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Marco Battaglia: Libertarian Wants to Give More of a Voice to Independents

Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Marco Battaglia in Iowa Public Radio's studio. 5/3/2018 Photo by John Pemble

From Iowa Public Radio:


Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds does not face a primary election challenger and there are six Democrats running for their party’s nomination. There is also a primary race for Libertarians this June. The Libertarian Party of Iowa has full political party status for the first time this election cycle. That’s because of a record-breaking showing in Iowa for presidential candidate Gary Johnson in 2016. There are two candidates running for their party’s nomination: Marco Battaglia and Jake Porter. Battaglia has been an active member of the state and national Libertarian Party for five years. He was a nominating delegate to the last national convention, and he’s worked for a number of state and national political campaigns.

Battaglia spoke with IPR’s Clay Masters.

Marco Battaglia can be found at:

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  1. Anon-Tipper Anon-Tipper Post author | May 10, 2018

    He touches on mental health issues and policy around the 20 minute mark. Could be an interesting topic for Libertarian candidates to touch on in the future.

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