Libertarian VP candidate responds to allegations of fraud

Unsubstantiated reports originating from within the Libertarian Party say that Bob Barr’s running mate, Las Vegas gambling magnate Wayne Allyn Root, may soon be indicted on charges of fraud. Allegedly, there is an ongoing investigation into the sale of his last business.

Recently, IPR reported on the near-total absence of Root’s name from Bob Barr’s campaign Web site.

LNC at-large representative Angela Keaton spoke with Root just moments ago. Root said there is no pending investigation into the sale of his company. He also said he doesn’t feel that he’s been mistreated by the Barr campaign and expects to be included on the Barr2008 Web site any day now.

Wayne Allyn Root, like any accused, should be considered innocent until proven guilty. At this point, there are no official charges and no proof that he’s even under investigation. IPR chose to report the story only after Root responded to the allegations.

13 thoughts on “Libertarian VP candidate responds to allegations of fraud

  1. Deran

    Well, as the VP candiate, I am pretty sure Mr. Root can pony up as much of his own cash as he wishes toward the Barr/Root campaign. Too me, if he is not contributing large sums of cash what real good is he anyway to the campaign?

    If Mr. Root has not been a mjor funder of the campaign, to me that would seem to indicate both Mr. Root is not so serious, and maybe has not the money previously hoped for.

    I mean, isn’t Root on the ticket for the cashola?

  2. Thomas L. Knapp


    During his campaign for the LP’s presidential nomination, Root transitioned in his public rhetoric from “business mogul” to “small businessman.”

    While I found that odd at the time, it’s since occurred to me that there’s a perfectly innocent explanation that’s related to the perception that Root is going to write huge personal checks to the campaign. It’s like this:

    While his business enterprises involve/handle millions of dollars, that doesn’t mean that Root himself personally has millions of dollars in the bank, liquid, just waiting to be spent on whatever strikes his fancy.

    In point of fact, Root makes it clear in his 2005 book Millionaire Republican that he believes in “owning, not renting,” and that he believes in taking risks. It’s a good bet that a huge percentage of his technical net worth is always tied up in his enterprises; in mortgages rather than leases; and out there trying to multiply itself in various ways.

    This isn’t to say that Root won’t spend any of his own money. As of his last FEC report as a pre-nomination candidate, he had been banking his contributions and spending his OWN money on things like travel, hotels, etc. to seek the nomination. But I wouldn’t be holding my breath waiting for six- or seven-figure personal checks from him. He never promised any such thing.

    As far as the fraud/indictment rumors go, I’ve heard them too. Curiously, I’ve also heard myself cited as their source in at least one case … and I’m not.

  3. G.E. Post author

    Gene – Is it just a “rumor” that W.A.R. has responded to the allegations?

    That’s not a rumor at all. It’s fact.

    Of course, if it could possibly reflect poorly on Saint Robert of Barr, it should be kept silent.

    Every time I read something written by you, Barr loses any momentum he had going with me.

  4. Gene Trosper

    I don’t think Barr or anyone is saintly, BTW.

    Anyhow, let’s dissect some words and phrases from your posting, G.E.:

    “Unsubstantiated proof”.
    “No proof”

    Many people would be inclined to interpret such a posting as “rumor”. Yes, Root responded to these allegations. Did you bother to contact him or a representative yourself to get the low down? As far as I am concerned, it’s rumor, second hand information and innudendo until it’s verified. I’m not trying to knock you, but I could have easily posted the same thing as Angela Keaton did on her blog. Does that make it true? Of course not. I’m not saying Angela is lying or posting bogus stuff on her blog, but it’s the principle, you know: until something is substantiated, always treat it as rumor, not fact.

    Sorry if you don’t like it, but I calls ’em like I sees ’em and if you don’t like Barr for the things I say, then you probably don’t like Steve Kubby, who I have supported many times in the past, plus many other radical Libertarians who I have thrown my support behind.

  5. G.E. Post author

    So because I go the extra length to give Root the benefit of the doubt, THAT makes me the bad guy?

    I’ve seen the rumor bandied about all over. Hopefully, it IS just a rumor. But the fact that the rumor is circulating IS news. It’s being talked about on at least one other blog.

    It is not a “rumor” that the allegations are floating around — that is fact. It is not a “rumor” that W.A.R. responded to them — that is “fact.” The allegations themselves may prove to be baseless, which is why I went the extra mile to give W.A.R. every benefit of the doubt — “unsubstantiated,” “allegedly,” and “no proof.”

    If tomorrow it became rumored that Ron Paul had an illegal alien mistress, the RUMOR itself would be news, but I would use the same qualifiers in reporting the rumor.

  6. G.E. Post author

    Maybe Rand Paul is half Thetan? No wonder Tom Cruise likes Ron so much.

  7. Gene Trosper

    G.E.: I’m not calling you the bad guy. I’d just approach the situation differently, that’s all.

    I suppose I take a more black and white approach to how one defines “news” and “rumors”. In this day and age where and is viewed as news, the line of demarcation between news and rumor is blurred. Times have changed, apparently.

    Oh well.


    Just to let you know, I’m not attacking you and if you thought otherwise, I am (cough) sorry (cough).

  8. AnarchistBitch

    Oh for crying out loud, can you all settle down for a moment? Let’s parse this out here.

    First, since most of my recent posts have no context whatsoever, you are left to wonder what is real and what is mere invective (e.g., Paulie thinks Alicia Mattson is hot. I don’t.)

    That said, my comments about Wayne refer to Jim C-P’s letter to me, Redpath, Starr, Sullentrup, Colley, et al. about his resignation from the party. I used the letter as an excuse to riff on Redpath’s inept decision making since his lobotomy and Sullentrup’s childish preferences. Wayne can bitch that he shouldn’t be used a prop in my stand up but he’s the goofus who thrust himself into the spotlight.

    The reason why the joke was effective was that for whatever reason Wayne has a rep for being a scam artist. Does that mean Wayne’s a scammer? No. In fact, he has never given me that vibe.

    Second, I am the one who printed the comment, not G.E., Knappster or anyone else.

    Finally, Wayne rang my phone off the wall since he has nothing better to do with himself then read my friggin’ blog, like, I don’t know, maybe fucking campaign for the Vice Presidency of the U.S. The results of that conversation are posted on my blog as clearly fact.

    As it stands, I have no reason not to believe him.


    P.S., Got a phone message from Scott Lieberman who is probably annoyed that I would joke about such. When folks wonder why I endorsed Scott for his LNC seat, I come back with things like Scott made it clear that he would feel terrible if Wayne’s nothing but a hot mess. Why? Cuz Scott takes responsibility for candidates he recruits and stances that he takes. I can’t ask for more than that.

  9. Gene Trosper

    Thanks for stepping in and giving us the first person account of your convo with Root.

  10. pdsa

    I posted previously here in regards to Mr. Root, regarding his Web-based prediction marketplace patent, and my belief that it is an example of patent trolling. In a reply I made to a comment about Mr. Root’s business acumen, I posted an excerpt from a Winning Edge SEC filing. I also mused that in Las Vegas, a Sports Tout is synonymous with conman, but I also proffered an even less-positive analysis of touts’ customers. They make Homer Simpson look like a genius.

    None of this was intended to imply any unlawful behavior on Mr. Root’s part. Disparaging…Oh, yeah, but there are patent trolls and conmen aplenty in this world who have never engaged in unlawful acts.

    In the scheme of connivances, Root is insignificant next to the International Gaming Corporations standing as giants amongst humans. To them obsessive gamblers are called, “persistent underlying business assets”, but nobody ever put a gun to these imbeciles heads and told them to hand over their wallets.

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