Baldwin campaign on board with

An email to Chuck Baldwin‘s supporters:

Dear Baldwin Supporter,

Did watching the first  Obama/ McCain presidential debate leave you wondering how Americans could possibly choose either one of these die-hard socialists?

If you’re like millions of Americans who realize ‘the fix is in’ on limiting the debates to the 2 evils we’re told we have to choose between…well, now’s your chance to force the issue and tell mainstream media: ‘Your monopoly has just been broken… our candidate will get to debate and here’s how:!’

Please visit this site and sign up to support a debate where the other candidates will get to have their say…

The internet is the ‘musket of the 21st century’ and we’re taking aim at censorship! Please add your name to this effort and let’s help spread Constitution Party presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin’s message of life, liberty and limited government!

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