Trump Denies Asking Republicans to Help Kanye West Attain Ballot Access

During today’s White House News Conference, President Donald Trump was asked whether he advised Republican officials to assist rapper Kanye West in attaining ballot access in certain states.  Trump denied any involvement or knowledge of West’s ballot access efforts but appeared interested in the outcome.

Trump spoke highly of West and West’s wife Kim Kardashian, who has worked with Trump on criminal justice reform and granting clemency to those serving excessive prison sentences.  The reporter who asked the question echoed the rumor that Kardashian is concerned about West’s mental state and that a divorce between the two is pending.

The question follows a New York Times report that Republican officials are helping West’s ballot access efforts in Wisconsin.  Some commentators believe West’s placement on the ballot will shift voters from presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden and help Trump win re-election.

Since announcing his campaign last month, West, who is running as an Independent and as the nominee of his Birthday Party, has secured ballot access in Oklahoma and likely Vermont. He has submitted petitions in Ohio, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, and New Jersey.  He withdrew the New Jersey petition after it received a challenge.  The Illinois petition was also challenged.

9 thoughts on “Trump Denies Asking Republicans to Help Kanye West Attain Ballot Access

  1. paulie

    That might backfire on Trump, if true. It’s not immediately clear who West would help or hurt if he is on the ballot. I’ve seen a similar claim which I did not bother to track down that West is receiving funding from pro-Biden PACs. West claims to no longer support Trump due to COVID response and him allegedly having had covid himself. However, he seems to seem sound right wing themes when he addresses political issues.

  2. paulie

    So far Oklahoma and possibly Vermont are the only ones where it was ruled sufficient, since no signatures were required.

    Per comments in Ballot Access News:

    Tryna Keep Track on August 5, 2020 at 1:50 pm said:

    David Valente LPWV chair to LNC:
    There are reports Kanye turned in 15k sigs in WV, he needed 7300. However it seems suspect as this appears to have been accomplished in less that 2 weeks and no one has seen his petition gatherers except on Monday in Charleston. I am thinking all 15k were just Kanye West’s name over & over again.

    LNC chair Joe Bishop-Henchman replied

    His petition in NJ submitted 1300 signatures (800 required) but after someone challenged it, he withdrew it rather than defend it.

    The AP explains: “The New Jersey petition showed a number of signatures looked nearly identical, including lower-case i’s dotted with a small circle. Some signatures lacked complete addresses.”

    I am somebody on July 24, 2020 at 3:10 pm said:

    No payout to a winning challenger as far as I know. I don’t know, but they may have been acting separately. There’s no big cost if any to filing the challenge, but if the challenged party fights it, it’s a race by both sides to prove which signatures are good and which are not, and that can be costly in terms of time and potentially money. But it may not be a big deal if it’s not close. And it probably isn’t, since the best available information is that it was probably 3178 signatures, not 4120, which would require a 79% validity rate to prevail, and that’s unlikely. Even 60% is hardly challenge proof depending on collections places and methods.

    PDR on July 22, 2020 at 11:03 am said:

    The story says “According to some sources, 3178 signatures appear to have been accepted from West’s 4120 that were turned in. ” Someone can correct me if I am wrong but they wouldn’t have validated them this quickly, or possibly even at all if there is no challenge filed. So putting that together with the other report I saw – I think in comments here but I could be wrong – what I think actually happened is he submitted 3178 signatures on 412 sheets that had room for 4120 signatures if every line was used.

    If this is correct, he would actually need 78.67% of the signatures to be deemed valid if there is an objection, not 60%. 79% validity overall on a petition is hard to get, and 60% is far from automatic either. So like Blankenship and some or all of the others his best chance to actually be on the ballot is if no one bothers to file an objection. I don’t know what the chances of someone filing one are but there’s a link to watch the objections as they come in in the comments on one of the other posts here.

