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Walter Block endorses Joshua Smith for LNC Chair

Walter “Libertarians for Trump” Block endorses Joshua Smith for LNC chair. Scott Horton and Mike Maharrey also pledge to advise the party.

In celebration, Ryan Ramsey–who also endorsed Smith–goes on a rant about Sarwark and posted links from IPRX about the party not being “the white man’s party” anymore.

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  1. Anthony Dlugos Anthony Dlugos May 17, 2018


    That endorsement is as au courant
    as GQ endorsing zubaz pants in their next issue.

  2. Andy Andy May 17, 2018

    Walter Block endorsed Trump as “lesser of two evils” candidate, and he has since disavowed Trump.

  3. Massimo Massimo May 17, 2018

    I have no idea who this Ramsey guy is. But putting him in the same bunch with Block as if Walter were a fascist sympathizer is ludicrous.

    THAT Walter Block is one of the greatest theorist of market anarchism ever. His “Defending the undefandable” is a fantastic introductory book, and he is the author of a lot of research and innovative proposals on important themes for the movement, like pollution, abortion and water privatization.

    I still wonder why he came up with that strange “libertarians for Trump” brinkmanship, maybe he was nauseated by Clinton, maybe he just wanted to have a bit of fun, but nobody can seriously call Walter Block a fascist.

  4. Carol Moore/ Carol Moore/ May 17, 2018

    I don’t see it still on his personal page. Was it there and he removed it? Was the reply actually at his page or is it forwarded elsewhere. I don’t think Ramsey is on FB any more. Just doing due diligence.

    The nonsense quoting Sarwark is disgusting, no matter who fabricated it where.

  5. Chuck Moulton Chuck Moulton May 17, 2018

    These seem like two separate things which should not be grouped together. I disagree with Block on a lot of things (among them the Trump endorsement and his advocacy of authoritarian banking), but he’s a pretty solid academic generally and has nothing to do with this fascism discussion.

  6. dL dL May 18, 2018

    These seem like two separate things which should not be grouped together.

    His endorsement of Trump, revoked or not, should weigh heavily in considering the merit of any of his future endorsements. That’s an egregious error, one that can’t be explained away as an error in judgement. Granted, it shouldn’t necessarily detract from the value of his academic work, but it damn sure subtracts substantially from the value of his political endorsements.

  7. John Hudak John Hudak May 18, 2018

    It’s sad to see that people are taking Shipley’s (Shipley made that Libertarian Anti-Fascist Committee post) attempt to smear Joshua Smith seriously. Josh didn’t say any of this, and the use of the word “they” at the start of the second paragraph of the LAFC post makes it appear as though he did. It’s been funny to watch Shipley go around inferring that Walter Block is a fascist, though.

  8. Anon-Tipper Anon-Tipper Post author | May 18, 2018

    Chuck Moulton,

    but he’s a pretty solid academic generally

    You can separate out his academic work, I think Rothbard was pretty terrible (especially at the end), but I don’t think all of his work should be abandoned. Block seems to have pretty bad horrible judgement in his associations (edit: and political endorsements). And a lot of the LvMI crowd in general are rallying behind Smith, which could be/probably is a warning sign.

    The inclusion of Ramsey’s comments is directed at Smith since Ramsey has endorsed him and Smith has defended Ramsey against the white-nationalism charges.

  9. Anthony Dlugos Anthony Dlugos May 18, 2018

    Smearing is a tried and true political tactic, and for valid reasons.

    As Aesop said, “A man is known by the company he keeps”

    Play footsy with the alt-right, accept the consequences. Trump’s flirtation with hard right nationalism was well-known by the time Block made his endorsement. Its totally prudent for the LP to disavow him, anyone associated with him, anyone he associates with, and anyone he endorses. Nothing wrong with Shipley suggesting connections between Smith and the lowlife alt-right element within the libertarian movement.

