July 4 ‘money bomb’ for Munger, Buckley, Boman, and Gatties

Steve Newton of the Delaware Libertarian blog is encouraging Libertarians to part with $40 this Independence Day, and donate $10 each to four candidates he finds most deserving: Michael Munger, Allen Buckley, Scotty Boman, and Jason Gatties.

Send $10 to Dr. Michael Munger to support his campaign for Governor of North Carolina (but I’m sending it to him on July 3, because that’s the date of his money grenade–see the left side of the blog).

Send $10 to Allen Buckley to support his campaign for Senator in Georgia (hoping to offset the Barr PAC’s $3,000+ donations to Saxby Chambliess).

Send $10 to Scotty Boman to support his campaign for Senator in Michigan (if he gets $500 from this, maybe he can go to court to add a “W” to his name, which would be worth at least another 25,000 votes–inside joke, eh).

Send $10 to Jason Gatties to support his campaign for the Board of Trustees of Lake Michigan College (because, as a state-supported professor I really wish our trustees were elected).

Newton says that more than the money, it’s the message that will be sent:

It’s not even so much the money as the profound message you’ll be sending them that other Libertarians around the nation are watching their races, rooting for them, and want to help build a different kind of national political party.

Newton concludes by saying that these four candidates are his choices, but there may be other ones you’d prefer to give to.

3 thoughts on “July 4 ‘money bomb’ for Munger, Buckley, Boman, and Gatties

  1. Jason_Gatties

    Just to be mentioned with Michael, Scotty & Allen leaves me a bit speechless. It’s an honor. Hopefully I can get some additional funds via this “money bomb”.

    I also got some great news today courtesy of those I will be running against. The LMC Board of Trustees approved & got a .45 mills increase to be on the ballot this November. A .49 increase was voted down 2 years ago. I’m going to respond via a press release later this week. Seeing that I am against said millage increase, this will give me a great opening to get some local press. Keep in mind, 2 years ago, the incumbents had no opposition.

  2. Jason_Gatties


    My wife said I should have a “money sparkler” or “money worm”…you know, those little discs you light and they turn into ash worms

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