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The American Independent Party, which is the Constitution Party’s affilliate in California, will be holding its state convention soon. As many third-party aficionados know, the AIP-CA is currently in the middle of a struggle over who to nominate as it’s presidential candidate, Alan Keyes or Chuck Baldwin. Richard Winger, over at Ballot-Access News has the scoop.

The original date of the state convention of the American Independent Party of California was to have been June 6. However, the state chair cancelled that event. Since he had not set a new date, a majority of the other state officers have chosen June 28-29, at the Westin Hotel at the Los Angeles Airport.

The state convention will choose the party’s candidates for presidential elector. Thus, the state convention has the power to decide which presidential candidate, Chuck Baldwin or Alan Keyes, will be listed on the November ballot. Currently, it seems extremely likely that the June state convention will choose presidential elector candidates pledged to Baldwin, who is the Constitution Party’s presidential nominee.

At least three other sources have confirmed this story to me, including detailed numbers on how many people will be backing Keyes and Baldwin, respectively. It is likely Baldwin will be on the ballot.

11 thoughts on “American Independent Party convention

  1. Fred Church Ortiz

    Trent: did you find out if anything came of Noonan’s committee appointment scheme?

  2. Trent Hill Post author


    My understanding is that Noonan is now apathetic about it all–only one officer is backing the manuevers and doesn’t even really have the support of the chairman. However, I suspect they’ll appoint a few Keyes supporters. But the two major counties where the AIP is organized best, are controlled by loyal CPers and Baldwin supporters.

  3. G.E.

    Maybe Keyes should seek the BTP nomination.

    Does he support the 14th amendment?

    Oh yeah. He’s a Lincolnian, so I guess he does.

  4. profg

    He’ll probably make it on the ballot, at least in Colorado, New Jersey, Tennessee, and Louisiana; maybe also Washington, Arkansas, Iowa, Utah, Mississippi, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

    Some of even those states, however, have “sore loser” laws that don’t allow a person who was a candidate in the primaries to run for the same office as an independent. In those states, he’d probably have to go through procedures to qualify for write-in status.

  5. MattSwartz

    But the two major counties where the AIP is organized best, are controlled by loyal CPers and Baldwin supporters.
    Trent, you’ve made me curious: what are the AIP’s two strongest counties?

  6. Trent Hill Post author

    Matt–ill get back to you on that. I believe one of them is Santa Clara.

  7. Trent Hill Post author

    No its not. Los Angeles County and Orange County.

    Orange County, especially, is well organized and is where most of the action happens these days.

  8. MattSwartz

    I’m intrigued that Orange County is one of the big counties, but I guess it makes sense, since that was a high-density area for the JBS at one time and they probably educated tons of voters.

  9. Andrea Stadlin

    131/09 Am a member of the CP who had thought Chuck Baldwin was the AIP’s 2008 nomination for President . Found this not so (back in August?) Was told by AIP leadership in phone call from same today that CP didn’t abide by parliamentary procedure during convention, and other “railroading” (my word) tactics used. Also, that C. Baldwin a “sallow” /weak candidate. I personally found him quite convincing at a gathering of CP supporters in S.D. County last summer. Would appreciate additional comments. (My e-mail account is at my local library and I’ll not get back to for about a week.

  10. Trent Hill


    There are essentially two factions of the AIP right now.

    1.) The Keyes faction. This faction is mostly made up of 3 previous officers, headed by Ed Noonan, former State Chairman. This group wants to leave the CP.
    2.) The Old AIP faction. This faction nominated Chuck Baldwin and is aligned closely with the CP. Its made up of the rest of the officers from before the break (about 7 of them, I think), all the past state chairman.

    It seems that the vast majority of the membership obviously prefers the Old AIP faction.

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