Mississippi can do better, says Green Party

To the Green Party of Mississippi, it’s clear that the United States government has a long history of misleaders and interference in other countries around the world. The systems put in place – by parties and officials supported by big money in political campaigns – allow greedy people to get rich while millions lack a living wage, affordable housing and health care, good nutrition, and clean air and water.

Green Party Of Mississippi

For Immediate Release
January 23, 2019


Obviously the Democratic and Republican parties have been unable to produce laws, policies and programs that serve all the people of this country. It’s okay with both that government services shut down and public employees’ families suffer the consequences of paychecks denied. Democrats have introduced H.R.1, a “For the People Act,” that would correct many abuses in voting and campaign processes but also would make it much harder for third parties to put their candidates on ballots and give voters real choices.

Mississippi’s systems are similar, except the results are even worse than in the U.S. as a whole. Educators, parents and journalists will evaluate the truth of the governor’s statements about education progress in our state. But all who want our children safe will insist on funding for excellent public schools, counselors, nurses, behavioral health specialists and after-school programs, not guns in the hands of teachers. Until we achieve improved Medicare For All, Mississippi should extend Medicaid to all who need it. Our hospitals must be able to stay open. We agree with Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. that economic justice requires that no one be able to “take necessities to give luxuries to the few.” Government must be one of the ways we care for each other, not privatized for profit. And we must prepare Mississippians for local cooperative ventures instead of imported jobs for anti-union corporations.

Mississippi can do better. The Green Party doesn’t have all the answers, but we know that Mississippi’s 3 million people have the insights and skills that can lead our state to a fair and humane criminal justice system, an end to mass incarceration, equal rights for all, public financing of political campaigns, renewable energy, and the many other parts of a future that is good for all of us. On the way to that, the Green Party provides a place where we can learn to understand our current situation in detail so we can move toward what we want and need.

In a democracy, we choose our leaders by registering and voting. In 2019 Mississippians will choose all state­wide officials, lawmakers, county supervisors, sheriffs, constables, justice court judges and others. Our local and state officeholders impact everyone, so we need the best qualified and most honest people we know in those positions. The Green Party wants officials who will give ample public and emailed notices of regular and special meetings of public bodies and make minutes promptly available on their websites. We want officials who will value and reflect on public input at their meetings and who welcome residents who want to be involved in public affairs.

In recent Presidential elections, nearly 4,000 Mississippians voted for Green Party candidates. If you believe in Grassroots Democracy, Social Justice, Ecological Wisdom, and Non-Violence, the Green Party of Mississippi wants your expertise, your energy and your participation as an active member.

If you also have the education and experience to excel as a public servant, we would welcome you as our candidate for an elected local or state office in 2019 where you can start showing the value of a Green path to the future. THE FILING DEADLINE FOR CANDIDATES IS MARCH 1.

Please look at the Green Party of the United States at gp.org and at the Green Party of Mississippi at greenpartyms.com, and contact us if you want a better future than you see offered by the 2 major political parties. Either as a candidate or as a supporter and community activist, you can help your neighbors have their voices heard and put policies and practices in place that are best for all of us.

Grassroots Democracy
Social Justice and Equal Opportunity
Ecological Wisdom
Community-Based Economics and Economic Justice
Feminism and Gender Equity
Respect for Diversity
Personal and Global Responsibility
Future Focus and Sustainability

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