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A Live Blog of some of the Major Events that will take place during the Movement For A Peoples Party’s Convention.

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  1. Fernando Mercado Post author

    The Convention begins with a video decrying the 2 Major Parties with footage of some of their speakers prior speeches.

    It would make an OK advertisement, would not be surprised if a version was

  2. Fernando Mercado Post author

    The first speaker is founder Nick Braña, who is simply explaining all the speakers and explaining how much the Movement has expanded/needing to expand more

  3. Fernando Mercado Post author

    A second video is shown discussing some of the major issues the Peoples Party will focus on, such as Economics and Climate Change before transitioning to George Floyd protests

  4. Fernando Mercado Post author

    The first formal Speaker is Cheng-Sim Lim, a Medicare-For-All activist and former Bernie Delegate.

    She recounts a story of how she dealt with Breast Cancer and how it opened her eyes to our Current Healthcare system and her experiences in seeing lack of Healthcare Reform when Democrats get in control

  5. Fernando Mercado Post author

    The next speaker is a another Bernie Delegate who is discussing Minority issues such as George Floyd Protests and The US’s Interventionist Foreign Policy

  6. Fernando Mercado Post author

    The next speaker is political commentator/Comedian Graham Elwood. Who’s here to to give a bit of levity in the convention.

    Last thing he did was shill 4 a Ventura/Turner ticket

  7. Fernando Mercado Post author

    Next speaker is Actor and Progressive activist Donald Glover.

    He talks about his past activism and the Democratic Party’s unwillingness to go Left on most important issues and how the time is right for a new direction.

  8. Fernando Mercado Post author

    The next speaker is Climate Scientist Peter Kalmus.

    His topic of interest is of course Climate Change and how there needs to be a massive change in our Energy and Environmental policies that cannot be enacted under the 2 Parties bought and paid for by the Fossil Fuel Industry.

  9. Fernando Mercado Post author

    The next speaker is their Student Coordinator, who discusses the need for younger people to get involved with the political process despite the pressure they receive of folks tellingbtgem to “waiting their turn”

  10. Fernando Mercado Post author

    The next speaker is the leader of the Congress of Essential Workers Chris Smalls.

    He talks about his story about how he was targeted by Amazon as a way to curb his Amazon Walkout and how Capitalism and Racism are intertwined and the need for a diverse labor movement needs to fight back against the rich in the US.

  11. Fernando Mercado Post author

    The next speaker is the head of the Vermont Postal Service Union, Omar Fernandez.

    He talks about how the US 2 Party System has slowly eroded the Postal Service via the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act and it’s not just the recent Trump issues. He thanks the activists who stopped the Postmaster Generals attempts to kill the Postal Service.

  12. Fernando Mercado Post author

    Next speaker is the leader of Move To Amend movement who is bringing some Green Party Representation.

    She focuses on Corporate Personhood and how it ties into all the other issues we face in the US. She says no matter who you vote 4 in 2020, we need to come together for 2022

  13. Fernando Mercado Post author

    The next speaker is Chris Hedges.

    Hedges talks about how the Oligarchs win with both Trump and Biden and the US needs a movement similar to the Yellow Vest Movement. He decries Bernie Sanders sticking with the Democratic Parties and not joining the #DemExiters to help create a Peoples Party.

    He describes Biden as “Nostalgia of the Oligarchs” and Trump as “An opening for a more competent demegauge”

  14. Fernando Mercado Post author

    The next speaker was SUPPOSED TO BE Mike Gravel, but he was unable to attend. They swapped him out for former Congressional Candidate Lauren Ashcraft.

    She talks about the issues with with the Duopoly and the “Deficit boogyman” and how we need a new party that does not have these corporate donors

  15. Fernando Mercado Post author

    The next speaker is another former congressional candidate from NY, Isaiah James.

    He starts his speech with talking the systemic racism of the US, which is aided and abetted by the 2 Party System. Talks about how we all need to unite now to solve the issues of the US and to tackle the duopoly of the US

  16. Fernando Mercado Post author

    The Next Speaker is host of the Progressive Soapbox, Jamarl Thomas (Seems I lost my invite)

    He talks about how despite issues like Medicare-For-All having majority support in the US (And SUPERMAJORITY support among Dems) the Democratic Party is still not gonna support it, so the next step is just to leave

  17. Fernando Mercado Post author

    The next speaker is another Left Independent Media figure that’s not me, Ron Placone.

