Nader and Paul to appear together on CNN later today

At 4:15pm EST, both Ron Paul and Ralph Nader will appear on CNN. They will be interviewed by Wolf Blitzer, and will most likely be talking about their joint press conference today. The interview will last about 15 minutes, so tune in!

9 thoughts on “Nader and Paul to appear together on CNN later today

  1. darolew

    I’m glad neither of them broke down and admitted that either McCain or Obama were the “lesser of two evils”.

  2. donald raymond lake

    I found this whole deal so interesting on so many levels. Having observed so much ineptitude by Uncle Ralph and his folks in P2004, he seems to have be evolving into a capable states man.

    Barr, on the other [shooting him self in his own] foot…………..

  3. donald raymond lake

    West project for alternative types:

    the California Correctional Peace Officers have filed paper work for a million signature DUMP AHNOLD [my words] Recall Schwarzenegger effort.

    This is an excellent platform for publicity and a great way to sign up new party members.

    2005/2006 Recall guy, Kenneth Matsumura [MD], 2107n Dwight Way [#100], Berkeley Collie Fornia 94704

    2008/2009 Recall paper work, Chuck Alexander, 755 Riverpoint Drive [200], West Sacramento Collie Fornia 95605-1634.

    I guess those thousands of snide nasty anti Ahnold messages I have sent out were not a total waste. We had to get rid of Gray Davis, and now we have to make history again. [Ya think this will not keep the Dems and GOP up at night?]

  4. sunshinebatman

    Why are the prison guards agianst him? Not enough pot-smokers in jail to rape? Good luck…

  5. Spence

    I heard about that the day it got started. Fuck that. Arnold may be a bitch these days, but as long as he’s still pissing off unions, let’s keep him on board.

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