  10. Andy Andy May 18, 2018

    Libertarians for Johnson/Weld was a bigger joke than Libertarians for Trump, not because Trump is great (he’s not), but because at least these people who supported admitted that he was a flawed “lesser of two evils” candidate as compared to Hillary Clinton (or at least they assumed he was less evil, whether he is or not is open to debate, but at worst, I doubt that he is any worse than Hillary, and it should have been obvious to all that Hillary was a terrible candidate). A lot of Johnson/Weld supporters were deluded to the point where they thought Johnson/Weld were good, and that they are really libertarians (They are not). Trump is obviously not a libertarian, but at least he never claimed to be. We’d be no better off if Johnson/Weld had been elected (keep in mind that they wanted to appoint Mitt Romney as Secretary of State), and in a lot of ways we’d be worse off, because if they had been elected, they would have permanently discredited the Libertarian Party and libertarianism.

    The article above is an obvious hit piece on Joshua Smith, who I met and interviewed (interview is posted here at IPR) and had lunch with at the LP of CA State Convention. Joshua struck me as being a good guy.

    I have not met Walter Block, but I think that he has done some good work over the years and does not deserve all of these smears.

    I do not know Ryan Ramsey, but if he is a bad guy, it would not surprise me if he is some kind of undercover federal agent provocateur that has been inserted into the LP so hysterical leftists (some of whom may also be undercover spooks) can wave Ramsey around and shout, “Nazi! Nazi! Nazi!” and use him for guilt-by-association smears by trying to attach him to good people.

    Insinuating that Walter Block is a Nazi/fascist is laughable (especially since Block is Jewish). Joshua Smith is not a Nazi or a fascist either (and I believe that Smith’s father is Jewish, or of partial Jewish ancestry).

  11. Anthony Dlugos Anthony Dlugos May 18, 2018

    “Insinuating that Walter Block is a Nazi/fascist is laughable (especially since Block is Jewish). Joshua Smith is not a Nazi or a fascist either (and I believe that Smith’s father is Jewish, or of partial Jewish ancestry).”

    damn. hard to be that witless.

  12. Carol Moore/ Carol Moore/ May 18, 2018

    Doing some research, here’s Smith’s actual post and replies on his person FB page. I have NOT read through all the reply comments and someone who really cares should see if those from Ramsey are in there. I DO see one from Brandi speaking for Ryan.

    Here at Delegates 2018 unofficial
    See Jason Weinman DOES try to pin him down on Ramsey on the Block thread. Here’s the text:
    Jason Weinman: Joshua Smith do you have an opinion on Ryan Ramsey’s comments on the original thread about “identity,” and his “scientific” approach to growing the party? Are you accepting that endorsement? Do you view the fact that the party is (finally) growing among people other then white men to be a problem?

    Joshua Smith: Did he say it was a problem? I’ve actually listened to what he is talking about. The study is about trying to pull people away from being radically involved in the old parties.

    Anyways, I am half Israeli, so no. I have no problem with the party growing among any race at all.

    Jason Weinman: He did, yes, but he also linked to an article that specifically referred to the LP no longer being the party of white men. END QUOTES

    How close are Ramsey and Smith currently? Just saw the undated photo of Smith and Ramsey shoulder to shoulder. Mike Shipley admits in post that’s listed there he doesn’t know when taken.

    This interchange here: was before Charlottesville and the alt-right bigotry was all over tv making it clear to anyone what they really were about.

    In quote above Smith says he is half Israeli?!? Does that mean he has Dual Citizenship? Does he want to give back Palestinian stolen land per Rothbard? Guess I’ll have to ask him… brouhaha to follow when include following links???

    * Murray Rothbard, Ph.D. – “War Guilt in the Middle East”: details Israel’s “aggression against Middle East Arabs,” confiscatory policies and its “refusal to let these refugees return and reclaim the property taken from them.”

    * Stephen P. Halbrook, Ph.D., J.D. – “The Alienation of a Homeland: How Palestine Became Israel”: “Palestinian Arabs have the rights to return to their homes and estates taken over by Israelis, to receive just compensation for loss of life and property, and to exercise national self-determination.”

