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Angela Keaton speaks


This is to confirm that I have resigned my position on the Libertarian National Committee.

I did not do this as a result of pressure from either Mr. Garris or the LNC. In fact, a few LNC members apologized for any part they may have played in this. However, as long as Redpath, Sullentrup and Starr remain in office, donors will continue to have serious questions about administrative competence, staff neutrality and most importantly ideological coherence.… Read more ...

Angela Keaton resigning from LNC

Characterizing the LNC’s charges against Angela Keaton as a “witch trial,”’s Eric Garris says the leaders of the Libertarian Party are “fixated on alienating those in their own party who still take libertarian principles seriously. Those who dissent from the LP’s new strategy of a watered-down platform and soft-Republican national politics will be unwelcome, even purged.”… Read more ...

Bob Bird says being anti-war cost him ‘redneck’ votes

In an open letter to blogger Steve Conn of Dissident Voices, Alaskan Independence candidate for U.S. Senate Bob Bird says, “I aggressively ran against foreign wars and adventurism, something Begich would not do, and certainly lost me some redneck votes. Pity.”

Bird, a former chairman of Alaska’s Right to Life organization, said he couldn’t get that national organization’s endorsement because he opposed their unconstituional agenda, including the Human Life Amendment and national pre-abortion ultrasound laws.… Read more ...

Ron Paul might run again in 2012; should decide by mid-2009

Dave Weigel reports that Ron Paul’s grandson-in-law Jesse Benton says Paul “hasn’t closed out the idea of another run.”

“We have some time to decide whether he runs again, or whether he gets behind somebody else,” Benton said. “But we don’t have tons of time. By the middle of 2009, the decision needs to be made.”… Read more ...

Angela Keaton to seek Libertarian presidential nomination in 2012

From her would-be running mate, Michelle Shinghal:

I’d like to officially announce the Keaton/Shinghal 2012 ticket. We already have some support on our Facebook page and we have BIG fundraising plans. The unofficial plan is called ‘Stripping across Texas’ but we’re not like most strippers; we know we’ll have neither diploma nor presidency in the end and we don’t plan to sell it that way.

Read more ...

It’s official: Ron Paul endorses Bob Bird for U.S. Senate

From Ron Paul:

To Alaska, please

Subject: Please support Bob Bird for Senate

Dear Friend:

As I’m sure you know, Senator Ted Stevens was this week found guilty of corruption. With national Republicans, including John McCain and Sarah Palin, calling for Steven’s resignation, his re-election bid appears lost. However, defenders of Liberty like you and I cannot sit idly by and allow big government liberal and Harry Reid disciple Mark Begich to waltz right into the Senate for the next six years.… Read more ...

Alaskan Independence Party’s Bob Bird to be endorsed by Ron Paul

Following the conviction of Republican incumbent Ted Stevens, Ron Paul has decided to endorse Bob Bird, the Alaskan Independence Party’s candidate for U.S. Senate. The announcement will be made official shortly, but it has been confirmed by internal e-mails from Ron Paul’s staff.… Read more ...

Boston Tea Party Chairman: ‘Charles Jay is lying’

Boston Tea Party Chairman Jim Davidson has responded to the criticisms made by his party’s presidential candidate Charles Jay.

The internecine conflict has its roots in allegations of child molestation levied against one of the party’s many “favorite son” vice-presidential candidates, John Wayne Smith of Florida — who also happened to be the state party’s chairman.… Read more ...

Charles Jay slams BTP Chairman Jim Davidson; Florida BTP disaffiliates from national

“I didn’t involve myself in all of this to play in a sandbox with children,” says Charles Jay, in reference to internal disputes within the Boston Tea Party.

“This stuff is getting more ridiculous with each passing day,” Jay continues. “Apparently [National Chairman Jim] Davidson feels he has the right to monitor private conversations that take place between BTP Florida members, including those that exclusively concern my campaign, and has accused those who wish to speak freely with others as being ‘conspirators’ in a ‘secretive cabal.’… Read more ...

Austin Cassidy to replace ‘G.E.’ as editor-in-chief of IPR, effective immediately

In an effort to streamline my life and pursue other goals, I have decided to step down as editor-in-chief of IPR and turn the reins over to the best man possible, Austin Cassidy, the original founder of Third Party Watch.

Two factors influenced my decision to step down: (1) A general loss of interest in third-party politics and electoral politics in general, and (2) the time-consuming nature of IPR (and politics in general) in relation to my other priorities in life: my work and my family.… Read more ...