Ross Perot, Two-Time Presidential Candidate, Dies

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Henry Ross Perot, best known for running for president twice, passed away on July 9th after a battle with leukemia.

Perot’s initial campaign for president as centrist oriented Independent campaign gained nationwide support, even earning him a spot on the 1992 General Election Debates, the only time the US had 3 candidates for President on the debate stage. He campaigned on issues ahead of his time, the biggest one being how he campaigned against Free Trade agreements such as NAFTA two years before NAFTA was passed. His campaign was also the catalyst of The Reform Party, arguably the most successful Third Party in Modern Political History.

On Perot’s death the Reform Party National Committee issued this statement:

Ross Perot was a visionary who created the Reform Party to offer a choice to the American voting public. Mr. Perot will be missed by the members of the Reform Party Executive Committee, and those that believe in political choice for Americans.

2 thoughts on “Ross Perot, Two-Time Presidential Candidate, Dies

  1. Andrew

    “arguably the most successful Third Party in Modern Political History.” … really so we’re going to ignore the Progressive Party in Vermont that actually gets elected?

  2. Fernando Mercado Post author


    I say due to the 8.4% they got in 1996 and Electing someone to Governor of a state. (Something the Vermont Progressive Party has still yet to do.)

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