    * Richard Ebeling, Ph.D. – “Property Rights and the ‘Right of Return’”: “If a settlement is reached between the Israelis and the Palestinians, justice would suggest that all legitimate property should be returned to its rightful owners and that residence by those owners on their property should be once again permitted.”

    * I. Dean Ahmad, Ph.D. – “The Real Reason to Oppose Aid to Israel” : “The most interesting issue to libertarians is the issue of private property rights.Even the most pro-Zionist libertarian will fault Israel for its staunch socialism.The collectivism of Israel, however, is not just a flaw in Zionism, it is the core of the ideology. To appreciate this one should note that at the time of Israel’s founding, Jews, Zionist and non-Zionist alike, owned less than 7% of the land. This included land recently acquired from absentee landlords.”

  13. Anon-Tipper Anon-Tipper Post author | May 18, 2018

    Carol, thanks for tracking down the correct post. (your comment was in moderation for some reason, but I approved it fyi so it should show up).

    I don’t know how to make an archive that will preserve the comments unfortunately, so we might have to reply on screen captures.

    Edit: just took screenshots of the comments that are in the facebook post above:

    And this weird one of someone claiming that they had a “plan” to out Sarwark and Vohra, probably nothing serious.

    Another Edit: Also, I can’t take screenshots because the delegate group is closed (and I’m not on facebook), apparently someone else had tried to make an archive of the post, but the archive contains nothing.

    The picture of Smith and Ramsey was taken at the Florida state convention this year.

  14. Gene Berkman Gene Berkman May 18, 2018

    I met Walter Block in 1969 at the national convention of Young Americans for Freedom. I was part of The Libertarian Caucus, and Walter was part of a group of outside agitators associated with The Radical Libertarian Alliance.
    I sat at the same table as Mr Block (he did not yet have a PhD.) during the speech by Commander Bucher, of the Pueblo. Commander Bucher was describing how the North Koreans were torturing him and his men, and berating him as an “American imperialist dog.” Walter Block applauded, and my friend Don asked him what he was applauding. He said “he IS an American imperialist dog.”

    Walter has allowed a reified version of Murray Rothbard’s “anti-imperialist” “libertarianism” to cause him to do and think some absurd things. When Dr Block started “Libertarians for Trump” I could not help but think that he was inspired by Trump’s friendship with Putin, and the fact that the North Korean Workers Party newspaper carried an editorial column in favor of Trump for President.

  15. Carol Moore/ Carol Moore/ May 18, 2018

    Anon-Tip: As I clarified on Audacious Caucus ind discussion with Weeks, I saw that when Shipley originally posted on Anti-Facist group he wasn’t sure of date. But time he forwarded same post to Delegates he WAS on there.

    By the way, the best way to share screenshots AND comments in a logical order remains the old fashion way. A website (or blog) that let’s you post PDFs (or larger jpgs) where you put it all together in a rational manner. FB doesn’t let you do it. And if you put something in NOTES it does NOT make most links easily copy-able by those who might want to copy them.

    While I can’t edit html on, at least I still can post PDFs for emergency purposes, like countering LIBELOUS nonsense… I’ll say no more…

  16. Anon-Tipper Anon-Tipper Post author | May 18, 2018


    Well, we can post here a “portfolio” or a pdf with all of this is. A lot of the Ramsey stuff is here, but you have to do a search to gather it all.

  17. Carol Moore/ Carol Moore/ May 18, 2018

    One can waste a lot of one’s life tracking down the doings of questionable characters who invade the LP to play big fish in small pond games. Sigh.

  18. Quiet observer Quiet observer May 19, 2018

    What exactly is IPRX?

  19. Andy Andy May 19, 2018

    It is a website started by some jackass coward who has done a lot of trolling here at IPR.

