Jill Stein challenger, promising contested Green Party convention, says Stein has been “flagrant in violating voter rights”

The Green Party’s national convention starts tomorrow in Houston, Texas, and continues through August 7th. Jill Stein has earned enough delegates through state conventions and primaries to be declared the party’s presumptive presidential candidate, and selected her running, Ajamu Baraka, on Monday. However, she is facing four challengers (only one of whom, Bill Kreml, is officially recognized by the Green Party). One of those challengers, Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza-Curry, appeared on the RT program Watching the Hawks today and, bemoaning the lack of black people within the party, previewed the convention, and did not hesitate to criticize Stein, saying the Harvard educated doctor’s campaign has been “flagrant in violating voter rights.” (From the Watching the Hawks YouTube channel, August 3rd).

(Via American Third Party Report)

18 thoughts on “Jill Stein challenger, promising contested Green Party convention, says Stein has been “flagrant in violating voter rights”

  1. T Rex

    If memory serves, this idiot woman said she was going to “round up” all guns during the last Green Party debate. She’s crazier than an outhouse-residing rodent.

  2. Joshua Fauver

    What a load of crap. It’s so sad to see Sedinam doing this ridiculous crap. The suggestion that there is somehow a racist undertone in the party and it’s leadership is absurd. In 2008 we nominated two women of color for our presidential ticket. In 2012 we had a woman of color as our vice presidential running mate. This year Dr. Stein tapped a man of color as her running mate. The Green Party is by and large the most inclusive party in the USA today. No other party is as committed to fighting for racial equality. No other party is calling for reparations for slavery and for native peoples. Only the Green Party is.

    Sedinam is upset that she’s not the nominee, I get it. But to suggest that because neither she nor Elijah are our nominee is evidence of racism is patently absurd. Sedinam is just full of sour grapes.

    One of her complaints is that the party didn’t dictate to state parties that all candidates be invited to address them. I’d submit that it is incumbent upon the candidate to take their case to every party. Was she reaching out to every party and their leadership to organize a campaign event? I’d imagine not. It isn’t our national party’s jobs to tell state partys what they must and must not do in regard to presidential campaigns and candidates.

    I’d submit also, it’s ridiculous to suggest that Elijah should be our nominee because he is young and a person of color. Race and age do not entitle someone to the nomination of a party. That’s not how this works. Secondly, if our sites are set on looking like a serious political party and a serious alternative to the two corporate parties then we do not achieve that goal by nominating someone for president who is constitutionally unable to serve. That’s just insane.

    Now, we understand. She’s upset she lost. Anyone would be. But she’s doing herself and her party no favors by postulating “I lost so that means they cheated” to anyone and everyone who will listen or give her a platform. I think it’s highly unlikely that Jill runs again in 2020 and Sedinam could have positioned herself really well to take the nomination next time around if not for this mess.

    It’s sad to see her doing this and I think she’s woman of greater intelligence, character, and integrity than what we are seeing in this interview on RT. It’s a shame to see her doing this


    Reparations, that’s interesting. My 2Xggrandfather was wounded serving in the Union Army and was largely disabled for the rest of his life. How much in reparations does the Green Party plan to pay his descendants?

  4. Shawn Levasseur

    Wow. For a third party to have it’s convention so late is certainly a stumbling block that the Greens have given themselves. No wonder they aren’t on more ballots.

    Heck, some in the Libertarian Party are want to move our nominating conventions back from Memorial Day weekend to the fall prior to the election year (which we had done for a while a few decades ago).

  5. George Phillies

    The current claim is that he Green Party will hit 47 states this year. which is better than the LP in at least some recent elections.

  6. A.J.

    It’s questionable that Curry would meet the 14-year residency requirement since I understand she splits her time between California and Ghana.

  7. Austin Cassidy

    First, a political statement, if I may.

    OK, here we go.

    Kill, kill, kill the white man. Kill him until he is dead. Kill the white man.

    Thank you.

  8. johno

    She could join the New Black Panther Party if she doesn’t like the Green Party platform. Or, if she doesn’t like Dr. Stein. By the way Jill Stein is the only one who doesn’t have a white male as VP running mate. Go figure.

  9. Catherine Petro

    As someone who was deeply involved in the Green Party primary process, I can say with certainty that she is full of shit. Sedinam visited numerous state, county, and regional parties. Despite this, she complained with other state, county, and regional parties did not go out of their way to invite her. A major bone of contention was the Tennessee Green Party convention. Jill Stein’s campaign reached out to that state party and asked if she could address them, and they agreed. Sedinam was furious that she was not invited, despite the fact that Stein wasn’t either. Another bone of contention was that Sedinam was never running a proper campaign. She was ridiculously late filing anything with the FEC, and never reported any money she received. She also misfiled everything, reporting her treasurer as “DOE PERSON, JOHN UNKOWN.” This caused a problem with the California Green Party who wanted to host a debate in December or January with Green candidates for president with very simple rules: you basically had to file an FEC report and have raised over $5,000. Sedinam didn’t meet this requirement and managed to shut down the debate. She’s basically just been a major pain in the ass the entire primary.

