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Massachusetts Workers Party Candidates Receive Over 50,000 Total Votes in November Midterms

The Workers Party of Massachusetts broke 50,000 total votes and had a solid legislative showing in the midterm elections held earlier this month. 

Organized in early 2020, the Workers Party is an independent electoral socialist party not openly associated with any broader organization. Specific goals listed in the Workers Party Program include establishing working class political power, overthrowing the “capitalist system of exploitation,” and building a socialist economy that “prioritizes the needs of people and the planet over the profit-driven interests of capital.”

This cycle, the Workers Party fielded three candidates for office. Laura Saylor and Brandon J. Griffin, both candidates for the state legislature, received 3.1% and 24.5% of the total vote in their respective races. Dominic Giannone III, who ran for State Auditor, secured 48,070 votes or 2.2% of the total in a highly competitive five-way race which included Libertarian Daniel Riek and Green-Rainbow nominee Gloria Caballero-Roca.

Major party recognition in Massachusetts depends on a party’s ability to register over one percent of the electorate under a specific designation or for a candidate running under that designation to secure a minimum of three percent in a single statewide election.

For the Workers Party, Giannone is the only candidate whose results the Secretary of the Commonwealth will consider even though its legislative candidates both had respectable showings. Party recognition in Massachusetts, while valuable, can sometimes complicate ballot access for growing parties as it invalidates a candidate from petitioning large swaths of the electorate based on party designation. 

Thanks to Brandon James Griffin of the Workers Party for submitting the following press release.

Following the elections, the Workers Party is optimistic about results and the future of organizing in independent socialist politics. Laura Saylor (candidate for State Senate for the Bristol and Norfolk District) received 2,092 votes against Democrat Paul Feeney and Republican Michael Chiasson. Brandon J. Griffin (candidate for State Representative in the 7th Plymouth District) received 3,537 votes against Republican Alyson Sullivan. This represents over 25% of the votes in a race with no Democrat running. Dominic S. Giannone III (statewide candidate for Auditor) came in under the 3% required for the Workers Party to receive official party status in Massachusetts. While party members are sad to have missed the 3% goal, we are thrilled to have gotten over 50,000 votes in our debut race at the state level.

Members and supporters of the Workers Party of Massachusetts will also draw on our involvement in mass movements for social justice to promote our candidates and political program. The Workers Party invites everyone interested in volunteering for this effort to get in touch through our website at

The Workers Party of Massachusetts was formed in 2020 and became an official political designation in 2021. Members of the Workers Party believe that the capitalist class already has two political parties and both the Democratic and Republican parties are organizations built to uphold the capitalist system. The Workers Party program states that the working class needs an independent party of our own that rejects capitalism and fights for a socialist future. The Workers Party of Massachusetts believes that our candidates’ participation in these campaigns is a step on the road to working-class political power and a revolutionary transformation of society.

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Jordan Willow Evans

Jordan is the managing editor for Independent Political Report. She has appeared on ABC News, NBC Boston, Sky News, BNT 1, and numerous local outlets. She is a proponent of civic inclusion and awareness and was featured in Represent: The Woman’s Guide to Running for Office and Changing the World and the Worcester Historical Museum exhibit PRETTY POWERFUL: 100 Years of Voting & Style.