Green Party of Seattle: Earth Day Pledge Fair 2020

  • Save the Date: Saturday April 18, 2020

SEATTLE – Earth Day is April 22 of every year. Wednesday, April 22, 2020 will mark 50 years of Earth Day! This year the theme is “Climate Action” and people all over our planet will participate.

Many dramatic actions are planned to get the attention of economic and political world leaders that Wednesday. The scientific case for Climate Change is real and action is needed.

About the Earth Day Pledge Fair

Green Party of Washington State and Green Party of Seattle are planning an outdoor climate science fair in the Oxbow Park in Seattle. Games and activities for elementary school aged as well as adult humans are planned. Topics and action will include conservation, species preservation, clean energy, and climate change. Orcas, salmon, trees, and bees are all PNW favorites. How can we better co-exist?

We will challenge people to honor the Planet on actual Earth Day Wednesday with simple but impactful action items. A list of pledges such as “I will not eat meat on Earth Day.” “I will take the bus/ not use the car on Earth Day”, etc. will be based on the “Drawdown List” and posted prominently at the “Pledge Booth”. Please look at

Set Up

This will be a community event with 10×10 booths set up by volunteers. No food will be sold in the park and there will be no restrooms on site, or items for sale at this event. Literature and promotional giveaways are fine. This keeps us in compliance with Parks and Recreation and our parks use permit.

The Park

Oxbow Park is in the Georgetown Neighborhood of Seattle and is the iconic home of the “Hat & Boots”. The bus stops right in front and there is a Pea-patch in back. A “big toy” play area makes it good for families with young kids. Even if the weather is not ideal there will be a big cowboy hat to shelter us with some nice photo ops.

About Greens

The Green Party is a worldwide political party organized around the future sustainability of our planet. We are volunteer run, grassroots, and exist outside of the pay-to-play paradigm of the current U.S. political mainstream. However more Green Party members are entering political offices all over the world. Check the website to learn more.

Earth Day is a big deal to us Greens. Let’s Celebrate, Educate, and Dedicate to Climate Action.

By the time Spring is here there will be many doomsday political messages telling you what to be afraid of. Most of these will be manufactured divide-and-conquer tactics. To the profiteers who keep people distracted while they continue to steal resources from the future, we see you.

We must nurture the youth coming up with positive take-aways at this event.

The future must be empowered, because the future must win.


We acknowledge the first people of Seattle, and honor with gratitude the land itself and the Duwamish Tribe, past and present.

This event is sponsored & organized by the Green Party in partnership with

This is a community event and participation does not imply political affiliation with the Green Party of the United States.


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