destroy the CP by getting its Presidential nomination which was followed by ” Plan B ” – the deliberate filing of fake documents with the State of California by the Robinson Crime Syndicate in order to fulfill Keyes goal of destroying the CP. The ” America’s Independent Party ” which he then created was built on the AIP; i.e.; as a result of a criminal action. After a falling out among the demons involved the A’sIP morphed into the ” Americas Party ” which Hoefling leads.

If Hoefling values the CP then why not simply fold his party into it a long time ago since it was started on the basis of a criminal act against the CP?

Perhaps he has done so but I have never heard any condemnation by Hoefling of the criminal actions taken by his friends against the AIP and the CP.

He mentions that he was the AIP Presidential candidate but I knew he, and not Virgil, would be their candidate simply because A) they will reward their friends, no matter how small a role they may have taken in the assassination plot against the AIP and CP, and B) they wanted to personally deny Virgil their ballot line so as to have the enjoyment of ” putting it to ” the nominee of the party which they have always been dedicated to destroying.

I believe that my policy positions and principles will position the CP to be the last stand for Constitutional principles and our Christian cultural foundations which it should and must be.

As all of the other parties, with the exception of the non-establishment portion of the Republican Party, will have abandoned the field of battle to the rulership of the ” 1984 ” Plantation Masters over our nation and humanity as a whole the Constitution Party represents the one of the last fighting forces for our nation to survive the tidal wave of evil which seeks to crush it and our citizens for all time.

I represent those principles and the war plan, led by the CP in the political realm, needed to turn the tide and defeat the Plantation Masters in their multi-faceted attack against our nation and its future.

15) Lastly, where can readers go to find more information about your campaign?

My current website, which is still under development as of this moment, is

I have a YouTube series entitled ” USA vs Sodom Inc.

An additional website is

My upcoming website article regarding the racism of Planned Parenthood will be entitled : Letter from a White Guy to Black Americans – You are Chumps.

I would like to sincerely thank Dr. Grundmann for granting ATPR this interview. -Krzysztof Lesiak

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I've been a contributor for IPR since January 2013. I consider myself to be a paleoconservative. I'm also the founder of American Third Party Report. Email me at


  1. Don Grundmann Don Grundmann April 8, 2016

    Quirk – Your above comment is yet another confirmation of your own bigotry against – A) The CP, as Robinson, Noonan, and Seidenberg filed the fake documents with the state but you STILL, even years later, blame the CP for the division of the party and let the criminals ( your friends ) get off with zero complaint about their literally criminal actions; and B) healthy/normal people as you ( yet again ) jump to the defense of the sodomites no matter what they do.
    Yet another demonstration of what a laughable joke your so-called ” unity ” campaign was. You were ( as time continues to affirm ) never a conservative, nor a Christian, to begin with and had zero intention of truly uniting the conservative movement but rather used your clown campaign as a base for your bias and bigotry to attack true conservatives who you opposed and support the ones, including criminals like Robinson and Seidenberg, that you agreed with.
    Hoefling could do exactly as I described but you, still and forever being a fool, blame the CP.
    Years later and you are still in the toilet.

  2. itdoesntmatterttomuch itdoesntmatterttomuch April 7, 2016

    I find it interesting that a dude who looks older than my grandfather has managed to survive this long single with no children and has such passion for fighting the homosexuals and abortions.

  3. Cody Quirk Cody Quirk April 7, 2016

    “…After the phone call, the prospective candidate felt like the caller really didn’t want him to run.”

    My apologies; apparently I overestimated the intelligence & political common-sense of the CP’s approach and tactics.

  4. Cody Quirk Cody Quirk April 7, 2016

    “If Hoefling values the CP then why not simply fold his party into it a long time ago since it was started on the basis of a criminal act against the CP?”

    Apparently this homophobic (and possibly closet-homosexual himself) dumbass thinks such a process is that simple when in fact it is not, and in fact he and the CP elite were/are the main causes for the minor-party Right still being fractured and divided; as they are too hostile to the idea of such.

    I had to learn this the hard way, even though it did show me that the LP & Libertarianism is the true alternative ideology and answer to the twin-evil parties.

  5. William Saturn William Saturn April 7, 2016

    It wasn’t about the rhetoric. After the phone call, the prospective candidate felt like the caller really didn’t want him to run.

  6. Cody Quirk Cody Quirk April 7, 2016

    Interesting development. Likely the typical rhetoric among CP’ers, especially Grundmann, is the possible cause of such a missed opportunity.

  7. William Saturn William Saturn April 7, 2016

    Someone high up in the party was charged with calling a prospective candidate on the phone to invite him to the convention and seek the party’s nomination. The prospective candidate had interest in running for the nomination. I don’t know what exactly was said during the phone call but afterwards the official said the prospective candidate wasn’t being serious and the prospective candidate (based on what he told me and not a direct quote) was offended.

  8. Mark Seidenberg Mark Seidenberg April 7, 2016

    William Saturn,

    With out naming names, what are your writing about?

  9. William Saturn William Saturn April 7, 2016

    I’m not going to name names, but someone in the party blew an opportunity to get a big name to run for the nomination by insulting the man over the phone.

  10. Mark Seidenberg Mark Seidenberg April 7, 2016

    Cody Quark,

    By my records Don Grundmann last date on the AIP State Central Committee was on September, 2, 2008.

    I have not found any documentation that Don Grundmann was on the AIP State Central Committee before 2002. Since Prop. 198 was in effect during the primary election of 2000, Don Grundmann could not of been a “nominee delegate” to the 2000 AIP Convention. He was however a “nominee delegate” to the 2002 AIP Convention.

    It looks like there are two lines of Officers within the “Constitution Party of California” , viz. Don Grundmann as chairman with mommy Grudmann as Vice Chairperson and Secretary. The other Chairman is Gary Odom.with Nathan Johnson as Vice Chairman and David Christenson as Secretary.

    Charles Deemer the Treasurer and a National Committeeman of the Constitution Party of California has formed a Political entity of no form with the mother of Gary Odom, viz. Marilyn Stevens, at the time she
    was registered with the American Independent Party, and is calling it the “Independent Party”. Deemer
    and William “Bill” Lussenheide (who was a Republican until October 24, 2008) are suing the California
    Secretary of State over not approving the name “Independent Party” as the designation of that entity
    of no form.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Chairman, American Independent Party of California

  11. Trent Hill Trent Hill April 7, 2016

    Castle will not be nominated. I’m quite sure of it.

  12. Cody Quirk Cody Quirk April 7, 2016

    Sorry, misread the comment, haha; I just woke up right now.

  13. Cody Quirk Cody Quirk April 7, 2016

    1970’s? The CP didn’t come into existence until 1992 and until then was the U.S. Taxpayers Party until 1999.

    Don is not the only CP’er with such views & approaches, however.

  14. Jim Polichak from Long Island Jim Polichak from Long Island April 7, 2016

    WOW! When l studied the Constitution back in the 1970s it didn’t seem to say any of the things Grundmann finds there. I’m going to have to sit down with it this evening and read it again. We’re there amendments being passed that I missed?

  15. Krzysztof Lesiak Krzysztof Lesiak Post author | April 7, 2016

    “With these things being said the nominee of the party may already have been decided as Darrell Castle will be nominated from the floor and will accept the nomination.” – Don Grundmann

    Interesting, this is the first time I’m hearing of this. I thought Castle pulled out due to health reasons.

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