  3. Thane Eichenauer

    I am inclined to believe that Donald Trump is the likely winner come election day unless Jo Jorgensen, Kanye West, or Rocky De La Fuente have a secret stash of electoral rocket fuel. I presume that I haven’t watched as much of Kayne West’s actual campaign videos as others have. I am inspired by his music and his testimony.

    My Kanye West 2020 hat won’t arrive for another week.


  4. paulie

    Yeah, but let’s see if he managed to do the electors, VP and other paperwork correctly. Still have not seen any of the petitions succeed.

  5. paulie

    I don’t know who posted this at BAN last night but she seems to have a firm grasp on reality:

    Reality on August 6, 2020 at 1:05 am said:

    You’re counting your chickens not just before they hatch but before the eggs are laid. So far the evidence is that most of the signatures he submits to each state are outright forgeries, and the few that aren’t are gathered with zero quality control. Under those conditions triple the requirements is hardly a guarantee that the petition will be accepted. There is no evidence that anything was done any differently in Ohio than in New Jersey, south Carolina, Illinois, west Virginia, or any other state. It appears that garbage signatures are being submitted in all of them and thus far being rejected in every single one.

    We have the evidence above that the new jersey signatures were withdrawn and that no one saw kanye petitioners actually get any real signatures from voters except in the state capitol on election day in west Virginia. My friends in Wisconsin tell me they have heard of no reports of anyone running into people gathering signatures for kayne or reporting they signed there either. The newspaper article posted here previously from Illinois only mentioned signatures being gathered on the turn in day in the state capital as well. The south Carolina petition was obviously deficient. Some states haven’t reported results yet, but the ones that have all rejected it in every single case. You’ll need some examples of success before you conclude that any of these submissions are anything but total garbage, even if your tripling the requirements.

    It is in no way clear if his candidacy such as it is will help democrats or republicans more, but yeah, republicans seem to think it will help them. They may be wrong though. Yeah, he is obviously black. But so is Alan Keyes. His style is trumpy and his issues such as they are seem to be as well. There aren’t a lot of Keyes supporters and weren’t a lot of Herman Cain supporters (rip) but they exist/ existed, and most of them are white and republican / leaning. So what if he’s a rapper? It’s been decades since white people listen to rap in large numbers. Lots of rap fans and many rappers are white. You’d have to come up with a better reason to believe he would help trump and hurt Biden.

    No serious third party will even consider backing him . Nor is he much of a threat to them, for the simple reason he will not be on a lot of state ballots. And please float back to reality about the 5 to 15% nonsense. None of them will even get one half of 1% this year. Place your bets on that now and thank me later when you cash the check.

    So far the actual evidence is that he will be on the ballot in Oklahoma and maybe Vermont. There may be one or two others, but efforts will be complicated by failure to do things like submit electors or a VP candidate with the state paperwork. Which I think already happened and probably will again.

    Next we may hear about a write in campaign. That will probably work out equally well. He could be this year’s harambe or deez nuts, at least until a few hundred other bipolar celebrity narcissists who haven’t done their paperwork either decide they want to run as write in presidential candidates too. And that assumes this bipolar episode lasts all the way to November. I guess that’s possible, but what are the chances?

    I know, I’m being a bitch, but that’s reality for you.

  6. paulie

    And further clarification this morning:

    Reality on August 6, 2020 at 9:49 am said:

    If by more safe states than swing states you mean Oklahoma, and Vermont if he is actually on there, you are correct. Unless I missed an announcement he is not on the ballot in Illinois and is highly unlikely to survive the challenge there.

    Yes, many rappers and rap fans are white, and that’s been the case for decades now. Sorry if you has a hard time making out the intended meaning, or if it bothers you that I don’t bother to craft perfect usage and grammar while waking up to sit on the toilet in the middle of the night.

  7. Thane Eichenauer

    It took until this weekend to have Scott Adams mention the ten point Kanye West program for me to locate the (if Wikipedia is to be relied upon) official campaign web site.

    Each of the ten points is followed by a Bible verse reference. At a glance the connection is, in my opinion, not exactly loose nor tight. I’d say that it correlates well enough for government work.

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