Larry Sharpe #aNewNY, Some Recent Videos, and a Meet & Greet Tonight


Compilation of Interviews:

Saranac Lake – NYS is Derailing Business:

Larry Sharpe in Saranac Lake – NYS is Derailing Business

In the village of Saranac Lake, King Andrew has decided he knows what is right for local tourism and local businesses. For two seasons a private railbike company brought visitors to the area to ride the historic train tracks running through Saranac Lake. New York State forced the company out last season when the state began construction on a pet project of the governor's. NYS commenced tearing up the train tracks to build a bike and walking path. That project has since been halted by a North Country Judge. Now the Catskills and Colorado have rail bikes and Saranac Lake has empty train tracks.Why is Albany forcing existing business out of small towns for failed economic development projects? Help me stop New York from picking winners and losers. Let's #BreakTheStatusCuomo!#Sharpe4Gov #aNewNY #Sharpe4TheNorthCountry

Posted by Larry Sharpe, Libertarian on Thursday, May 17, 2018


How to Inspire Business Innovation #BreakTheStatusCuomo:

How to Inspire Business Innovation – Larry Sharpe in Corning

I'm at the Corning Museum of Glass. Corning is a company that started as a small business in Corning, NY and has been innovative for decades, allowing it to grow to be a fantastic large company for Corning, NY. Under Andrew Cuomo, NY's government has developed a culture of bribing big businesses to come to NY. This isn't working. Instead, we need a government culture in NY where small businesses can be innovative and grow significantly for the long-term benefit of New Yorkers.#BreakTheStatusCuomo #SharpeHollister2018 #ANewNY

Posted by Larry Sharpe, Libertarian on Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Larry Sharpe and Andrew Hollister are having a meet and greet tonight (5/19) in Warwick, NY

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