McAfee/Weiss- Libertarian Party Presidential and Vice-Presidential Candidates’ Newest Video and Convention Event

From Judd Weiss Facebook Page:

We have a voice, yet Americans are led to believe we must support this façade of lies and force we know as politics.

The political process doesn’t move our world forward. We advance through technology and the pursuit of our vision for a better life.

Let us embrace our voice, let us exit.


This is our 4th video for the John McAfee / Judd Weiss campaign for the Libertarian Party Presidential Nomination.

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This is also our last video before the Presidential Nomination at the Libertarian Party Convention in Orlando. If we win the nomination, there are many powerful campaign videos and marketing to come. Otherwise it ends with this.

This video also announces our bold plans for the Libertarian Convention, including a Voice & Exit Festival Pre-Party the night before the Presidential Vote, FEATURING Govinda! In 2022 people will still be kicking themselves that they were not here for this.

Check out the Facebook Event for all the details:

The final segment of the video was compiled entirely from segments of Voice & Exit promotional videos. The creators of Voice & Exit were a little startled by this video, but I assured them this video is a tribute by a very enthusiastic fan, not connected with Voice & Exit officially.

The choppier first half of the video that begins when the static starts was created in collaboration with Assembly Line Entertainment (I’m not that skilled of an editor). I created the rest of the video alone.

To win the Libertarian Party presidential nomination, right now we need people willing to be DELEGATES at the Libertarian Party National Convention in Orlando Florida during Memorial Day weekend. If you are interested, please fill out this form, and we’ll walk you through becoming a delegate at the convention.

If you’d like to join our team and volunteer with our campaign, fill out this volunteer form, and we’ll loop you in:

We need all the help we can get, we want to do amazing things. You can donate here to help us, thank you:

Read my letter explaining why I’m supporting John McAfee as his VP running mate:

Join our campaign Facebook Group:

Check out the 1st McAfee/Weiss campaign video “Be A Libertarian” here:

Check out the 2nd McAfee/Weiss campaign video “Vote Different” here:

Check out our 3rd McAfee/Weiss campaign video “War Is Hell” here:

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About Caryn Ann Harlos

Caryn Ann Harlos is a paralegal residing in Castle Rock, Colorado and presently serving as the Region 1 Representative on the Libertarian National Committee and is a candidate for LNC Secretary at the 2018 Libertarian Party Convention. Articles posted should NOT be considered the opinions of the LNC nor always those of Caryn Ann Harlos personally. Caryn Ann's goal is to provide information on items of interest and (sometimes) controversy about the Libertarian Party and minor parties in general not to necessarily endorse the contents.

4 thoughts on “McAfee/Weiss- Libertarian Party Presidential and Vice-Presidential Candidates’ Newest Video and Convention Event

  1. Freudian slip

    My grandson watched this video and started having seizures. We just spent the whole night in the emergency room. I hope you’re happy John McAfee. I will never ever vote for you.

  2. Darcy G Richardson

    Seizures can be triggered by a number of things. In this case, it most likely had nothing to do with the recent McAfee video and more to do with the extreme emotional distress — one of the most common reasons for seizures — that comes with being related to somebody like you.

  3. Jim Polichak from Long Island

    How about more coverage of the two minor parties that will probably be on the ballot in all fifty states?
    The two major parties are about to nominate the two most disliked candidates in polling history. Many people will go to the polls in November trying to chose between the lesser of two evils.
    A Libertarian ticket of Gary Johnson and Bill Weld {two former GOP governors} has more executive experience than Trump and Clinton has together and Jill Stein of the Green Party speaks to the most important issue of this century. What good is a tax cut if your home is underwater {Literally, not figuratively}.
    The American vote has a right to know more about how their presidential options extend beyond the two major parties.
    The presidential debate commission run by the two parties since the League of Woman Voters gave up trying to run fair debates have set an almost impossible standard for minor party candidates to achieve for a podium at the debates – 15% in five different national polls to be chosen by the debate commission.
    Most news organizations have gone along with this standard as an excuse not to give a reasonable amount of coverage to minor party candidate thereby assuring that it is all but impossible to achieve that polling number.
    Two former governors challenging a reality TV star for the presidency is certainly a story that should be covered by the media on at least a weekly basis.
    And a champion of the environment and foe of global warming has to be at least as newsworthy as the obstructionist and naysayers who declare that the jury is still out on global warming.

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