  20. Paul Paul May 19, 2018

    Re: Carol

    It’s true, and no one really cares anyway. Smith is a no-experience candidate who panders to the far-right anti-Sarwark faction, a faction Sarwark has been entirely unwilling to address. It seems like this has devolved into lesser-evil fear mongering.

    I wonder who LPAC will be supporting.

  21. FL resident sick of the internet slander FL resident sick of the internet slander May 19, 2018

    Lol is this for real? Literally in the same thread Ramsey said it’s possible for both the author of that article and Sarwark to be assholes, he was sharing it for the quote Sarwark made about Berkeley… I mean WTF? How is that going on a rant about white men in the party? Some random blogger wrote that… Why the hell would a guy who cares about only white men in the party donate and do outreach to libertarians in Cuba, Venezuela, Uganda? Why would he organize drives for them? Why would he be supporting the black guy running for governor, and organize events for him as well? Why would he speak at black churches to try and persuade members of the community that they should leave the Democratic party and join the LP? Why would he reach out to one of our Dem state reps to build a memorial to the Pulse LGBT shooting victims? What an epic waste of time when he could just flat out advocate for racism and white nationalism and you STILL wouldn’t be able to do anything about it but bitch on the internet and make the LP look bad by participating in the drama fest. None of this has anything to do with Smith either, but at least I understand the attacks against him, by people who don’t want him to win.

    It is honestly weird and annoying how often this website mentions Ramsey. He isn’t running for anything in the LNC, why is his name in at least the comments of every other article here by the same handful of people? We like him here in Florida, he is leading the state party in local candidates for office in his region and just affiliated his 4th county in less than 3 years, in a region that was barren of much LP activity at all for over a decade. Everyone I know here is supporting Smith solely because we want new leadership and he is the only other choice who isn’t cringe-worthy. Wish Larry Sharpe would run and out-shine all you shit-talkers with positivity.
    Honestly a lot of us aren’t really all that impressed with Smith either, some are voting NOTA. For the love of Jehova please find something better to “report” on.

  22. Anon-Tipper Anon-Tipper Post author | May 19, 2018


    I imagine that the audacious caucus will be supporting Kuehnel.

  23. Anon-Tipper Anon-Tipper Post author | May 19, 2018

    FL resident,

    Let me know when Ramsey stops posting anti-refugee “memes,” stops flying a “Rock against Communism” flag, stops wearing a t-shirt from an alt-right podcast while giving a “speech” about Muslims on an country affiliate YouTube channel, stops posting “memes” copied from a nazi propaganda book, stoping posting helicopter “jokes” directed at party members, stops blogging on a neo-fascist blog, or quits the American Guard.

    Good luck

  24. Andy Andy May 19, 2018

    The Refugee Resettlement Act is a government welfare program and a massive scam. They are using taxpayer money to transport refugees from 3rd world countries, and many of these people hold hostile, anti-liberty ideologies, to the USA, and then once here, they sign them up for a bunch of welfare programs. Many of these people remain unemployed for long periods of time once here, and even out of the ones who do work, many of them only work part time, and they are doing low paying work. Statistics indicate that many of these people have a higher crime rate than most of the existing population. These people also have a higher birthrate than most of the existing population, which translates to more people sucking up welfare money and using other government services like healthcare and public schools. Also, when these people become American citizens, they vote in super-majority numbers to increase the size of government.

    This refugee program here in the USA and Canada and in multiple countries in Europe, is a complete sham, and it has nothing to do with libertarianism, and it needs to be repealed.

  25. paulie paulie May 19, 2018

    FL resident,

    Let me know when Ramsey stops posting anti-refugee “memes,” stops flying a “Rock against Communism” flag, stops wearing a t-shirt from an alt-right podcast while giving a “speech” about Muslims on an country affiliate YouTube channel, stops posting “memes” copied from a nazi propaganda book, stoping posting helicopter “jokes” directed at party members, stops blogging on a neo-fascist blog, or quits the American Guard.

    Good luck

    Among many other things.

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