  10. Starchild

    I agree this person doesn’t sound like someone likely to be seen asoffering much to match the appeal of Jill Stein from a Green perspective. But the Greens want to be the party of inclusivity, and Stein wants into the debates with the CLUMP and hopefully Gary Johnson, so it behooves them to let candidates like Sedinam debate.

  11. Starchild

    We have our share of, shall we say, poorly prepared candidates in the LP, but I always say let them debate. Have a multi-round debate, dropping less popular candidates each round.

  12. Catherine Petro

    And the Elijah Manley candidate she namedrops is a sixteen year-old kid who kept begging to run in the Green primary. HE’S SIXTEEN. Everyone was like, “He’s just a kid….” but Sedinam kept suggesting his race (he’s Black) was why he was not being allowed into the primary. Some states did let him sit in their conventions and he managed to get 10 delegates. Ridiculous. Sedinam has just been a major pain the entire time. She managed to get quite a few defenders (such as Kat Swift, now known as “Katja Gruene”) and they constantly blamed race for Sedinam’s lack of popularity (if you listen to her speeches, you’ll know why she’s not popular). Sedinam is also extremely anti-semitic, and she’s managed to spread quite a few rumors about Stein and “Jewish control” in the Green Party. Good riddance to her.

    And the above commenter who mentioned Sedinam’s residence is right: Sedinam not only claims Accra, Ghana as her residence, she often sometimes claims it as her birthplace (despite being born in California, she claims Ghana as the country of her “birth” because of distant ancestry or whatever). Not only does she maintain residence there, she also runs businesses there. If she were the nominee (and thank God she won’t be), this would cause her to be even less credible than she already is.

  13. Andy Craig

    The residency requirement in the Constitution has typically been interpreted (by commenters, not courts) as requiring one to have resided 14 years in the United States total during their lives, not necessarily the preceding 14 years consecutively, nor exclusively. It’s never really come up, because no President has ever not had a legal residence in the US within the 14 years before taking office. All of the ones who did spend time abroad, did so as diplomats or in the military, that is on government service while maintaining their original residency in their home states.

    From the description above it sounds like she maintains a residence and, presumably, voting eligibility in the US, and I’m sure that would be enough for any court that had to consider the question in a ballot access context. A more direct test case for the ambiguity of the Constitution’s text would have been McAfee, who resided exclusively in Belize within the past 14 years, neither having nor claiming any residency in the US during that time. Even in that case, it would likely be ruled that he’s lived at least 14 years of his life total in the US, and so meets the qualification.

  14. Elijah Manley

    As a response to those who don’t understand me or what I was trying to do: first, I’m Constitutionally able to run, that has been settled already. Done. Move in. Second, the reason I accused some party leaders of racism is because I received a phone call days before the convention, from a party leader, who told me that a few older white members were afraid of me attending the convention. Keep in mind, this was before the convention. I asked: why would anybody fear me? Why would anyone slander me? Of course I challenged white privilege in the party and racism, but I have never called the entire party racist. Nor have I called for racial violence against cops. I’m engaging you all in these comments, because as a warm-hearted but passionate person, I can’t understand why so much hate could come to me, just for running for president. BTW, I’ve been attacked by people, stalked by someone here in my hometown, and I have had a gun pulled on me once, as well as threatening phone calls/messages, just for standing up for my beliefs and progressive ideas, in a way that makes many uncomfortable. I can’t type all day, but I hope YOU will understand. I’ve traveled this country: every corner (except Washington state lol) and met thousands of my peers who thanked me for standing up for them and acknowledged my inspiration. I’ve heard their stories, and their economic struggles- both of which I share. This isn’t about me. This is about a generation that is about to disappear thanks to a generation that has ignored us. It’s easy to misinterpret or label a seventeen year old, but when you here it from him: their entire argument has been disarmed.

  15. SocraticGadfly

    Sad. Elijah, you weren’t constitutionally eligible in 2016, nor will you be in 2020. You may have a good message, but you’re not constitutionally eligible to be president.

    Andy Craig gets it right on Moyowasifza-Curry. She’s constitutionally eligible.

    As for other issues? Is the GP perfect on racial issues? No, I’ve seen problems here in Texas. OTOH, as Baraka has pointed out himself, having a paper caucus and declaring people members of it without checking their past GP history is ridiculous.

  16. paulie

    Wow. For a third party to have it’s convention so late is certainly a stumbling block that the Greens have given themselves. No wonder they aren’t on more ballots.

    Heck, some in the Libertarian Party are want to move our nominating conventions back from Memorial Day weekend to the fall prior to the election year (which we had done for a while a few decades ago).

    That would be a good idea. The CNN coverage or whatever we were hoping for when we moved it in the 90s has not panned out, there’s less time for the nominee to campaign and build momentum as the nominee, and more and more states are moving ballot access deadlines earlier.

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