Blogger: McKinney will challenge Obama for votes of left-wing and black voters

From Soul Voice…

As Senator Barack Obama continues pivoting away from those primary-election positions and promises that once galvanized his Democratic base, he may have a new worry looming on the horizon in the person of Cynthia McKinney. A former Georgia Congresswoman, McKinney is said to be a shoo-in as the Green Party’s 2008 presidential nominee when their convention is held in Chicago, July 10-12.

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3 thoughts on “Blogger: McKinney will challenge Obama for votes of left-wing and black voters

  1. thearmyranger31

    She might muddle things up in Georgia a bit, particularly with Bob Barr hanging around. But I don’t see her cutting into Obama’s votes elsewhere. Obama is already banking on two traditionally unreliable voting groups (young people and minorities) to show up at the polls one more time. But I don’t see large enough amounts of people wasting a vote for McKinney in this particular election.
    Check out an up-and-coming political movement!

  2. Jerry S.

    I certainly hope she cuts him to pieces everywhere! He is the LEAST qualified D nominee in the history of the Party and sure doesn’t need to be POTUS. In fact McKinney is MORE qualified than B.O.

    Will the MSM tell the nation? NO, McKinney isn’t controlled like B.O.! Hence, another blackout, a slight light after her convention fading back to black when it matters this fall.

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