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Joe Miller Jumping Into Constitution Party Presidential Contest

Joe Miller, Alaska, Constitution Party

Reports from sources inside the Constitution Party report that Joe Miller will be making his entrance into the Constitution Party’s presidential nomination race. His candidacy will begin in earnest sometime in the next few weeks. Informed sources say he will be well received within the Constitution Party.

Joe Miller is perhaps best known for running an insurgent campaign for U.S.… Read more ...

Draft Steve Stockman Effort Underway in Constitution Party

For several years now, former Congressman Steve Stockman has been mentioned in Constitution Party circles when discussing the 2016 Presidential election. However, this has largely been baseless speculation and fun discussions for activists, as opposed to anything based on first-hand knowledge of the party’s interest in Stockman or vice-versa.

I spoke to a couple of Constitution Party insiders, especially national leaders, who have confirmed that there is a great deal of interest in having Steve Stockman run for President in their nomination process.… Read more ...

The Constitution Party’s Presidential Options


As always, when major party candidates state announcing their Presidential campaigns, attention at IPR turns to minor party presidential candidates and campaigns. The Constitution Party does not generally attract too many candidates for President, but this year has attracted a larger crop of candidates. Some have announced, some have all-but-announced, and others are less likely to run, but all are considering running for President and doing so with the Constitution Party.… Read more ...

IPR Exclusive: .Vote/.Voto Domain Adds Credibility to Political Websites

DotVoteThe Internet is very much like the wild wild west, where anything goes, despite its growing importance in the field of politics and political information. Domain names are at the forefront of this Wild West mentality of the Internet, with people cyber-squatting on domain names, either for profit or to cause harm to certain political groups, candidates, or campaigns.… Read more ...

The Constitution Party’s Year-End Moneybomb

The Constitution Party is starting a year end fundraiser with the hopes of raising enough money to give them a boost for ballot access, new literature, and recruiting or campaigning in the new year. They sent out this email last night.

A fantastic opportunity to grow our party has just developed.

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Constitution Party List of Elected Officials

This news article is about the Constitution Party’s election chances this year, but the most interesting aspect of it is the list of elected officials at the bottom.


Pam Goode – Deltana Community Corporation Board

Delta Junction, Alaska

David Luntz – Deltana Community Corporation Board

Delta Junction, Alaska


Phil Collins – Libertyville Township Trustee

Lake County, Illinois


Rich Ryskamp – Board of Directors, Grand Rapids Community College

Grand Rapids, Michigan


Mary Starrett – Yamhill County Commissioner

Yamhill County, Oregon


Bob Goodrich – Osceola Township Supervisor

Osceola, Pennsylvania

James N.

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Constitution Party Makes Gains in Alaska

The Constitution Party just sent out an email with two major announcements. One is that they
have a new elected official in Alaska, a member of the Deltana Community Corporation Board. The other announcement is that another elected member of that board, Pam Goode, is also a Constitution Party member and candidate for State Representative in Alaska.… Read more ...

Reform Party USA July 2013 Newsletter

The Reform Party USA’s newsletter for July of 2013 has recently been published and can be accessed by clicking the link below. RPUSA is one of the factions fighting over the remaining legacy of the Reform Party that was used as a vehicle for the Presidential candidacies of Ross Perot in 1996 and Patrick Buchanan in 2000.… Read more ...

Sobhani Scores 17% in US Senate Race in Maryland

Rob Sobhani spent more than $5 million of his own money in order to run for the US Senate in Maryland as an Independent. Sobhani faced three other candidates, the Democratic incumbent, Republican challenger, and Libertarian Party candidate Dean Ahmad.

With 99.8% of precincts reported, Sobhani has captured 17% of the vote, placing third.… Read more ...

Working Totals for Third Party Presidential Candidates

Most people are aware now that Governor Gary Johnson received over 1% of the vote, including over 1.1 million raw votes. However, it has been harder to find information about the Presidential candidates who did not perform as well.

Jill Stein currently has 396, 684 votes–she is expected to clear 400k easily once all votes are in, including write-ins.… Read more ...

In Wibaux County, Montana, Gary Johnson Outpolls Obama

Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party nominee for President in 2012, is a former two term governor of New Mexico, but no one really expected him to beat President Obama. However, in one county at least, the voters determined that Gary Johnson was more worthy of the office than President Obama (though he still placed behind former Governor Romney).… Read more ...

Former Green Ben Chipman Re-Elected to Maine Legislature as Independent

Ben Chipman is a community organizer in Portland, Maine, and a former Green Party state legislator. In 2010 he switched his registration to Independent and ran for re-election as such in 2012. He was in a three-candidate race in the 119th House District in Maine and easily defeated both his Republican and Democratic opponents.… Read more ...