Libertarian Party of Nebraska Doubles Voter Registration Numbers

From NET Nebraska News:

The Nebraska Democratic Party is touting a “blue wave” of support and “astounding increase” in Democrats requesting vote-by-mail ballots. But voter registration numbers from the Nebraska Secretary of State’s office point to a much less positive trend.

There are 355,753 registered Democrats as of this week. A review of a half century of voting records shows that’s the lowest total since the 1972 primary. And Democrats now account for 29.7 percent of all Nebraska voters, the lowest since voter registration numbers were added to voting reports in the 1960s. This continues a gradual decline from 50 years ago, when Democrats were 46 percent of Nebraska voters.

About 48 percent of Nebraska voters (577,438) are registered Republicans, and that’s been fairly steady for decades, generally ranging between 52 and 48 percent of voters,

The difference is an increasing number of Nebraskans registering as non-partisan (252,907 or 21.1 percent) and although still small, the Libertarian Party is growing significantly. There are now 13,499 Libertarians, 1.1 percent Nebraska voters and almost double the number from the 2016 primary.

Overall, 1,199.660 Nebraskans are registered to vote, the most ever for a primary.

The Libertarian Party of Nebraska went from 7,414 voters (0.6%) in 2016 to 13,499 (1.1%) in 2018.

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2 thoughts on “Libertarian Party of Nebraska Doubles Voter Registration Numbers

  1. Richard Winger

    It’s true that Nebraska LP registration has doubled in the last two years. This post would be a little better if itmentioned the time frame. There has been no huge increase in just the last few months, although it does keep going up.

  2. Anon-Tipper Post author

    I edited that last line to put in the years the registration counts were from. The news article I pulled this from just has 2016 and 2018 numbers, so unfortunately not month by month. I imagine most of the growth was around the 2016 election.

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