Caledonian Record says “Vote Johnson”

The Caledonian Record has been published in St. Johnsbury, Vermont since 1837. On August 9, the Caledonian Record published an editorial urging its readers to vote for Gary Johnson, Libertarian for President:

We believe that Hilary Clinton is corrupt and made her fortune selling access to the halls of government. We think Donald Trump is borderline certifiable and as President would somehow cause a global catastrophe.

We think third-party candidate Gary Johnson is a viable option and worthy of your attention.

We like the Libertarian candidate across the board.

On Taxes: Today’s federal tax code does all the wrong things. It penalizes productivity, savings and investment, while rewarding inefficiency and designating winners and losers according to political whim. For far too long, tax laws have been used not just as a means to collect needed revenues, but as a way for special interests to penalize their competitors while subsidizing themselves. The result is a tax code that is more than 70,000 pages long, enforced by a government agency with almost 100,000 employees. As a result, our tax code has created a nightmare for the average American, while providing shelter for those with the means to manipulate it. Governor Johnson advocates for the elimination of special interest tax loopholes, to get rid of the double-taxation on small businesses, and ultimately, the replacement of all income and payroll taxes with a single consumption tax that determines your tax burden by how much you spend, not how much you earn.

The Caledonian editorial also includes an overview of Gary Johnson’s stands on Term Limits, The National Debt, Civil Liberties, Education, Abortion and Drugs.

Full editorial from the Caledonian Record @

6 thoughts on “Caledonian Record says “Vote Johnson”

  1. Tess

    That was a great endorsement. I loved that editorial- short & sweet and easy to remember.

    Can we convince the writer to talk to other newspapers across america? Perchance to persuade them to ‘ the other side?’


    Doesn’t the Caledonian know that Johnson campaign is all about burkas and nazi cakes?? Shame on them for not being up on the real issues.

  3. Shivany Lane

    Gary Johnsonson was on a Public Radio podcast/show called Freakanomics. It was actually quite interesting. He is finding himself being covered by many of the other places that would not normally have some of the bigger hitters and just getting his name out there is good.

    MSNBC includes him and Jill Stein now when they talk about Presidential Candidates.

    Note to Johnson’s media /messaging team… Get him on the Mark Marin show. He does a podcast in his garage which sounds jenky but trust me he hase a huge audience and he was even able to get Barack Obama on his show. Political podcasts have large listening audiences and they are the people who choose to listen to political things, rather than the average television viewer.

  4. Fuzzbean

    Apparently Johnson was endorsed for about a month without realizing it? Well, I wish my local newspapers would join this parade.

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