Green Party of Washington launches news bi-monthly newsletter

Welcome to your new Green Party of Washington newsletter. I am anxiously awaiting a name of my own! Send me your ideas for my name and you can all vote on them at our Fall Gathering on November 10th using Ranked Choice Voting!

Join us in supporting Seattle Solidarity Women’s March on the Pentagon! Sunday, October 21st Boeing Headquarters In Seattle! For details go to

Come join our Green Fall Gathering

Join the Washington Green Party in beautiful Eastern Washington!

All Green Party supporters are welcome, regardless of membership status or level of activity. Enjoy meeting other Greens from across Washington while you enjoy a tasty Italian lunch. Everyone pays for their own food and drinks.

Sliding Scale Registration Fee $10:00 -$25 to be collected at the door, however no one will be turned away due to financial hardship.

Green Party Fall Gathering 2018
Saturday, November 10th
12:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Ellensburg Pasta Company
600 N. Main St.
Ellensburg, WA 98626

Green Fall Gathering Meeting Agenda

Review the results of the 2018 midterm’s and our Green Candidates campaigns along with GPWA’s projects and ideas for the future!

Offer a “Boot Camp” for starting and energizing local chapters!

Updates on the state of Ranked Choice Voting in Washington by Fair Vote Washington!

Looking Ahead- 2019 and Beyond

We hope all local chapters will send representatives to attend this statewide Gathering.

Please RSVP using this link to the registration form. Our room is limited to 50 guests only!

Local Chapter News

The Green Party of the Mid-Columbia has been very busy meeting with the Benton County Jail staff and multidisciplinary teams that are focusing on a transitional program for inmates to access housing and employment opportunities after serving their jail time, along with recent changes to mental health programs for inmates including the need for “live in” programs outside of a jail setting.

They have also been working on advocating for a Crisis Center for the mentally ill and addicted individuals in order for them to receive treatment rather than jail time. And they have joined with “Legalize Richland” to gather signatures for a citizen’s initiative to overturn a citywide ban of recreational marijuana in Richland, WA

The Snohomish County Green Party has been meeting monthly but not having much luck in increasing membership. They are considering moving their meetings to another area of Snohomish County to hopefully increase participation. They completed a project to research money in politics in their local candidates elections.

They are working in October with the I-1631 campaign on the ballot for Washington’s carbon fee on big polluters with some info sessions scheduled for October 1st and October 22nd, with plans to go door belling to help GOTV between them! They also supported the #Cancel Kavanaugh protests in Seattle.

Let us know what your Chapter has been up to!

Coordinating Committee Local Chapter Reps

Tanya Atkinson – Snohomish County GP
Alice Whittington – GP of Seattle
Liam Turnmire – GP of Spokane
Scott Thompson – Whatcom County GP
Maricela Sanchez – GP of the Mid-Columbia
Margot Faubion – GP of SW Washington

Don’t see your chapter represented? Give us a holler. Our goal is to have an elected representative from each local on the State Coordinating Committee! We have a conference call at 7:00 PM on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month. Together we can accomplish so much more! Don’t be shy! We’d love to hear from you!

The End!

But wait! No it’s not! Send in your pictures, stories and ideas to Kathryn at

There’s plenty of room for more!

Galloping Greens (Temporary nickname)

November 2018 Bimonthly Newsletter
Volume I, Issue I

Green Party of Washington Coordinating Council
Elected Members at large
Scott Thompson – Treasurer
Deputy Treasurer – Vacant
Maricela Sanchez – Secretary
Mary Ellen Knoop
Kathryn Lewandowsky
Jody Grage
Margot Faubion
Noah Martin | Facebook | Twitter

We’re looking for a Volunteer Coordinator. Contact for more information.
Approx. 6 hrs/wk
Basic Database skills

7 thoughts on “Green Party of Washington launches news bi-monthly newsletter

  1. C. Al Currier

    I signed up for the monthly newsletter. I’ve been an extreme left-wing greenie since Cynthia McKinney ran for POTUS. The green party is extremely hard to get along with in Washington State. What I call ‘left’ is more-or-less what they call ‘right’. My politcal views are left of libertarian and right of anarchist. They keep running totally unacceptable right wing candidates, but my opinions don’t much matter in an irrelevant fringe party anyway.

  2. dL

    My politcal views are left of libertarian and right of anarchist.

    Not everyone views libertarianism as a right-wing deviation from anarchism. Further note: in the current context of a razor thin electoral college divide, 3rd parties like the Green Party might be many things, but irrelevant is not one of them.

  3. C. Al Currier

    ‘razor thin electoral college divide’, -dL
    In Washington State we have the ‘top-two’ system for voting which has eliminate third parties from anything but the presidential election. Nothing goes on here except grumbling and drama. We are irrelevant. The president’s office is meaningless anymore.

  4. dL

    In Washington State we have the ‘top-two’ system for voting which has eliminate third parties from anything but the presidential election. Nothing goes on here except grumbling and drama. We are irrelevant.

    ok, I guess I stand corrected…But why then sign up for the newsletter?

  5. C. Al Currier

    I signed up for the Green Party newsletter in early October. I am still waiting. I re-signed up today. I kinda think the Green Party doesn’t quite have their internet systems set-up properly. Their internet systems weren’t working properly (way-back-when) for their campaign for Cynthia McKinney (Potus) and it looks like they are still struggling. Computer nerds definitely do not share their ‘values’ (mostly right-wing statism that has nothing to do with ecology or environmentalism) and that might be why they can’t get it together with computer-related activities.
    I’ll keep trying to get on their mailing list. Maybe by Christmas? I hope…………

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