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Cara Schulz Out at LNC

Cara Schulz, LNC  Political Infrastructure Strategist, has apparently been terminated by the LNC, effective Monday, 11/21/2022.  From other reports, at least two other LNC staffers were also let go at the same time.  She made an extended statement on this on Facebook, which we here quote:

It has been my honor to serve the members of the Libertarian Party as your Political Infrastructure Strategist for the past 5 years. I want to also extend my gratitude to my co-workers still remaining at LPHQ and those also let go today. It’s my hope that the daunting financial challenge faced by the LNC can be turned around and the Party can once again be on the trajectory of success we saw in 2020 and early 2021. We’ve lost some very good people in 2022.
When I was interviewed for my contract, it was right after I was forced to face that I had a 6% chance of living 5 years. When you are counting down your days, it becomes very clear what is important. For me, that was our candidates, our campaign teams, and our affiliate leaders. THAT is what I wanted to spend my remaining days doing – helping them in ways I wished I had been helped in 2014 (when I lost) and 2016 (when I won). You were what was important to me and you are still important to me. Spoiler Alert – I didn’t die and I beat the odds. That’s what us Libertarians do, isn’t? We beat the odds.
I am hopeful some of what I put into place can be maintained. These I feel particularly strongly about.
The Candidate After Care Program: where each candidate gets a handwritten thank you card and a call thanking them for running.
The Regional Trainings: which help train candidates and campaign techniques and also our county and state leaders on how to be more effective in their positions and do so understanding the unique challenges Libertarians face.
The Day of Education: with its higher level 12 job specific tracks for campaigns and leadership, 48 different classes, and over 300 attendees in its first year.
The Libertarian Municipal and County Elected Officials Pin: This is a pin which can’t be purchased, only earned by winning election and I’m hopeful our new electeds do receive their pin this year.
There is so much more past LNCs and Executive Directors have allowed me the freedom to create and implement and I’m deeply grateful to them.
I’m also grateful for all the people who worked at LPHQ before me. All the volunteers across the country who put in the hours. What each of us builds rests on the shoulders of those who came before and we owe them a deep debt. Likewise, the future is built on our shoulders and I’m so very excited to see what you all come up with.
Experiment. Research. Try. Fail. Try again. Succeed. Refine.
This Party, unlike the two Old Parties, is YOUR Party. YOU are the Party. And just as I was so very proud to work with you from LPHQ, I’m just as excited to work with you as your fellow member.
Independent Political Report asked LNC Chair Angela McArdle for her comments.  She writes

All of our financials are public and our treasurer has answered questions about our financial status so I’m not sure what Ms. Schulz is referencing when she says “daunting financial challenges”. We have a positive outlook on the future of the party.

We also contacted LNC Treasurer Todd Hagopian, who writes:

“Over the past few days, the Libertarian Party has had to make some difficult decisions in order to prepare to grow for the future. Our goal is to develop a leaner, more productive organization where every hour of activity, and every dollar, is used towards getting a strong return on investment for our members, our party and our political goals.”


  1. Jake Leonard Jake Leonard December 2, 2022

    So much for having a Political Division at National. It doesn’t help that the current national chair pretends that all of the training sessions that Cara and even Apollo regularly had every cycle in every single region never existed. Cara WAS the Political Division, and now the division no longer exists. What a shame.

  2. E Pluribus Unum E Pluribus Unum November 29, 2022

    I would say because the one being used was clearly tailored for one specific article, and reusing it kinda doesn’t work

  3. Greg Greg November 25, 2022

    Timing seems to coincide with Cara and some others offending the fragile snowflake MAGA Republican LP Communications Director on twitter. Nothing was supposed to be off-limits on personal twitter, until some of the Hoppe Caucus losers got their feelings hurt.

  4. George Phillies George Phillies Post author | November 24, 2022

    Unless there is a good reason to do something else.

    Of course, we actually have several that we are using.

  5. E Pluribus Unum E Pluribus Unum November 24, 2022

    Are all Libertarian Party Articles gonna have the same cover photo?

  6. Jared Jared November 23, 2022

    That’s all McArdle has to say? She sounds personally offended (despite no real parting shots being fired) and happy to show Schulz the door. Oh well. Sounds like another role for which Michael Heise can charge the LNC a “consulting fee.”

  7. She seems to have done a good job. I wish her the very best.

    I suggest for the future a Political Director solely tasked with eliciting potential candidates, training, and de-briefing public officials to complete the training loop.

    The aim could be 10% of membership in public office. NH did this; Pinellas County Florida did this, this is best practice so far. Ron Crickenberger had this down to a science and getting more people in office then ever until he, sadly, died of a sudden skin cancer. His training materials are still up there.

    Plus having been in more offices than any LP member and the first to be elected to a public office (Webster’s Crossing, NY, Zoning Board, 1971, which we effectively abolished by adjourning to July 17th, year 2971)…

    I want my pin!

  8. MRJ MRJ November 23, 2022

    McArdle’s statement shows that she and her coterie of incompetents don’t have a damned clue. The financials are public and we’ve seen the losses. Best thing for the LP would be for her and the rest of the GOP infiltrators to resign and let adults take it back over.

  9. NewFederalist NewFederalist November 23, 2022

    Sounds like a bit of doublespeak going on. Oh well…

  10. George Whitfield George Whitfield November 22, 2022

    Cara Schultz was very committed to her work at the LNC. I really appreciate the work she did there. I hope she will stay active and perhaps be a candidate in the future.

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