Walter Block: Barr-Root ‘devastating to our cause’, favors Boston Tea Party and Constitution Party

In a new article at, renowned Austrian economist and long-time libertarian theorist Dr. Walter Block, author of the classic Defending the Undefendable, says the Libertarian Party ticket of Bob Barr and Wayne Allyn Root is a “disgrace” and “devastating to our cause.”

Barr-Root are not running for a major party. Instead, the disgrace of it, they are the candidates of the Libertarian Party. And, in my considered opinion, the proper function of our LP is not necessarily to win, but, rather, to serve as an outreach; it primarily has an educational purpose. Oh, I am not against the LP winning an election, any election. As long as we do it without compromising our primary goal of education, that is fine; that is more than fine, because winning focuses even more attention on libertarianism. Exceeding vote gap between the two majors is a big victory for us, and we have attained this on more than one occasion.

Thus, I apply very different criteria to Barr-Root than to McCain-Palin. I ask of the former, a very simple question: are they promoting liberty on net balance? (The question I ask of McCain-Palin, in contrast is, are they more compatible with liberty than Obama-Biden?) And, sadly, I answer in the negative. On U.S. imperialism, on the drug war, on other issues important to Ron Paul, do Barr-Root sound a clear clarion call? They do not. It does not harm our beloved philosophy one iota that Palin is not a libertarian. It is devastating to our cause that Barr and Root are not.

Block then gives a shout out to the Boston Tea Party, libertarian elements of the Constitution Party, and “libertarians in the Libertarian Party.”

So, who do I favor over all? The candidates of the Boston Tea Party. They at least are as pure as can be reasonably expected of a true libertarian party. It is my hope that Barr and Root receive fewer votes than previous LP candidates, so that the Boston Tea party, those elements of the Constitution party who favor liberty, and the libertarians in the Libertarian Party can, at the next convention, retake our grand old LP party from those who have highjacked it to their own evil ends.

Read the whole article. is the most widely read libertarian Web site in the world, and its writers were nearly unanimous in their harsh condemnation of Bob Barr and the Libertarian Party following yesterday’s Snubgate.

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