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McKinney endorsed by Black Agenda Report

In a radio commentary by Editor Glen Ford, Black Agenda Report endorses Cynthia McKinney for President. In the text accompanying the audio of the broadcast, BAR says:

Two candidates with almost identical positions on virtually every issue fight to exhaustion over non-substantial concerns for months, and will doubtless soon celebrate having achieved “unity.” Tweedle-dum Hillary Clinton and Tweedle-dee Barack Obama may or may not emerge from the primary battles as friends – but what does that matter? “Their policies are interchangeable, as are their advisors…. All serve the same masters: the financial corporations.” The general election campaign, already begun, will see Obama and McCain draw politically closer each day, until at the end “the voters’ choice will be just a matter of personality and individual taste” – and race.

The commentary text is copied at BAR and they also supply a link to the audio.

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