State Senate Candidate Brian White Posts Opponent’s Finance Reports to Highlight Calls for Election Reform

(Rochester, NY) — To go along with his recently released platform plank on electoral reform, candidate for State Senate, Brain White posted the last 2 years of campaign finance reports filed by the incumbent in the 55th district, Rich Funke. The links for both the platform plank and Funke’s finance reports can be found below.

Brian White says that these financial reports are not shocking. “Senator Funke is no different than anyone else in office from the two major parties. You get into office and the parties put pressure on you to play the game – to take contributions from developers, law firms, and other entities that profit from the government. There doesn’t have to be written agreements between the politicians and the corporate contributors. They give money, they get things from the government. That’s not how government is supposed to work or even be perceived to work.”

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