LP:”Libertarians praise House bill to end Dept. of Education”

The Libertarian Party strongly supports U.S. House bill H.R. 399, which was filed today by Rep Tom Massie (R–KY), along with seven co-sponsors, to abolish the federal Department of Education.

“Libertarians are encouraged to see a bill that brings hope to the promise of actually, finally, abolishing the Department of Education,” said Nicholas Sarwark, chair of the Libertarian National Committee. “The DOE’s primary accomplishments have been to drive up federal taxes and debt, drive up local and state taxes, impose mounds of red tape on schools, and drive down the quality education in the United States. It has made schooling an infuriating and demoralizing experience for teachers, parents, and schoolchildren.”

In striking contrast to most of today’s federal and state laws, many of which are hundreds of pages long and rarely read by the lawmakers who vote on them, H.R. 899 consists of one simple sentence: “The Department of Education shall terminate on December 31, 2018.”

“Localizing education will dramatically improve our schools, allowing them to innovate and address the needs of individual students, and to prepare them for a fulfilling and successful future,” said Sarwark.

The Libertarian Party platform on education states:

Education is best provided by the free market, achieving greater quality, accountability and efficiency with more diversity of choice. Recognizing that the education of children is a parental responsibility, we would restore authority to parents to determine the education of their children, without interference from government. Parents should have control of and responsibility for all funds expended for their children’s education.

Source:The Libertarian Party https://www.lp.org/libertarians-praise-house-bill-to-end-dept-of-education/

15 thoughts on “LP:”Libertarians praise House bill to end Dept. of Education”

  1. Gene Berkman Post author

    When President Jimmy Carter proposed the creation of the Department of Education, it was approved by the House of Representatives with a margin of just two votes. The victory margin for big government was provided by Rep. Newt Gingrich and Rep. Phil Gramm, both prominent “conservatives.”

    In his 1980 campaign for President, Ronald Reagan called for abolition of the Department of Education, but it survived his administration intact and with new power. As Ronald Reagan often noted, the closest thing to immortality on Earth is a government program.

  2. sarah

    Thank you Jesus!

    Pray U.S. House Bill H.R. 399, to abolish the federal Department of Education becomes law.

    It’s time parents take back the minds of our children in part by the parents control of the public schools on a state and local level where the parents decide what is best to be taught to their children in public schools.

    Many private schools have been required in the past to meet Federal mandates too.

    States, local counties, and parents are better deciders of what children are taught in schools in their areas.

    We don’t need any unconstitutional Federal Department of Education running rough shod over parents, students, and state governments anymore.

  3. Anthony Dlugos

    Very disappointed “aggression,” “non-aggression,” “principles” or “NAP” wasn’t mentioned in this press release.

    Someone is slipping at national. HERE COMES THE HORDES OF STATISTS!!

  4. George Phillies

    So what does the Department of Education do?

    Honor a specific treaty obligation (clearly Constitutional).

    Provide a specific highly rational fringe benefit to certain categories of Federal employees (clearly Constitutional)

    Then there are other things. Interestingly, one large and expensive piece of “other” has just been shown by careful study to be totally worthless.

    I am reminded of the Trump appointee who apparently had to be told that his Department (NOT Defense) designed, made, maintained, and had accounting custody of our country’s hydrogen bombs.

  5. dL

    I have no idea why the LP shares the conservative enamor w/ that agency. They endlessly play Charlie Brown to the Repub Lucy dog and pony show rhetoric on abolishing it. The Repubs have no intention of abolishing it, particularly when they control it. They only keep around the rhetoric b/c it is a useful dog whistle in the culture war RE: “elite’s” corrupting the youth w/ secular humanism and liberal PC.

  6. Bondurant

    Brilliant bill offered by Massie. If only more bills were this economic. It won’t get anywhere but the effort is appreciated.

  7. Jim

    Every time the Republicans talk about eliminating the Department of education, are put into a position to actually do it, and then don’t do it, the LP grows stronger.

  8. Tony From Long Island

    Sarah: ” . . . . . .and local level where the parents decide what is best to be taught to their children in public schools. . . .. ”

    Really? So Texas can teach kids that Dinosaurs walked around with people since the earth is only a few thousand years old?

  9. Thomas L. Knapp



    Better local autonomy with its own errors than having error uniformly imposed from above.

    But of course complete separation of school and state would be best.

  10. Tony From Long island

    So TK, you are for teaching kids that the earth is a few thousand years old? Because without uniform standards that will begin to happen all over the south. I’m sure that’s not nearly as far as they will go. Texas is always trying to re-write history textbooks.

    But then again, our own president loves “the poorly educated.”

  11. Thomas L. Knapp


    Without uniform standards, different schools will teach different things and make different mistakes.

    With uniform standards, all the schools will make the same mistakes.

    But I do doubt that there would be any “public” school districts “teaching kids that the earth is a few thousand years old.”

    The fight for the last 40 years or so by “creationists” has been to allow and/or require science teachers to inform students that some people believe the Earth and life were created, absent endorsement of any particulars.

    My first high school biology course was during the period in which such a law (since overturned, IIRC) was in force. Out of the entire year, the teacher spent precisely one class session addressing the matter as required by law, and spent most of that responding in the negative to Christian students trying to bait him into endorsing their particular creation story. When he got tired of that, he bluntly informed them that if he discussed the Genesis story, he would also have to discuss the Hindu creation myth and hundreds of others and that this was a science class, not a religion class. And that was the end of that.

  12. Tony from long island

    If only your optimistic view were reality . . . I’d love it to be . . . but having spent some of my life in the education field, I don’t hold the same optimistic view

  13. George Phillies

    Parents who want to teach their children that the world was create by [insert choice of religion here] for whom this is really important will already have their children, in private, religious of home- schooling environments.

    I find myself through facebook contacts giving advice to home school parents whose IQ 160+ kids are in the foreseeable future going to run through freshman calculus (MIT 18.01) and want advice on what to do before or after, as the local community college does not accept ninth graders as special students. That’s where home schooling can be really good.

    There are at least three very different home schooling communities out there, a religious community, a very liberal community, and a gifted community, among others.

  14. Jim

    Thomas L. Knapp –

    I had a similar experience. Freshman year earth science teacher said he was required by law to give both arguments but made it clear he thought creationism was ridiculous. He spent 15 minutes on creationism and 3 weeks on evolution. None of the students cared enough to ask any questions about creationism and it wasn’t on a test.

    That was 1992-93 in Connecticut, not the southeast.

    The government may require teaching creationism, but I doubt there are even a handful of science teachers in the country that teach it seriously.

  15. Root's Teeth Are Awesome

    Tony From Long Island: Really? So Texas can teach kids that Dinosaurs walked around with people since the earth is only a few thousand years old?

    Parents should teach their kids whatever they want to teach their kids.

    Conservatives teach the myth that the world is 7,000 years old.

    Liberals teach the myth of man-made global warming.

    And there are plenty of other myths that the far left and far right are teaching, I’m sure.

    Let parents decide which mythology to teach their kids.

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