71Republic Interviews Phil Anderson, Libertarian for Governor of Wisconsin

Phil Anderson is a proud father of two and a Libertarian politician from Fitchburg, Wisconsin. He has studied geography at the University of Wisconsin Madison and theology at the University of Balamand. In 2014 Phil Anderson ran for the 47th District of the Wisconsin State Assembly receiving 18.4% of the vote. He ran again for office in the 2016 Senate election in Wisconsin, losing to incumbent Ron Johnson. On April 22, 2017 he assumed the office of Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin. Today he is working vigorously to spread the message of liberty and hopes to bring that message to his home state by running for Governor of Wisconsin.

Keller: What inspired you to start a political career instead of pursuing geography, your bachelor, or applied theology, your master?

Anderson: I decided to get actively involved in politics because our political situation is deteriorating every election cycle. Regardless of whether Democrats or Republicans are in power; wars never end, government coercion and intrusion increase, spending and debt increase, and the basic freedoms of individuals and communities are eroded. While I love geography and theology as educational and career pursuits, our political situation is more serious and emergent.

Keller: You are running as a Libertarian. What attracted you to the Libertarian Party over the Republican or Democratic Parties?

Anderson: Libertarians acknowledge and promote the concept of individual rights, including personal and property rights. These rights are fundamental to a peaceful, prosperous society. At best, Democrats and Republicans pay lip service to these rights – and usually, in practice, are actively opposed.

Full interview @ https://71republic.com/2017/12/07/interview-with-phil-anderson-libertarian-candidate-for-governor-of-wisconsin/https://71republic.com/2017/12/07/interview-with-phil-anderson-libertarian-candidate-for-governor-of-wisconsin/


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