Press release: Despite Exclusion from Hofstra Debate Stage, Jill Stein Will Participate in First Debate by Making her Case Directly to the American People


Hundreds of supporters of Dr. Jill Stein will be attending the venue of the first presidential debate at Hofstra. They will seek to escort Stein to the debate venue. If she is prevented from participating in the debate, supporters will hold a “People’s Debate” outside of the Hofstra venue. Some have pledged to engage in dignified non-violent civil disobedience as a way to protest the Commission on Presidential Debates.

During the televised debate, voters will be able to see Stein participate in real time using an unprecedented and innovative social media experience presented in partnership with Twitter on Periscope . She will also be livestreaming her responses via Facebook Live on her Facebook page. This online initiative will ensure that Stein reaches the largest audience reached by a third party candidate since Ross Perot was included in the debates in 1992. In effect, Jill Stein will use new media and technology to literally “insert” herself into the debate process.

The Stein/Baraka campaign agrees with 76% of US voters who, according to a USA Today poll, favor four candidates being included in the debate. They disagree with the Democratic and Republican controlled commission which is ensuring their parties do not have to debate other candidates.

(all times are approximate as there are many spontaneous factors that can change the timing)

4:30 Buses of supporters arrive at Hofstra

5:00 “Let Jill Debate!” demonstration begins

5:30 Dr. Stein holds “People’s Debate” outside Hofstra gates

Protests may continue until approximately 7:00 PM.

9:00 Dr. Stein participates in the debate in real time via Periscope and on Twitter and via Facebook Live on her official page . Watch parties across the country will be listed here:

Here is a link to the announcement .


15 thoughts on “Press release: Despite Exclusion from Hofstra Debate Stage, Jill Stein Will Participate in First Debate by Making her Case Directly to the American People

  1. Andy

    This is the kind of balls that Libertarian Party candidates ought to have, but do not, considering the majority of people who showed up at the last few LP national conventions were Libertarian Lites or LINOs (Libertarians In Name Only), so we ended up with the establishment bootlicker fake opposition ticket of Johnson/Weld.

  2. D. Thomas

    I also wish more Libertarians, myself included, had more guts like Dr. Stein and company. Can’t join them in NY, but I’ll try and join them elsewhere.

  3. Tony From Long Island

    Umm the Johnson / Weld campaign IS holding an event at Hofstra. Before you get on your anti-Johnson rant, let the tin foil hat tune in the station with the actual information you seek.

  4. Andy

    They have already said that they are not willing to crash the debates and get arrested, like Michael Badnarik and David Cobb did in 2004.

  5. Mr. Brown

    The Johnson response event is low production value streaming of his own answers, rather than taking advantage of Democracy Now!’s high production values, built in audience and appeal of a debate with Stein.

  6. Tony From Long Island

    Getting arrested doesn’t impress me or many others.

    I’ve been arrested. It ain’t fun.

    How’d it work out for Badnarik? He got elected, right?

  7. Tony From Long Island

    You just made my point. Thanks

    He doesn’t need to go be the big protester guy and get arrested. “Crashing” the debates is pointless.

  8. Mr. Brown

    The TeamGuv campaign has rejected a high impact Stein debate and decided to #letgarymasturbate instead on facebook live video.

  9. wolfefan

    Now that it’s all over, how much impact did Stein’s actions actually have? Did anyone watching the debate actually notice her or her supporters attempting to escort her inside?

  10. Thomas L. Knapp

    “How would a debate with Stein be ‘high impact?'”

    Democracy Now! is carried on more than 1,400 radio and television stations.

    The only plausible reason for Johnson to turn that down is the knowledge that Stein would whip his ass in public.

  11. Be Rational

    Gary Johnson may have another reason for turning down a Stein debate – he thinks that as a candidate she’s beneath him.

    He should get over himself and take the debate with Stein. They can focus on the big two, and even agree in advance to ignore each other. Each would get more attention by having a joint debate against Trump and Clinton, even while ignoring each other, if that’s what it takes to make it happen.

  12. Tony From Long Island

    1,400 stations with a few hundred listeners each . . . not high impact.

    I occasionally listen to Democracy Now, but let’s get real TK, nothing she or he did yesterday had much impact.

    As for her getting “Escorted” from the premises – it was a totally useless gesture.

    Andy, do you still think Gov. Johnson should have had more “balls” and gotten himself “escorted?” Look at the huge coverage Dr. Stein got . . . . *sarcasm*

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