Wayne Allyn Root flashback

Lew Rockwell just posted a youtube about Wayne Root‘s disparaging comments about Ron Paul. Rockwell had this to say:

A month before the Libertarian party nominated him for vice president, Wayne Allyn Root appeared on the Bob Grant radio show in New York City. There, Mr. Root said that Ron Paul is not a good communicator(!), and that he’s “weak” on national defense (the military-industrial complex) and the war on terror (imperialism).

Here‘s the audio/video.

8 thoughts on “Wayne Allyn Root flashback

  1. Fred Church Ortiz

    So Wayne, you’re a bad communicator and weakling on national defense… on steroids?

    BTW, hadn’t Root started making casually positive comments about Ron Paul well before a month ago?

  2. G.E.

    Maybe Lew and the rest of the gang at LRC will finally wise up to the fact that Bob Barr is not the heir to the r3VOLution they’ve been pimping him as. This has been a rare blind spot for LRC, which should have embraced Mary Ruwart as the more Rockwellian candidate, vs. the Stato/tReason-esque beltwayite Barr.

  3. G.E.

    Fred – Yes, W.A.R. began trying to assume the Ron Paul mantle well before a month ago. Basically as soon as Ron Paul started raising big dough.

  4. Trent Hill Post author

    WAR is more libertarian than Barr–for now.

    But as we know–bothof their positions change in the wind in a matter of days.

  5. Gene Trosper

    I have to agree with Root in that Ron Paul is not the best communicator…at least verbally. He could have done way better in the debates and in quite a few interviews. Weak on defense? Well, I don’t think so.

  6. JustAHoax

    G.E. – I don’t think they saw Barr as carrying on Paul’s work really, there was an article that has been linked here a few times that was anti-Barr (not written by Rockwell though.) Most of the “Rockwellians” or whatever that I have talked to are anti-Barr as well. Anything from them that is pro-Barr has been hesitant at best.

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