    Placone similarly is here to inject humor in the current political climate. He shows the Democrats supposed opposition is ineffective and truly just a symbiotic relationship between the 2 parties and a New Corporate Free Voice needs to be brought into the fray

  18. Fernando Mercado Post author

    The next speaker is Don J Grundmanns’s worst nightmare Maebe A. Girl. She talks about Trans issues and add this will be her last Vote Blue No matter Who Election

  19. Fernando Mercado Post author

    The Next Speaker is Massey Bransomb representing Humanity First, I will also be skipping his speech because I will have to leave for a bit. But it appears a good case for UBI from what I have seen

  20. Fernando Mercado Post author

    (I apparently missed the Jesse Ventura Speech, whoops)

    The next speaker is Last Real Indians co-founder Chase Iron Eyes.

    His topic of interest are US imperialism and authoritarianism by the US Government. And decries the hypocrisy brought on by the Democratic Party to combat them

  21. Fernando Mercado Post author

    The next Speaker is Jimmy Dore, I’d skip but he may have an actual point on this

    Similarly to the previous New Media typesis job is to add levity to the convention in his speech, but transitions to a more serious deconstruction of the Democratic Nominee. He tries to make the case that MPP needs to become a sort of coalition-esque movement in the short term

  22. Fernando Mercado Post author

    The next speaker is co-founder of CodePink, Madea Benjamin.

    Her topic of interest is Foreign Policy, emphasizing the 2 Party Duopoly’s support of the Military Industrial Complex. Adding the two Party’s redbaiting of Russia and China is terrible for US Foreign Policy and they need a new party to bring the true Non-Interventionist foreign policy

  23. Fernando Mercado Post author

    The Next Speaker is Field Director for Our Revolution Los Angeles Jerry Perez.

    As a Marine Veteran he talks about how the people he supposedly fought for have been torn apart by corporate interests and passionately reads a letter from likeminded veterans who want to build up this movement.

  24. Fernando Mercado Post author

    Next Speaker is ORLA Vice Chair, Eynelys Vinson.

    Her speech focuses on her latino background and the persecution she has faced. She talks about tearing down the 2 Party Duopoly and building a true working class part

  25. Fernando Mercado Post author

    Next speaker is Independent Media figure Tim Black.

    He opens by bluntly by saying “Fuck Joe Biden”, then transitions to talking about the Democratic Party’s lip service to Black Americans is completely ineffective in the modern day and a new voice to fight for minorities will be beneficial for these issues

  26. Fernando Mercado Post author

    The next speaker is Ryan Knight.

    His speech emphasizes the historical fight that the duopoly has waged against the Progressive movement, harkening back to Henry Wallace decrying the Democratic Party back in 1948 and how we need to do it again with the Peoples Party in 2024

  27. Fernando Mercado Post author

    Nick Braña gives a speech talking about the Government’s inability to reform and compares the Peoples Party to other worldwide Parties such as MORENA in Mexico

  28. Fernando Mercado Post author

    Next speaker is Marianne Williamson

    She starts by comparing the Democrats and Republicans to mommy and daddy. She then transitions to talking about how the the guys in charge have fought against the people since the country’s founding and how there is always someone willing to stand up for people. And shows the history of major issues 3rd parties have done

  29. Fernando Mercado Post author

    The next speaker is Cornel West.

    He decries the two major conventions and talks about the historical fights for an independent movement via MLK and WEB DuBois. And the fight for a new type of rainbow coalition. He harkens back to many different struggles throughout World History (if you are unfamiliar with his kinda speech mannerisms and such, you may need to watch this speech on ur own).

  30. Fernando Mercado Post author

    And the last speaker of the night is former President of Our Revolution Nina Turner.

    She eloquently wraps up the night by summing up all the events of the night and giving an empassionate speech about how the Peoples Party will stand for the people (Like West, you may have to watch it on ur own)

  31. SocraticGadfly

    Jesse himself? That half-Libertarian, full-on grifter spoke? Well fuck the MPP even more than I thought before.

  32. Jared

    How do these anti-duopoly democratic socialists aim to differentiate themselves from Green Party anti-duopoly democratic socialists?

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