‘At least 15’ on Colorado presidential ballot

The AP reports that “at least 15 presidential candidates” will be on the ballot in Colorado this year, saying voters “may recognize Bob Barr of the Libertarians, Cynthia McKinney of the Greens and the unaffiliated Ralph Nader on November’s ballot. They may not recognize Thomas Stevens of the Objectivist Party, Jonathan Allen of HeartQuake ’08 or Charles Jay of the Boston Tea Party.”

The brief item also mentions by name Prohibition candidate Gene Amondson, Constitution Party nominee Chuck Baldwin, Socialist Workers Party candidate James Harris, America’s Independent Party candidate Alan Keyes, Socialism and Liberation candidate Gloria LaRiva, Pacifist Party candidate Bradford Lyttle, and Socialist Brian Moore.

One thought on “‘At least 15’ on Colorado presidential ballot

  1. richardwinger

    The previous record for most crowded ballot for president in the general election had been 14 candidates.

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