Detroit News Editorial:”A voice for free markets”

Gary Johnson may not know what Aleppo is — though after his embarrassing campaign gaffe we’re sure he’s figured it out — but he knows where the problem is in the American economy: The free market isn’t free.

The Libertarian candidate for president outlined his economic principles during an appearance at the Detroit Economic Club and at an editorial board meeting with The Detroit News on Wednesday. There were no dramatic new ideas for stimulating growth, no bold new plans for job creation. But his approach is bold and dramatic in its common sense simplicity. Johnson would get out of the way and let the markets work.

“I didn’t create a single job as governor of New Mexico,” Johnson says. “I created certainty.”

He did that, he says, by vetoing 750 bills, many of which would have added new rules and regulations. Certainty is the ingredient missing from the current economy. Federal agencies are choking off growth with rulemaking that limits the ability of businesses to make market-based decisions and involves the government too deeply in employer/employee relations.

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One thought on “Detroit News Editorial:”A voice for free markets”

  1. Barbara Cameron

    This is a discriminatory, undemocratic decision by the commission! Americans are due under the Bill of
    Rights the possibility of hearing each presidential candidate’s ideology and policies for the country.

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